We are the Messengers here 2 Bridge the Emotional & Economic Gap through an Evolution of Digital Currency/Social Media/Digital Our mission on social media is to create content that allows you to become aware of me or my few concepts that have helped me and use those posts to go deeper and start watching my vlog and listening to my podcast which will then over time force you to create action with a new mindset and blueprint.Jobs/Mobile University


  • Taoist Astral Heavenly Card Reading with Mahatma Starseed & 369Mindset

    18/07/2021 Duração: 02h06min

    Take a trip with us as Wei align and Calibrate our frequencies!! Wei share our sounds and vibrations, as Wei unlock dah hidden abilities of our Spirit! Wei dive in2 Dah many bodies that Wei engage with Daily and the opportunity 2 remembah Divine Knowledge!!

  • Chief Talk with King Reggie and $369Mindset

    15/04/2021 Duração: 01h59min

    Wei Dive deep in2 Dah realm of ah Prophet/King/Chief/Fath-ah/Time Trave-lah/Mast-Ah Scientist/ Profound Story Tellah!! This 2 Part Series is some of our Bay Area Creations!!! Wei Learn about This Lead-ah as he Learns about us!! Wei are amazing Reflections and wei are Aligned 2 Dah Now Moments!!! Find out how wei manifest and what wei are Currently Manifesting as Wei are Cosmically connected and Divinely Conscious as Dah Capital and Resources are Flowing 2wards our Nations!! Join Dah Journey and Live yah Dream, who are yah, and what's yah story!! Want 2 be interviewed, email us at [email protected] text at 702-759-9583. 'SELF' - Strategic Empowerment Leveraging Finance!!, is what I was trying to do with 'Nip' - Stanford! - 'Cryto', Smart Stores 'Apps', VC Money, 'OPM'!! - Nipey is a 'Leo'!!

  • Conv-ah-Sations with our An-ces-tahs special Cameo Dina David

    06/04/2021 Duração: 53min

    This is how eye Release and balance ⚖️ what is going on in our Minds!! Wei Speak 2 and with our An-ces-tahs!!! Wei Allow them 2 flow through us, as Wei Tap in2 our Highest Vibrations!! Wei are Balanced with our Divinely Conscious Reflection of our Matriarchal Structure!! Wassup GMA Dolores and Great Gma Duttah!! Wei Must Balanced with Dah Waves of Dah Oceans of Dah Pacific.. President of #PeopleOvahProfits Dina David chimes in with our discussion with our An-ces-tahs!! Donation go 2 $369Mindset on Cash app www.paypal.me/369mindset

  • Balancing Dah Vibe of Feminine & Masculine ENERGY

    26/03/2021 Duração: 01h37min

    This episode of #mindset_DetoxTv wei Engage with Dah Consciousness of Divinely Feminine Queen

  • Welcome 2 Dah Bay Area with #369conversations

    28/01/2021 Duração: 20min

    Wei opennour hearts and #mindset as wei unfold our Divine Mission, wei are Blessed 2 share this experience with all with Eye 2 hear our Messages!! Leading Edge Shift Wei Are Dah Church of Mindset, Thats supported Through Donations, ENERGIES Xhange, Purchased products and Services(Gratitude Stones & Cord Cutting Sessions)as wei are 1 with all, How much Do yah Value a Reflection of Yahcellph!! Special thanks 2 dah Divine ENERGIES that have poured in2 our Ministry,  oh Yall didn't think Eye was Taking this Prophet thing Coming Soon!! Pre Ordereds are being Collected Daily Grab Yah Spot 2Day and Get access 2 or Other Titles "Pimps 2 Prophet" Undahstanding SEX Sacred ENERGIES Xchange Dropping this Spring!! All proceeds are multiplied and Shared among our Legacy and day 2 day Activities!! Wei are Looking 4 Moe Bartahships,Investors, MVP(Most Valuable Payers) , wei Pray this Message touch Dah Hearts & #mindset of our Bloodlines, and Tribemates Wei Want $22.22 Can Yah Send that 2 Us Now  @  PayPal

  • Conversations with our Elder and GMA and Dah Ancestahs

    26/12/2020 Duração: 01h49min

    Wei are Blessed and Highly Favored as wei Appreciate Dah Moments with our Grandma...Wei Talk about everything and this is a new Show 2 capturing our Families Historic Journey 2 Dah Top of the Spiritual Laddah!! Wei Talk ENERGIES, Ancestahs, Tarot, Trauma, and Game shows as that's all she Evah watches, beside Columbo and Church!! Wei realized how important these Moments are so wei must capture Truth , Love , and Light! Dive Deep in2 our world as wei end with some Major Arcana from Dah Tarot , as Eye watched GMA read Cards and Energy since Eye was a baby!! Engage and connect With our elders as that will heal them moe than any vaccine or mask!! #Demystifying Awareness Tour West Coast has been Healing With Love Light and Happy Engagements!!

  • Tantra Interview With the #Spirit of #Sarahalalt & @mahatma_starseed on IG

    18/12/2020 Duração: 49min

    Tantra and Sexual Healing In our Partnerships, and Why this Path Chose us!! 2020 Was Dah Best Year Evah 4 Us!! Ask Us Why? Wei Dare yah? This has been 1 of thee Most 3rd and 5th Eye Opening Xchange of ENERGIES Evah!! @mahatma_starseed @elitemotivation411 and #mindset_DetoxTV Have Found The Answer 2 97 % of the Relationship Issues, Financial Worries, and Parenting Development!! It All Checks Back 2 Being aligned with Dah Little Girl and Little boy inside of Yah or bettah Yet Little Queen and Little King in All of Us!! Ask Us How Wei Have broken Many Curse both Generationally and Present Moment Spells Cast Our Way!! Alignments Leads 2 Direct Access 2 yah Unfiltered Spirit as 2 Our Name Changes and deaths of who wei were!! Wei Answer These questions Daily: Who Are Yah/You? When are Yah/You Where are Dah Truest Yah Going? 2020 Was Dah Best Year Evah 4 Us!! Ask Us Why? Wei Dare yah? #Spirit of #Sarahalalt #mindset #m_m27 #mindset_DetoxTV #love#positive#energy #healing#twinflames#twinsouls#energyhealing

  • New Moon 12/2020 Stepping in2 Yah Dharma/Destiny of Cellph Realization

    16/12/2020 Duração: 23min

    Wei Peeled back the Onions as the Ancestahs Are Always Working with Our ENERGIES Xchange and Frequency Calibration!! Going in2 The Winter Solstice in 12/21/2020 it will Mark Some of the Most Divine ENERGIES Know 2 Hueman Spectrums!! Now is the Time 2 Shed All Karmic Debts as They are all Paid up!! Time 2 Walk in Yah Sunshine So The Divine Spirits Can Align with Yah Courage and Confidence of Being Yah Dopest Cellph!! Time 2 Expect An Calm-Passionlty Powerful Change Yah been Hoping and Seaing in Yah Dreams and Meditations!! Please enjoy our Transmissions and Here a Gift 4 Yah @ https://linktr.ee/SPIRITOFSARAHALALTMINDSET Email us is Yah Want 2 be interviewed and if yah have any questions about Our Readings [email protected]

  • Catalysts Episode Genesis In Dah beginning was Silence, Stillness,Sound, and Spaciousness-CCwA

    11/12/2020 Duração: 11min

    Wei Dive Deep in2 Why Wei Aren't allowing no Government 2 inform us how 2 care 4 our Bodies! Wei Discuss the Corona Plague and the economic and Educational Plagues that are Coming!! Providing a Means 2 look 4 answers within our Hearts!! Eye found connections with Relative that Transitioned, Partners in Healing and In business, Tribemates and childhood Friends, along With Ascended Masters that wei still Discuss 2day Hundreds of thousands of years ago!! Wei Call it #freeflow as we are free 2 flow what the fuck Evah out of our Aligned and Integrity Filled Vessel!! Tell us what yah Think. Wei Have a New Podcast Dropping 2day with our #freeFlow Delivering our Divine Messages From our Matger Father Sun who art Kn Heavens!! Yah Dont wanna Miss out on Our Take on Corona Plague and what's 2 Come with the market, and Mental and emotional health and well being!! As a Message of God here on earth, aka a Prophet!! Wei are Delivering message 2 only Those who have hearts 2 feel our Sounds and Vibrations!! Our Offerings of

  • Wei Dive Deep with Prophetess Oracle Queen X Maat about Powers and Our Spiritual Journey

    26/11/2020 Duração: 01h13min

    Wei Stopped in Richmond VA, and Had a Cosmic conversation and wei Wei touched on Amazing Topics!! ITS always great 2 talk with Divine Beings Walking in their Purpose!! Tune In2 The Powerful sounds and Healing of a Truthful conversation

  • Wei Dive Deep in2 The Anatomy of the #Spirit with EM Healing Podcast Host Mahatma Starseed

    24/11/2020 Duração: 01h50min

    Dr. Carolyn Who is an Medical Intutive Healer, Like Mahatma Starseed and Eye along with Our Elevated Tribemates!! Wei are Healing dah Unseen Through Divine Connection with our Inner Wei!! These Chapters Sparked Great Conversation along with Healing of those Conversations!! Wei Enjoyed Reading as wei Traveled Across Country During our Demystifying Awareness Tour

  • LoveLight from Dah Divine Vessel PAT!! Mahatma Starseed and Spirit of Sarahalalt #mindset Healing

    21/11/2020 Duração: 06min

    In Sedona AZ at an Divine Healing Hub/Love wei shared our Light and creative healing with Sound and Flow!! This stop was so Enlightened and wei Elevated 22 Fold!! Thanks Tribe as wei Love yah Greatly

  • Sacred ENERGIES Xchange with The Spirit of Sarahalalt #mindset & @mahatma_starseed on IG

    18/11/2020 Duração: 30min

    Between Yah and Wei there is always Space/ Nature Provides ample space 2 Ground and Clear Yah #mindset/ Space is in Dah Breathe as it's in The Walks in Dah air and Dah Blood!! Wei Operate on Divine Timing with Divine messages Governed only By Dah Divine Creator!! Sedona AZ freeFlow has been Phenomenal in our Healing and Evolutionary Integration of Our Spirit with Elijah's Vessel!! Wei Have been walking this Life 4 3600 years and this Time Our Mark as a Collective Spirit of Sarahalalt #mindset will Be Documented and Available 4 All 2 View... Wei are about 2 Smash in2 Some Very Very Interesting ENERGIES,  and Cellph Love,Cellph sufficiency, Cellph Awareness is Neccessary 4 Navigation of The Overflow of ENERGIES!!!! 2020 Was Dah Best Year Evah 4 Us!! Ask Us Why? Wei Dare yah? This has been 1 of thee Most 3rd and 5th Eye Opening Xchange of ENERGIES Evah!! @mahatma_starseed @elitemotivation411  and #mindset_DetoxTV Have Found The Answer 2 97 % of the Relationship Issues,  Financial Worries, and Parenting De

  • Wei The Spirit of Sarahalalt #mindset

    05/11/2020 Duração: 09min

    Wei are Looking 4 Divine Ears and Fingers 2 Transcribe Our Latest Creations!! These Messages come straight from Dah Creator through our Vessel!! Let us Know what yah feel and Pleasee Connect with us 4 Writing and Transcribing Purposes!! #mindset_DetoxTV #messiah_movement #TheChurchofMindset #demystifyingawarenesstour. Cash App $Elijahthemessenger PayPal.me/tuoflife Wei Appreciate All Yah Seeds Our Tribe Is In full force and Wei Operate 100% off of Love Seeds/Donations and Equivalent ENERGIES Xchange!! Open up Dah empty spaces in our #mindset Great Day 2 Yah, Are Yah an Enlightened Being? Do yah Have Great communication on Enlightenment #mindset_DetoxTV "Mental Aura" --------------------------- "Mind has got aura (mental aura or psychic aura). Aura is Tejas, brilliance or halo that emanates from the mind. The aura of those who have developed their minds is extremely effulgent. It can travel long distances and affect in a beneficial manner a large number of persons who come under its influence.

  • Dear Our People With The 4 Agreements

    27/10/2020 Duração: 01h43min

    Wei take trips In time 2 discover the Agreements wei Created with ourCellves and With All wei Encounter!! Take a trip in Time with @Mahatma_starseed A Divine Goddess well on Her Way 2 deliver Her Greatness Daily!! Spirit of Sarahalalt #mindset Engages with the ENERGIES!!!

  • Conversations with dah Unconscious Believer Awake or Nah

    26/09/2020 Duração: 48min

    Wei have a moment in time With Suzette DeCruize Binah Kethar chokmah... She Is A Hater/Fan that wants the Best 4 Our Soul!! Wei enjoy the discomfortable Conversations!! Wei also Dive in2 dah Esoteric Readings of Mahatma Starseed & Sarahalaht Mindset And our Archangels

  • Imperial Topaz Topasel Confident Manifestation

    11/09/2020 Duração: 16min

    Wei are Maximizing our energy Xchange as wei Manifest our Reality...This is Dah 2nd Card of our New Contract going in2 This New Season!! Wei are xcited about our Current Poly MasterClass .....Grand Rising, Limited spots Available email/DM/Text yah email so yah can get a personal Invite! It's going Down 2night 2 Get Yah Answers On Now Time Relationships and Sacred Energy Xchange (SEX) Wei Will Be answering Questions and Diving Deep in The #mindset, Heart space, and Inner Chilld Work! Wei Will Talk The work wife and husband and the Village Xchange of Sacred/Sexual Energy! Will yah be there?

  • Free Will with The Help of Dah Ascended Master Thoth & St.Germain

    10/09/2020 Duração: 14min

    Join our journey of Elevating dah Vibrations of dah Masses! Wei Tapped in2 dah Devas(Earth/Elemental/mineral spirits of Gaia) The Amazing Master Teachers brought us Clarity and Allowed our hearts and Mind 2 be Alignes with our Mission!! Wei are always Grateful 4 our Imagination and Rituals Wei use 2 Tune in2 Divine Frequencies!! Email us 2day 4 Yah Enegy Readings @ [email protected]

  • Energy Xchange with The Beings around Us

    06/09/2020 Duração: 09min

    Wei share Several of our deepest mindfulness moments in Transmutation of Old Paradigms!! Wei Dive deep in2 our Tour and What wei are Sharing with dah World!! Lastly wei give yah an energy reading of dah Phoenix rising from dah ashes, 2 share Its Truth with dah Now Reality!!

  • Roc stages and Moe

    30/08/2020 Duração: 38min

    Sex Talk Monogamy and Polygamy and tuning in2 our Cellph

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