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Tools to empower ambitious women to lead an exceptional life by their own definition are provided in every episode of the She Reaches podcast. Find the inspiration to try new things, the determination to get unstuck and the motivation to reach for your goals! Your hosts, Becca Forster Marco, a corporate working mom, and Tiffany Walker, a strategist and coach for working women, share their experiences through honest conversations on topics that are top of mind for ambitious working ladies, such as finding your next career step, finding the energy to do all the things including taking care of you, and everything in between. Guests occasionally join the show to share their story on how they juggle all the things life throws their way while being an ambitious working woman or to educate on a specific topic we all struggle with. In each episode, you'll leave with at least one small step you can take today to help get you to where you ultimately want to go in your life. Find show notes and resources at


  • Ep #124|A Working Dads Perspective with Matthew Sharp

    Ep #124|A Working Dad's Perspective with Matthew Sharp

    21/05/2019 Duração: 50min

    Ever wonder about the working dad's perspective on how to make life work in a modern dual income family? In this episode, Matthew Sharp is sharing his story about how he makes things work in his household. Matthew is a husband and dad to two (soon to be 3!). He's also been a champion for working parents by being involved in a parental leave initiative at his company. Matthew talks about why he became involved and why it didn't deter him that the initiative was an offshoot of a women's group at his company. There are a lot of negative stories of partnerships when we talk about working moms so I hope this starts to change the narrative and highlight the cases where a partnership is working well. I hope you consider sharing this episode with your partner! Highlights: Matthew's career background and family life Matthew's schedule and how he and his wife make things work day to day Variable vs. predictable work schedules and how that impacts how they handle things like sick days for their kids His though

  • Ep #123 | Exercise and Taking Care of Your Body as a Working Mom with Erica Ziel

    Ep #123 | Exercise and Taking Care of Your Body as a Working Mom with Erica Ziel

    07/05/2019 Duração: 46min

    Do you wonder if it's too late to get back in the exercise game after having your kids? In this episode, I'm talking with fitness expert Erica Ziel about exercise and taking care of your body after having kids. We talk about postpartum challenges and preventative measures women need to take to feel good now and later in life. We also laugh as we chat about the "mom butt" or still looking pregnant even after you're years postpartum. If you have struggled to get back in the exercise game after having your kids - no matter how long ago that was - this is the episode for you! Highlights: How Erica got into fitness and wellness Common complaints and challenges for women after having kids Why your pelvic floor is important, how to strengthen it, and why it's never too late How to get started in exercising even if you haven't done it since before having your kids Why working out harder and longer can actually make it more difficult to lose weight Balancing out your body from things like holding your kids "Mom butt"

  • Ep #122 | Overcoming Feeling Stretched Too Thin with Jessica Turner

    Ep #122 | Overcoming Feeling "Stretched Too Thin" with Jessica Turner

    23/04/2019 Duração: 30min

    Do you feel stretched too thin? In this podcast episode, I'm talking to Jessica Turner, the author of Stretched Too Thin and The Fringe Hours. She juggles a full-time job while also being a blogger and author and she shares how she things about what she does and doesn't do to keep her household running. We also talked about how you can go from surviving to thriving as a working mom, the role of partners in making things work, and how you might make time for friends even during a busy season. Highlights: Jessica's background and what lead to writing the Fringe Hours and Stretched Too Thin The areas that Jessica has chosen to outsource during this season of her life The things that she also automates to save time How to think about it when considering outsourcing or automating What the fringe hours are and how you can use them to your advantage Jessica's thoughts on how working moms can go from surviving to thriving The role of partners in making things work How to make time for friends and the import

  • Ep #121 |The Fifth Trimester and Supporting Parents in the Workplace with Lauren Smith Brody

    Ep #121 |The Fifth Trimester and Supporting Parents in the Workplace with Lauren Smith Brody

    09/04/2019 Duração: 44min

    According to Lauren Smith Brody, the "fifth trimester" is where a working mom is born. In this episode, Lauren shares what lead to writing The Fifth Trimester, how you can be a voice to push forward your own workplace, and what working parents really need. We also talk about the role of partners in this conversation and what makes being a working mom a strength that helps with the bottom line at companies. For fun, we also chat about the recent viral photo of Lauren registering for after school care while sitting on a panel at a conference! Highlights: Lauren's background and what lead to writing The Fifth Trimester What she means by the fifth trimester and why it's important How being transparent in the workplace will change things in the future How you can be a voice to push forward in your own workplace What makes being a working mom a strength in the workplace and why this helps in profit for companies The story behind the viral photo of Lauren registering for after school care while on a conference pane

  • Ep #120 | Making Business Travel and Breastfeeding Easier with Kate Torgersen

    Ep #120 | Making Business Travel and Breastfeeding Easier with Kate Torgersen

    26/03/2019 Duração: 34min

    Have you ever had to go on a business trip while you were still breastfeeding? In this episode, I'm talking with Kate Torgersen, Founder of Milk Stork all about how to make business travel while breastfeeding and pumping easier. We talk about what lead to Kate founding her company to better support working moms as well as what companies can do to better support parents and caretakers. Finally, if you're interested in talking to your company about benefits like Milk Stork, Kate provides some guidance on the best way to do so. Highlights: Kate's background and the event that lead to her founding Milk Stork How she came up with Milk Stork and how it works Tips for smoother travel while pumping How we can normalize breastfeeding and the need to pump at work Why it's important for companies to support breastfeeding moms Other ways companies could better support parents or caretakers of all kinds Kate's thoughts about what she'd like the future to look like for working moms and parents The best way to approach you

  • Bonus episode: Introducing the She Reaches Mastermind!

    Bonus episode: Introducing the She Reaches Mastermind!

    22/03/2019 Duração: 12min

    In today's bonus episode, I'm sharing all about a brand new program designed to support working moms - the She Reaches Mastermind! I've been working behind the scenes for months on this and the doors are now open for this mastermind which runs from April through June 2019. In this episode, I share why the mastermind can help to support moms after talking to my clients and listeners about what working moms really need. We all deserve a group of women behind the scenes cheering us on and supporting us so we can actually DO all the things we want to do - without going completely insane doing it. P.S. The She Reaches Mastermind begins the week of April 8th and you can find more information to join us here.

  • Ep #119 | Living Life on Purpose and Parenting as an Introvert with Erica Layne

    Ep #119 | Living Life on Purpose and Parenting as an Introvert with Erica Layne

    12/03/2019 Duração: 47min

    How do you live a life on purpose and what does that even mean? In this episode with Erica Layne from the Life on Purpose Movement, we talk about where to get started in being more intentional with your life if you're feeling overwhelmed. Erica gives realistic tips on how to determine what to say no to and how to actually do it when you're nervous about others' feelings about it.  Erica gives her own definition of minimalism and how we can apply those concepts beyond just what we own. Finally, we also discuss how being an introvert can affect how you parent and how you might take that into consideration to maintain your energy in your everyday life.  Highlights: Erica's background and the journey that lead to the Life in Purpose Movement How to get over guilt in saying no to things that don't fit your priorities or strengths Tips for responding to requests that aren't sure you want to say yes to Applying minimalism beyond your home and the concepts in her book The Minimalist Way Minimalism at home when

  • Ep #118: Feeling Good and Making Time for Wellness as a Working Mom with Robyn Conley Downs

    Ep #118: Feeling Good and Making Time for Wellness as a Working Mom with Robyn Conley Downs

    26/02/2019 Duração: 52min

    Do you feel like you’re constantly not measuring up when it comes to taking care of your own health & wellness? In this episode with Robyn Conley Downs of Real Food Whole Life, we’re talking all about gentle wellness and how it can help you to be more successful in your health goals. She gives sustainable strategies for eating healthy and movement that you can fit into even the busiest schedule. We talk about the three traps that we get stuck in with wellness and what we can do instead. Finally, we also talk about the tension between accepting your post baby body and using your feelings to make some changes to take care of yourself. Highlights: Robyn’s health journey and how it led to Real Food Whole Life What the gentle wellness revolution is and how it can help you take care of yourself The three traps that we get stuck in with wellness How our all or nothing approach to diet specifically leads to weight gain and why you’re better off doing nothing than a diet Tactical tips for eating healthier without

  • Ep #117 | Trying New Things in Your Career with Kerri Koen

    Ep #117 | Trying New Things in Your Career with Kerri Koen

    12/02/2019 Duração: 46min

    Do you try new things when it comes to your career? My guest on the podcast, Kerri Koen, licensed attorney who works in the financial services industry as a business strategist, used opportunities both inside and outside the office to find out what career path felt fulfilling for her. We talk about how she ended up in financial services, her participation in a company program that changed the course of her career, and the projects outside of the office that she pursued on the side. This episode challenges the thought that one job has to fulfill all of your needs. Highlights: Kerri's career journey after law school How a rotational program changed the course of her career Juggling her career, experimenting with side projects, and spending time with her kids & partner The conference she attended that shifted her thinking How having a side project has enhanced her day to day Her thoughts on MLMs, where they can go wrong and the benefits when it's done right Today’s Guest: Kerri is a mom of one,

  • Ep #116 | Making Time for Creative Pursuits with Emily Cretella

    Ep #116 | Making Time for Creative Pursuits with Emily Cretella

    29/01/2019 Duração: 41min

    Do you make time for creative ideas you have outside of your "day job"? In this episode, I'm talking to Emily Cretella who not only runs her own copywriting and content marketing firm (her "day job"), but also created an online publication called MotherHustle to share what she's learning as a mom and business owner and provide a place for others to share their stories too. As if that isn't enough, Emily recently made space for another creative pursuit - writing a novel! While Emily doesn't know where these creative projects will lead, she makes time for the things she's interested in. We talk all about how these passion projects came about and the mindset she has behind fitting them in. Highlights: How motherhood changed the course of her career The weekly newsletter she started to share what she was learning with other working moms Creating a community to share experiences with MotherHustle Letting a passion project be personal exploration instead of making it a business or a job Allowing creative

  • Ep #115 | Money Hacks You Can Fit Into Your Lunch Break with Erica Gellerman

    Ep #115 | Money Hacks You Can Fit Into Your Lunch Break with Erica Gellerman

    15/01/2019 Duração: 48min

    What if you could handle your finances in 10-15 minutes during your lunch break? In this episode, Erica Gellerman discusses some financial hacks and shortcuts that you can fit into your busy schedule. She talks about how to be mindful about your money - including spending on the things that make you happy. Her “lunch break list” will allow you to make progress even with the smallest amount of time. Highlights: Why you should consider having financial goals for fun and dream vacations Setting up your savings accounts How to automate your savings Spending on the things that make you the happiest Using a “lunch break list” to tackle your financial to do’s in 10-15 minutes Handling variable income How you can be influenced by the spending habits of those around you Today’s Guest: Erica Gellerman is a CPA, MBA, personal finance writer, and founder of The Worth Project: a weekly money newsletter you actually want to read. Her work has been featured on Forbes, Money, Business Insider, The Everygirl, The Everymom,

  • Ep #114 | Making Time for Friends with Becca Marco

    Ep #114 | Making Time for Friends with Becca Marco

    27/11/2018 Duração: 48min

    Do you struggle to find time for friendship? In this episode, Becca Marco is back to chat about specific things you can do to make time and effort to cultivate close friendships. We share the story about how we became friends and the secret we kept from the She Reaches audience about our relationship at our corporate jobs. We also share how we use technology to maintain friendships when we have little time and we give you tips on handling situations where you enter a different life stage or circumstance like having a baby or moving. If you want to have close friends, but have struggled to make time or find those friends, this is your episode! Highlights: How Becca and Tiffany became friends The three things you need to have in a friendship Handling it when you feel like you're growing apart from a friend If there's something wrong when you're the person always reaching out Keeping friendships when you move Fitting in friendship when you have little time Using technology to create closer friendships Saying ye

  • Ep #113 | Healthy Living Hacks with Lindsay Young

    Ep #113 | Healthy Living Hacks with Lindsay Young

    20/11/2018 Duração: 51min

    Could you use some hacks for being healthy? You're cramming enough stuff into your schedule and I'm sure you have health goals just like I do. In comes my guest in this episode of the podcast, Lindsay Young. She gets you in the right mindset for living a healthy life while also providing down to earth and realistic hacks that you can add to your life right now. And, if you want to know why everyone on Instagram seems to be juicing celery right now, Lindsay tackles this topic too! Highlights: Lindsay shares how she struggled with health and her weight until college Why she’s passionate about both physical activity and nutrition The importance of health for moms How to find something that will really help you make changes for your health Lindsay shares some realistic hacks to tweak your health right now The truth about the latest trend - celery juice Today’s Guest: Lindsay Young is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist living in sunny Southern Califo

  • Ep #112 | Shortcuts to a Simple and Meaningful Holiday Season

    Ep #112 | Shortcuts to a Simple and Meaningful Holiday Season

    13/11/2018 Duração: 26min

    Do you have a gameplan for the holidays? If you think your schedule is busy right now, think about how much the holidays can add to it. The holiday season adds even more to your plate than you already have. In order to prevent it from becoming a stressful season, I'm sharing shortcuts to plan ahead to make it a simple and meaningful season this year. Highlights: Why you should think about preparing for the holidays before they happen Reflecting on what you'd like out of the holiday season Deciding what you can let go of for your holiday season to reduce stress What memories do you have from your childhood? Feeling more confident about what you say yes or no to during this season How to make space in your life - both physical and virtual space before the holidays pile on Planning ahead to make sure you don't spend too much Resources: Ebates(referral link - You get $10 if you use this link!)

  • Ep #111 | Organizing the Chaos with Joni and Kitt from Practically Perfect

    Ep #111 | Organizing the Chaos with Joni and Kitt from Practically Perfect

    06/11/2018 Duração: 50min

    How would it feel to go from chaos in your home and life to organized with systems in place? If anyone has the answers about how to do this, it's my guests on the latest podcast episode Joni Weiss and Kitt Fife from Practically Perfect. Not only are they professional organizers, they each have three kids and very full schedules to maintain. In this episode, they share tips on how to create systems that work in your home taking into account the stage your kids are in and your own lifestyle. They give encouragement and examples for how to get the whole family involved in contributing to maintaining your household. Joni and Kitt also handle some listener questions about hot topics such as handling all those school papers, storing seasonal items, and keeping your kids' toys from taking over your home. Finally, they give some encouragement to working parents about acknowledging that you're doing your best instead of beating yourself up about what you didn't do. Highlights: Joni & Kitt reveal whether professio

  • Ep #110 | You Can Follow Your Passion Now

    Ep #110 | You Can Follow Your Passion Now

    30/10/2018 Duração: 25min

    Should you follow your passion or that idea in your head? What does it take to make your own opportunity to follow it? You don't have to take a big leap to follow that idea in your head. We've had it completely wrong that you'll have a magic opportunity to do the thing that you've been thinking about at some point down the road. The secret is that you make your own opportunity. Not only that, but you can start right now - without changing your entire life. I give you all the details on how to do exactly that in this episode. Highlights: Why following that idea or passion is not just luck The dreams coworkers shared with me when I left my corporate job Why you may not be ready to follow your passion yet What it might take to follow your passion or make your own opportunity Ideas for how you can get started right now without changing your entire life  

  • Ep #109 | The Power of Affirmations with Jen Hatzung

    Ep #109 | The Power of Affirmations with Jen Hatzung

    23/10/2018 Duração: 51min

    What if you believed in yourself regardless of past missteps or failures? Jen Hatzung is my guest in this episode sharing her own career journey with all of its twists and turns. She's the first person to own her so-called failures and recognize why each step was meant to be a part of her journey. In the second part of the episode, we talk about affirmations - what they are and how they can help you on your own path. Jen recently started a company, Abundant Affirmations, that provides affirmation cards to encourage women to believe they are worthy of success, happiness, wealth, and abundance. If you've ever wondered what you were meant to do, but weren't sure if you were on the right path, you won't want to miss this episode. Highlights: Jen shares her career journey and the twists and turns it has taken The self-described failures in her path and what she learned from them Her two successful podcasts and why she stepped away from both Why she started her company Abundant Affirmations What affirmations are a

  • Ep #108 | How to Set Goals That Will Actually Improve Your Life

    Ep #108 | How to Set Goals That Will Actually Improve Your Life

    16/10/2018 Duração: 28min

    Do you want to set goals that actually move the needle in your life? I've spent years setting goals and achieving them, but I've learned a few things along the way about how to set the right goals. Goals that actually impact your life instead of being another task you've checked off the list. It starts with setting the right goals. In this episode, I talk about how to set the right goals and tips to prevent the mistakes you can make along the way to setting your goals. I also talk about what to do after you set your goals to ensure you are on track to achieving them. Highlights: The most important part of achieving goals The difference between meaningful goals and meaningless goals Why your goals should be unique to you The mistake people make in not addressing the real needs in their lives Tips for how to actually achieve the goals once you've set them My favorite tool for setting and tracking goals Resources: Powersheets (affiliate link)  

  • Ep #107 | Taking the Path Less Traveled with Hannah Sutor

    Ep #107 | Taking the Path Less Traveled with Hannah Sutor

    09/10/2018 Duração: 34min

    Would you sell 90% of your possessions and travel? My guest today, Hannah Sutor, did exactly that and has been living with her family out of an RV for the last year. We discuss why she made this choice, how she handled other people's opinions, and the mindset it took to actually take this leap. She also shares the reality behind this life - how they were able to keep an income coming in, what it's been like to raise a child on the road, and the challenges that come with the RV lifestyle. If you're curious about living an unconventional lifestyle, you aren't going to want to miss this episode! Highlights: Why Hannah came up with the idea to live in an RV What reactions they got from those around them when they made this decision The mindset it took to to take the leap The challenges that come with the RV lifestyle How they've created an income while on the road What it's been like doing this while raising a child Today’s Guest: Hannah Sutor is living life on the road in a 36 foot RV with her 2 year old daugh

  • Ep #106 | Two Years as a Full-time Entrepreneur

    Ep #106 | Two Years as a Full-time Entrepreneur

    02/10/2018 Duração: 28min

    What's it been like for me to be a full-time entrepreneur for the last two years? There seems to be a trend right now in talking about how going out on your own is the goal or the only way to be happy without all the constraints of a 9-to-5 or corporate job. I don’t agree that it’s the path for everyone or even that it should be the goal. It’s now been 2 years since I left my corporate job as a VP of sales to a tech company to become a full-time entrepreneur. In this episode, I'm sharing the good, bad, and ugly of what I’ve learned about full-time entrepreneurship. Highlights: Why I left my corporate job to become an entrepeneur The reasons why this shift has been fulfilling Why setting my own schedule is both a positive and negative The disadvantages of being a solo entrepreneur Two big things I've struggled with since leaving my corporate job

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