Corrupted Save is the official podcast of Operation Rainfall.Hosted by the world famous internet superstar AniMitch and featuring a variety of contributors from OpRainfall.Join us every week for all things that are games, anime and beyond.


  • Corrupted Save Podcast 22: Insert Funny Title Here

    08/02/2019 Duração: 02h25min

    It's getting cold again and I can't think of a title so here we are. Featuring special guest Lames who probably won't be on the podcast again. NISA now has their hands on Trails of Cold Steel (but there may be a silver lining), Metroid Prime 4 development reset, Metro Exodus turned into a pawn in the coming Steam vs. Epic Store wars, David Cage becomes an appendage of China, Netflix working on a Resi TV series, maybe too much anime talk, Booru Royale, what WERE you playing (this is an awful segment), Autism Watch: Capcom Cinematic Universe Monster Sanctuary:

  • Dragon Con 2017 - Charles Martinet (Audio Interview)

    05/10/2017 Duração: 14min

    Operation Rainfall participates in a press-conference style interview with Charles Martinet at Dragon Con 2017.