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  • 15-ish Minutes with Birdmonster

    15-ish Minutes with Birdmonster

    22/09/2006 Duração: 16min

    Birdmonster entered bloggers' and critics' consciousness in October of last year on the strength of a self-released EP that, with its brash Springsteen-meets-Fugazi aesthetic, opened doors to high profile supporting slots with the likes of Art Brut, Sound Team, Catfish Haven, and Division Day, not to mention the type of buzz that forces Pitchfork to wallow in its limitations as a credible source for anything. The San Francisco quartet's storied live shows and unique D.I.Y. sensibility very much paved that road, but, as they revealed last month on an eerie Dallas night, Birdmonster's true ambitions are focused on the songs and an ever-growing sonic palette. This week, Birdmonster's Peter Arcuni and David Klein sit down to discuss their just-released debut long player, No Midnight, and how the experience of communicating their live energy on that record whet the band's appetite to develop their studio sound and the burgeoning songwriting methodologies that will shape their sophomore effort.The Birdmonster Beau

  • Episode 41: The Futureheads

    Episode 41: The Futureheads

    07/09/2006 Duração: 15min

    On a sweltering Friday evening in June, Barry Hyde of UK quartet, The Futureheads, kindly invited me into the band's well-equipped (and air conditioned) tour bus to escape, well, the summer and the throngs encircling Dallas' Gypsy Tearoom. "How can you possibly stand this heat?" he asked as we sat down. "I can't," I remarked. When we sat down, Hyde, the Futureheads' frontman and chief songwriter, cut right to the chase and thoughtfully unraveled the executional and philosophical approaches to the songs and harmonies on their just-released News and Tributes LP, exhaustively contrasting their latest effort with their critically-acclaimed eponymous debut. Assessing the Futureheads' rise -- and his scorn for their former label, Warner Brothers -- Hyde generously shed light on the inner-workings of a band that began, as he will admit, with few and simple expectations.If there ever was any uncertainty about their rise, Hyde et al affirmed his confidence, and the audience's high expectations, pu

  • John Roderick Explains Putting The Days To Bed Lyrics

    John Roderick Explains Putting The Days To Bed Lyrics

    20/07/2006 Duração: 02min

    Over the last two years, The Long Winters have quickly become one of my all-time favorite groups. The pop songs have crisp and precise production paired with articulate and emotionally insightful lyrics. If possible, I could sit for hours talking with frontman John Roderick about his songs and the ingredients that make these records truly incredible.   Through a series of e-mail exchanges, Roderick has answered some highly specific questions concerning lyrics off the new record.  Putting the Days to Bed will be released July 25th on Barsuk Records.I have placed the lyrics in the order they appear on the record. Enjoy. Track 1: "Pushover" - "Unkind girlish walk, like a deed to the world without the talk" JR: Well... you know there are some coquettish walks, some flabbergastingly captivating gaits, which cross the line. They aren't innocent, they're wielded like a flaming sword, and they have the power to own a man for a period. That doesn't mean they're a

  • 15 Minutes with Peter and the Wolf

    15 Minutes with Peter and the Wolf

    06/07/2006 Duração: 15min

    Before his recent Dallas show, I had the chance to pull Red aside for an expansive interview and an impromptu recording session, which resulted in two single-mic performances of some of his most beloved songs, "Red Sun" from Peter and the Wolf and Adventure from MTV2's Wonder Showzen.Red Hunter isn't like most musicians I've talked with over the last year. Maybe that's because he's so willing to ponder, detail, even perform, his many diverse interests. He will tell you about playing shows in graveyards and dressing up like a Vet for a case study in audience reaction.  He will tell you about jokingly suggesting he and a peer tour in a sailboat.  He will cite Chomsky and address the perils of media propaganda and, in a twist, tie it all -- and convincingly so -- to independent music. He will offer perspectives, ideas, and insights that only hint at why he's one of the more compelling figures in underground music Peter and the Wolf - Red Sun (IndieInterviews) (mp3) Red Hun

  • Episode 40: The Streets

    Episode 40: The Streets

    28/06/2006 Duração: 15min

    This week, British MC Mike Skinner of The Streets, sits down with your host, Garrison Reid, to discuss his private imprint, The Beats, and various other business flirtations, the essence of American rap culture, and the relative disparities in courting women at home and abroad. In addition, we've taken the podcast and brought it to new life in a downloadable PDF filled with the text of the interview and amazing photos taken at The Streets Austin tour date by Chad Wadsworth. As we've hit podcast 40, we're looking for some feedback. What have been some of your favorites so far? What are your thoughts on the new transcription feature? Hasn't the audio quality improved in the last 11 months? Feel free to leave your thoughts within the comments section. Download Audio: Episode 40: The Streets Downloadable PDF of Episode 40 Visit Chad Wadsworth's Flickr

  • 15 Minutes with Sound Team

    15 Minutes with Sound Team

    05/06/2006 Duração: 15min

    On the eve of the release of their highly anticipated Capitol Records debut, "Movie Monster," Sound Team's Matt Oliver and Sam Sanford discuss, among other things, the band's rigorous approach to multimedia filtration and typographic design, their give-and-take collaboration with famed indie producer, Mike McCarthy, and their multi-pronged songwriting aesthetic. Full Downloads from Movie MonsterSound Team - Movie MonsterSound Team - Your Eyes Are Liars Stream the Born to Please video clip.(Broadband) (Dial-up) Previous Sound Team IndieInterviews Bill Baird from early August 2005"My friend's band is" by Sam Sanford"The new record I'm into is" by Sam Sanford "My favorite city to play in is" by Sam Sanford "Explains 'Your Eyes Are Liars" by Sam Sanford"If I could ask" by Sam Sanford

  • Episode 39: We Are Scientists

    Episode 39: We Are Scientists

    02/06/2006 Duração: 15min

    On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with We Are Scientists. The band discusses filming comical music videos, working with The Lonely Island guys and the relationship between Pitchfork and major labels.   Here's a "comprehensive smattering" of the band's national tour with friends Arctic Monkeys.

  • Episode 38: John Vanderslice

    Episode 38: John Vanderslice

    24/05/2006 Duração: 30min

    Chevy Express van + John Vanderslice + Tiny Telephone + Del + Exodus Damage Remix + Gypsy Tearoom + 35mm + San Francisco + "Trance Manual" music video + Hitchcock's Young and Innocent + MacGuffin + Tom Waits' chicken coop + DCist + Hasselblad + Chris' aesthetic = Episode 38: John Vanderslice (mp3)You might be saying this isn't YouTube or Flickr. You are right, but if you have any additional tags that might describe the interview, feel free to comment them. Episode 38 with John Vanderslice is another special 30-minute episode previously done with John Roderick of the Long Winters, Andrew Kenny of American Analog Set, The Wrens and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.

  • Episode 37: The Czars

    Episode 37: The Czars

    12/05/2006 Duração: 15min

    On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with John Grant of The Czars. John discusses the impact of delayed US releases, incorporating foreign languages into his writing and playing with pronouns. More description coming soon.

  • MiniInterview3 - Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio

    MiniInterview3 - Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio


    Kyp Malone describes the Return of Cookie Mountain song Province: Abridged transcription"We were playing festivals and recording in hotel bathrooms. ... I wanted to write something positive and uplifting. Watching and taking in all this dark bullshit that's happening in our world all the time. ... We were walking down the street and I saw graffiti on the side of this building. Someone had quoted Gandhi.  They wrote 'Love is the prerogative of the brave.'"Soundbed music is "Walking The Cow", a Daniel Johnston cover from The Late Great Daniel Johnston, available for purchase here.Download: Kyp Malone - 5 of 5 (m4a)Download: Kyp Malone - 3-4 of 5 (m4a)Download: Kyp Malone - 1-2 of 5 (m4a)

  • MiniInterview2 - Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio

    MiniInterview2 - Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio


    Favorite city to play in"I haven't been to Cairo.  I haven't been to Lagos.  I haven't played in Mexico City."How did the recording with Bowie come about?"And we dropped of the roughs of the record as we were working on it. And he dug 'em." About the album leak, Crooked Rain Crooked Rain and a "change in psychology""One is the one we're not putting out and one is the one we are putting out." Soundbed music is "Dry Drunk Emperor" and "Staring at the Sun" found here.More audio available later today. Download: Kyp Malone - 3-4 of 5 (m4a)Download: Kyp Malone - 1-2 of 5 (m4a)

  • MiniInterview - Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio

    MiniInterview - Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio


    Last Sunday, a few friends of mine and I spent the day relaxing -- drinking some margaritas at Lee Harvey's, learning to dj from DJ Pedro himself and topped off the rare beautiful breezy Texas day with an amazing TV on the Radio show at Gypsy Tearoom. I had never seen this band live before. I've heard stories of the "experience" or "the best live show" and read the quote in the most recent Filter where the band themselves say you might not understand the performance. I told Adam after the show, "I rarely think this when I leave a show, but HOW do they do this night after night?" The energy released through the vocals (and arm movements) of Tunde Adebimpe is intense. The band unites and the cohesive sounds on record are equally powerful live. After the show, Adam and I had the chance to talked with Kyp and Tunde of TVOTR. We quickly walked into the empty Ballroom and recorded for less than 10 minutes total. Here's segment 1 from Kyp Malone; he tells his love for a Narnack Rec

  • IndieInterviews Exclusive - Ramesh Srivastava (Voxtrot) - Shayla (Blondie Cover)

    IndieInterviews Exclusive - Ramesh Srivastava (Voxtrot) - "Shayla" (Blondie Cover)

    24/04/2006 Duração: 02min

    Band/Artist: Ramesh Srivastava (Voxtrot)Date: April 21th, 2006 Venue: 95 Corolla Studios Location: Denton, TX Taped by: Garrison R.Transferred by: Garrison R.Setlist1. Shayla (Blondie Cover)After interviewing the band in January and seeing their performances in Dallas and in Austin at SXSW, I stayed in touch. As they entered Denton on this past Friday (after a day of uncertainty caused by van problems), we were discussing a follow-up interview and also a possible song request for that night's concert at Hailey's. I had suggested "Union City Blue" since it's one of my favorite songs off Eat to the Beat. It was a song Ramesh was familiar with but not possible for the entire band. We met up at the show, talked and he realized the song I was thinking wasn't the same song he was.  The song he was thinking was "Shalya" -- another amazing track from Eat to the Beat.  We went to my car and listened to the song a few times through. Ramesh went looking for an acous

  • Episode 36: The Grates

    Episode 36: The Grates

    07/04/2006 Duração: 15min

    Things you might learn in this interview with The Grates: SXSW is "heaps of lines", "heaps of bands" and "heaps of beers" . "If you're weak, be prompt." Slingshots are illegal in Australia. To avoid getting sick while on tour, it's best to dress like a ninja. Digital cameras makes movies (sometimes with audio). Rolling Stone will always be gas on fire. "There is no privacy in Australia." Caffeine-free Diet Pepsi is the most boring drink ever.

  • Episode 35: Clem Snide

    Episode 35: Clem Snide

    24/03/2006 Duração: 15min

    A lot of people are putoff by Clem Snide 'cause they aren't sure if it's being sincere or not. If it's a joke or if it's serious. And I like that about it. But some people don't. But you know whatever, I don't need to buy them a Christmas present or anything. Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide

  • Episode 34: Mates of State

    Episode 34: Mates of State

    15/03/2006 Duração: 15min

    On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Kori Gardner of Mates of State. Gardner discusses an expansion in studio sounds, the impact of having a child, and forecasted reviews for Bring It Back. IndieInterviews Insider assistance from Clever Titles Are So Last Summer, So Much Silence and Underrated Blog.

  • Episode 33: David Bazan

    Episode 33: David Bazan

    07/03/2006 Duração: 15min

    On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with David Bazan of Pedro The Lion. David discusses departing from the Pedro The Lion moniker, including profanity in his music, and looking back at the 10 years of Pedro The Lion.

  • Episode 32: Catfish Haven

    Episode 32: Catfish Haven

    21/02/2006 Duração: 15min

    On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with George Hunter of Catfish Haven. Hunter discusses joining Secretly Canadian, the impact of the Catfish Haven upbringing, and his love of classic song hooks.

  • Episode 31: Tapes n Tapes

    Episode 31: Tapes 'n Tapes

    21/02/2006 Duração: 15min

    On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Josh Grier of Tapes 'n Tapes. Josh discusses the impact of blogs on the band's success, returning to Minneapolis after a successful tour, and The Loon's relationship with Minnesota.

  • Episode 30: J.Tillman

    Episode 30: J.Tillman

    08/02/2006 Duração: 15min

    On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with J.Tillman. Tillman discusses transplanting from New York City to Seattle, meeting his recording and touring partners, and the varying approaches he's used with previous recordings. Interlude snippets used with permission of J.Tillman & Keep Recordings.

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