I Am Science



I Am Science was hosted by the prominent English journalist Rodney Borgnine and was the longest running radio interview programme in broadcast history. Guests included Laura Limb, inventor of the Yasser Ara-Fat Burner, Tonya Pol, CEO of Toe Job Taxis, and Holman Garido, founder of gynaecological amusement park, Treasure Island. However, it was Borgnines conversations with Dr Jellgood that most cemented the programmes reputation. The first interview, airing in August 1965, drew 46 million viewers, the largest radio audience in history a record which still stands to this day.


  • #3: Defence

    #3: Defence

    11/07/2015 Duração: 19min

    In Episode 3, Rodney Borgnine catches up with Dr Jellgood after he has made another startling occupational U-turn, this time working for the British Government as Chief Scientific Advisor to the Defence Department. In a revealing interview, Jellgood talks about his support for conscription, warns of the very real threat to time and space posed by Stephen Hawking, explains why all nuclear warheads should be kept in the warehouses of Argos, and goes into disgusting detail about the Prime Minister’s misshapen testicles.

  • #2: Food

    #2: Food

    08/04/2015 Duração: 17min

    The second interview between Rodney Borgnine and Dr Jersey Jellgood takes place 10 years after their first encounter in Tokyo. After his space tourism business has gone under, Jellgood becomes a chef, launching a new culinary brand called quooking – a mystifying combination of cooking and quantum physics. This follow-up interview takes place in London as Jellgood promotes his new Quooking restaurant at St Paul’s. The Dr’s Quooking restaurants have been a success all around the world, serving up strange cosmic culinary phenomena such as the Stephen Hawking Hover Sausage and The Peking Death Mirror. Each dish is more complex and perilous scientific experiment than simple cooking, and as chefs in bio-hazard suits prepare food for the opening night in London, Borgnine confronts Dr Jellgood about the dangers posed by these creations, not only to the staff and the paying public, but to the solar system itself.

  • #1: Space and death

    #1: Space and death

    21/03/2015 Duração: 28min

    Episode 1 captures the very first interview between journalist Rodney Borgnine and multi-Nobel winning scientist Dr Jersey Jellgood. In this opening instalment, Jersey is living in Tokyo, where he is operating his own space tourism business, most notable for putting the first sumo on the moon. Throughout the interview, Borgnine presses Jellgood on the treatment of his space sumos, questioning the thoroughness of their training and the inadequacy of their under-sized, helmetless space suits, and finally forces the great scientist to concede that some sumo astronauts have indeed “popped” in space. Borgnine also interrogates the safety of burial and cremation services offered by Jellgood’s space tourism company, after shocking YouTube footage revealed mourners in ripped space suits being chased around the moon’s surface by the floating ashes of their dearly departed.