Support Your Carry



A bi-weekly podcast about video games with Ktulue as the main host for every episode. He is joined by a different supporting co-host on each episode, as well. Every episode will feature recent plays from the previous two weeks; a main topic; a trash or cash segment; and the news dump.


  • If You Build It, They Will Game

    14/01/2018 Duração: 01h21min

    Main host Ktulue is joined this week by guest co-host Joe. Opening -- [00:00:00 - 00:01:27] Introduction to Guest Host --  [00:01:27 - 00:04:55]  Recent Plays -- [00:04:55 - 00:15:03]  2018 Top 5 (10) Anticipated Games -- With the beginning of the new year, comes new games too.  Each host will pick 5 games that they are looking forward to, which release in 2018. Josh:   1) Mario Tennis Aces -- Spring; Nintendo; Switch 2) Monster Hunter World -- Jan 26 / Fall; Capcom; PS4/XB1/PC 3) Farcry 5 -- March 27; Ubisoft; PS4/XB1/PC 4) Red Dead Redemption 2 -- 2018; Rockstar Games; PS4/XB1 5) Soul Calibur 6 -- 2018; Bandai Namco; PS4/XB1/PC Honorable Mentions: Vampyr --  2018; Focus Home Interactive; PS4/XB1/PC Kingdom Hearts III -- 2018; Square Enix; PS4/XB1 Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet -- February 8; Bandai Namco; PS4/XB1/PC Joe: 1) Darksiders 3 2) DragonBall 3) Final Fantasy 4) GTFO 5) Hyrule Warriors Honorable Mentions: Detroit Become Human [00:15:03 - 00:40:45]  Building Custom “Console” Rigs -- Our views on it,

  • Eggnogg'n to Victory

    23/12/2017 Duração: 01h12min

    Episode 1 -- Eggnogg'n to Victory   Opening [00:00:00 - 00:00:25]   Introduction -- An introduction to the host of Support Your Carry -- Josh aka Ktulue.  His past experience, favorite genres (everything) and games to play (Halo, Forza Horizon), and mediums (PC and Xbox One) on which he plays video games.  [00:00:25 - 00:02:22]   Expectations -- Josh will detail his expectations for this show, why he is doing it and what you as a listener can expect from his ramblings. [00:02:22 - 00:03:45]   Introduction to Co-Host -- This week's co-host is Steve, Josh's closest and longest friend.  Throughout the show, Steve is also referred to as Brother, since that is how both hosts call each other in real life.  Steve also opens up about his favorite genres (RPG), favorite game (Zelda games), and his favorite medium (Xbox One). [00:02:22 - 00:10:00]   Recent Plays -- Steve has been hooked on Star Wars Battlefront 2 for the past two weeks.  Josh, meanwhile, has been playing through the Forza Horizon series, Star Wars Batt