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Welcome to the R and R Property Podcast with the real estate girl Denise Haynes. In our podcast we talk about all things real estate in rural New South Wales. We discuss a diverse range of topics to do with real estate. Whether it is about making the tree change, doing a reno or getting to know our awesome country community. If ever you are in the area please pop by and meet our team. R and R Property are an amazing all women real estate agency working with in the Stroud, Gloucester and Bulahdelah areas.


  • #20: The Boardroom Series - Denise Haynes

    #20: The Boardroom Series - Denise Haynes

    27/06/2018 Duração: 26min

    Today Denise Haynes from r and r property and Lisa B talk about discrimination in real estate, (the boys clubs) how to juggle children, staff and running an office and what it’s like being in rural real estate. Denise is one of our contributing authors in the book Real Estate Agents What You Need To Know Now! I asked Denise to be a contributing author in this book as she is not only a fantastic business person, she is also an amazing real estate agent and an outstanding marketer (and mum!). Denise’s commitment to her office, her town and the residents of the area where she lives is simply remarkable. Claim your free copy of the paperback of Real Estate Agents What You Need To Know Now! click here. or buy the e-book on Amazon, click here.

  • #18: Lisa B Interviews Denise Haynes Marketing Expert

    #18: Lisa B Interviews Denise Haynes Marketing Expert

    24/11/2017 Duração: 32min

    Firstly Denise can you tell us a little bit about your area – Regions/Councils: Our area is quite vast because we cover a number of council areas, from Port Stephens,Great Lakes & Dungog. Rural and Residential: We also work in rural and residential areas. Population: Within the town of Stroud where we have one of our offices the population is only about 700 but there is a large farmland area surrounding the town. We are the only agency with an office in Stroud, but there are numerous agencies that work within the area. Country to Coast: We are so lucky that our areas cover coastal strips through to rural so we really do get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Community: We have an amazing community that all work together and help each other out. As a business we find that our community supports us so much – it’s wonderful and we love to return that by sponsoring whatever local event or causes we can. Lots of customers make mention that they have found our community to have such a great vibe. Andrew Winter:

  • #17: Award Winning Agency – Why Should You Care?

    #17: Award Winning Agency – Why Should You Care?

    15/05/2017 Duração: 06min

    Award Winning Agency – Why Should You Care? If you had a life threatening heart condition would you use a specialist to give you advice and treat your illness or would you choose the cheapest alternative? I have no doubt that you would use the best in the field that you possibly could. Property is usually a person’s largest financial investment and yet they don’t always realise that they should have a specialist selling their property for them. Worse still, some GIVE the cheapest agent their business. There are also regular sites popping up that advocate that owners can “sell their own”.  Buyers love trying to deal directly with the owners as they know that they can get them down in price, thus defeating the seller’s purpose of selling privately. Some Real Estate Agents are trained in negotiation and marketing and deal with buyers and sellers every day. When you employ a real estate agency that has won multiple awards in many categories, you know that you are dealing with an office serious about their custome

  • #16: How to Attract Tree Changers to Your Property

    #16: How to Attract Tree Changers to Your Property

    07/04/2017 Duração: 08min

    At R & R Property, through our extensive research, we know that the majority of our buyers are tree changers (clients leaving the city or highly suburban areas to move to the country) and where they are coming from. As a group, we generally know their habits, their dreams and their concerns. What we are finding though is that they have an ideal property style in their mind and we know that what we have with a little razzle dazzle could be what they’re looking for. But, they can’t see this. They can’t see past the privet lined creek bank, the farm rubbish lying around the paddock, the falling down old dairy. You – the seller, need to make it easier for them! So what we suggest to our sellers who may be receiving inspections, but their property keeps getting rejected is to look at it from a city persons point of view. Does your property appeal? Is it magazine worthy? Buyers today expect a well presented home in a certain style and a property to match. They would like to be able to envisage their stylish fur

  • #15: Sustainable Living Discussion with Paul and Sarah

    #15: Sustainable Living Discussion with Paul and Sarah

    07/04/2017 Duração: 21min

    Denise Haynes:                     Welcome everyone. I'm Denise Haynes from R & R Property. Today I'm interviewing Paul and Sarah Chambers on R & R Property's podcast number 15. Paul and Sarah are living in a shipping container home which Paul built himself. Hi Sarah and Paul. Sarah Chambers:                 Hi Denise. Paul Chambers:                   Hello. Denise Haynes:                     Congratulations. Now, you guys are a YouTube sensation and have also written two highly successful eBooks called, 'How to build a shipping container house'. It all started when Paul was offered a career move in 2005 from Scotland to Australia. Paul Chambers:                   Yes definitely. It started a big adventure. Denise Haynes:                     You went off on a new adventure in your life and initially you were living in suburban Australia. Sarah, I understand that you then initiated the move to a rural area of Booral. Can you tell me what fuelled that decision? Sarah Chambers:                 When we we

  • #14: Bush Fire Safety

    #14: Bush Fire Safety

    20/02/2017 Duração: 06min

    Something that seems to concern buyers when they are considering moving to the country is the threat of bushfire. This is understandable given the tragedies that have occurred in Australia previously. The good news is that there are ways to help prevent the damage and prepare yourself and your family should it occur. We are lucky enough to have dedicated volunteer rural fire brigades in each of our areas, who all band together to save our communities and homes when bush fire does threaten us. They are an amazing crew who risk their lives to save ours, sometimes fighting for days on end in extreme heat and danger. The community is so lucky to have them. The RFS also has an aviation unit and contracts aircraft for fighting fires from the sky. Helicopters and planes water bomb areas, extinguishing or slowing down the flames before they get near homes. Here are some tips that we have put together for you according to the Rural Fire Service (RFS): Preparing your home to be survive: Make yourself aware of whether

  • #13: Tenant Tips

    #13: Tenant Tips

    20/02/2017 Duração: 06min

    Tenant tips Inspecting a property – Turn up on time for the inspection. Show you are reliable. Note any issues you may have or matters you would like addressed if your tenancy is accepted on the application form. Application – Complete your application in full and honestly. Give as much detail as possible and ensure you have all of your supporting documents. Be prepared – You will be required to pay a bond equivalent to four weeks rent plus two weeks rent when signing the lease if approved. Rent – Pay your rent in advance as agreed when you sign the lease. Late payments remain on your rent history and can affect your chances of securing a rental in the future. We all at times have unexpected cost and should you experience difficulty with your rent, talk to your property manager, they understand and will work with you in difficult times. Presentation of the property – Maintain the lawns and gardens regularly and keep the property clean. Routine inspections will be carried out and reports provided to the landl

  • #12: Suburb Profile on Stroud

    #12: Suburb Profile on Stroud

    06/02/2017 Duração: 11min

    By R & R Property - Stroud's Real Estate Specialists Established by the Australian Agricultural Company in 1826, Stroud is an incredibly picturesque rural town which is steeped in history. Many gorgeous heritage buildings and convict built structures such as the 8 underground grain silos within “Silo Hill” still remain today. Located along The Bucketts Way, inland of the beaches of Port Stephens, approximately 1 hour from the Hunter Valley and approximately 2.5 to 3 hrs from Sydney, Stroud falls within the Midcoast Council area. The residential area of Stroud is surrounded by farmland, both working farms and lifestyle properties. It is incredibly pretty, framed by rolling hills and mountains, plus a high average rainfall ensures it is almost always lush and green. Stroud has an approximate population of 1000 people, the highest percentage being made up of families in owner occupied homes. At R & R Property we regularly receive enquiries from clients wishing to rent in the area but the town does not ho

  • #11: My Story Jan 2017

    #11: My Story Jan 2017

    27/01/2017 Duração: 25min

    I am Denise Haynes, My Business is R & R Property and this is My Story......... I am regularly asked how my Real Estate career came to be and what the journey has involved. I have therefore written a brief version of my story for you, hoping that this may give you an insight into who I am and where I’ve come from. I’m not sure where my Passion for Real Estate stems from. It certainly wasn’t from my family growing up. Although Mum & Dad always owned our family home there were never any other Real Estate transactions made whilst I was growing up. Our family home was originally a 2bdm old weatherboard home with lots of holes to let the rats and mice come and go as they pleased. When I was aged about 12 Mum and Dad overhauled it and it was converted to a 3bdm and it was pretty neat when I finally got my own room. The long-drop toilet was still proudly located in the back yard though. No luxury such as an inside flushing toilet for us! Times have changed so much with homes, we used to have little old homes

  • #10: Positions Vacant

    #10: Positions Vacant

    16/01/2017 Duração: 09min

    As the business owner of R & R Property I have been told by a high number of people that they have always dreamed of working in Real Estate, which is great. The industry does attract a glamour tag though and I find that sometimes the reality is a bit of a shock once that dream is obtained. You are dealing with what is usually the client’s largest investment they’ll make in their life and within all sorts of emotional circumstances. People can love you and hate you within the space of 10 minutes, depending on how their day or the transaction is going.  The various roles can be emotionally exhausting and may also be physically exhausting, especially if you are selling rural properties. Real Estate can also be incredibly rewarding though and we have many celebrations. We love assisting people on their Real Estate journey and especially welcoming new locals to our area. The roles within the Real Estate industry are numerous and will vary depending on what area you work in ie; city, suburbia, rural and commerc

  • #9: Landlord Tips

    #9: Landlord Tips

    09/01/2017 Duração: 07min

    Here are some FREE handy tips for a great start: Prepare your property for lease. It is crucial that the property is clean at the commencement of the tenancy to ensure it must be cleaned by the tenant on vacate. The tenant is only obligated to leave the property as it was at the commencement of the tenancy. Repairs – attend to any repairs required before commencement of the tenancy. This will reduce any complaints from, or inconvenience to your new tenants. Presentation of the property. Ensure the property is presented as you expect it to be kept during the tenancy. Lawns and Gardens should be tidy and gutters cleaned. Water efficiency – Your property must be water efficient to enable the water usage charges to be passed on to your tenants. The cold water tap on the kitchen sink and bathroom vanity must have a maximum 9 litre flow and so does each shower head. This applies even if your property is on tank water as you will be required to refill the tanks or pay water usage should the property not be complian

  • #8: 5 Effective Habits for a SOLD Sticker in 2017

    #8: 5 Effective Habits for a SOLD Sticker in 2017

    02/01/2017 Duração: 06min

    Well we are drawing to a close for another year, which always gives us fresh opportunity to get it right in the New Year. Let’s make this year your time to slap that SOLD sticker on your home enabling you to start the next chapter in your life, the one that you’re yearning for. Here are 5 Effective ways to kick that goal sooner rather than later: Have a spring clean; look at your home with fresh eyes or get a friend to visit and give you their opinion. (Just don’t shoot them down for it) Too much clutter within a home is stressful and unattractive. It may also make your home look smaller than it actually is. Have a garage sale or give away any quality items to a charity group or a neighbour who you know is struggling financially. You will realise once you start what a positive impact it has on both you and your home. Clutter does start to overwhelm us eventually so do it for yourself and your buyer. Besides it gives you a head start on packing for your next move. A lick of paint in fresh neutral tones will

  • #7: The Advantages | Disadvantages of Buying  Selling in the Festive Season

    #7: The Advantages | Disadvantages of Buying & Selling in the Festive Season

    16/12/2016 Duração: 05min

    Yes folks it's that crazy time of year again when we are all racing from Christmas party to Christmas shopping trip and back again. For some though there is yet another stress factor to be fitted into this equation and that’s whether to buy or sell within the Christmas and New Year Season. Sometimes for the people involved this situation just happens without them realising before it’s too late.  For example, they’ve had the excitement of selling their home and then “oh no” settlement it seems is smack bang in the middle of Xmas season. Or maybe they’ve excitedly just purchased a home and yes again the settlement sits within that time frame. Possibly they have to sell their current abode before they can complete settlement. Either way, what are the benefits of buying and selling within the Holiday Season? People are generally more motivated to get things completed at this time of year – just ask any tradie about their workload before Christmas. The odds are he or she is in high demand to complete jobs prior t

  • #6: Karen Hutchinson talks candidly about moving to the country

    #6: Karen Hutchinson talks candidly about moving to the country

    07/12/2016 Duração: 14min

    Announcer:          Hi and welcome to the R and R Property Podcast with The Real Estate Girl, Denise Haynes. In our podcast we talk about all things real estate in rural New South Wales. We discuss a diverse range of topics to do with real estate, whether it is about making the tree change, doing a rental, or getting to know our awesome country community. If ever you're in the area please pop by and meet our team. R and R property are an amazing all-women real estate agency working within the Stroud, Gloucester, and Bulahdelah areas. Now for our podcast. Denise:  Hi everyone and welcome to podcast number six. I'm Denise Haynes from R and R property. Today I have invited a special guest into the R and R office to chat with us. You know at R and R Property we specialise in assisting our clients in making the move from city areas to the country, what we like to call a tree change. Our guest today is Karen Hutchinson, one of the busiest ladies I know. Firstly I'd like to welcome you Karen, and thank you for takin

  • #5: Tree Change - Sea Change

    #5: Tree Change - Sea Change

    05/12/2016 Duração: 05min

    Families it seems, are so stretched & stressed with debt and commitments in life today. Given that interest rates are at an all-time low and technology is meant to be making our lives simpler and easier, it is really troubling. There is no room for error and I’m not sure where on earth it will all end. I don’t know how families can even afford to eat, given the prices they are paying for properties the size of a postage stamp in the city. And for what; to have to endure gridlock traffic, road rage, being able to hear your neighbour’s conversations, ever increasing crime rates and then there’s the pollution. The total sum of this stress is of course resulting in poor health, both in body and mind. Parents who are in these situations are considering making a move to a tree change environment to enable them to bring their families up with a grounded, back to grass roots life. Seeking for their children a good life of healthy food, fresh air and a new freedom to run and play. A move to the country will also a

  • #4: Vendor Tips

    #4: Vendor Tips

    25/11/2016 Duração: 06min

    More Money in Your Pocket - Selling Tips for a Quick & Well Priced Sale Presentation! Presentation! Presentation! I cannot express to you enough how important this is to a sale & a great price. Good presentation is not only easy on the eye but it also leaves the prospective buyer feeling as though there isn’t too much to do. If a property is poorly presented with daggy dated furniture, needs painting and even minor repairs your prospective purchaser may be left thinking the property needs updating & a fortune spent on it. A well-presented home is also a good blank canvas, usually allowing your buyer to feel uncluttered and unstressed enough to visualise their furniture in this home. The proof is in the results - why do you think Selling Houses Australia is so successful! Lawns and Gardens Please have these tidy! The lawn needs to be kept constantly mowed, any potholes/bare patches need to be filled and grassed over. Water if necessary. Gardens should be weeded and preferably no fuss. High maintena

  • #3: How to relax in the country?

    #3: How to relax in the country?

    21/11/2016 Duração: 06min

    We live in a crazy mixed up world these days, and there is one absolute certainty that has come from this - stress is one of our major killers. We race from minute to minute, hour to hour trying to fit so much in. So much more is expected of us than it was of our forbears. At the end of every week I marvel at how quickly the time has gone, and how it feels like the week just began. And don’t get me started on the years flying by! I have found myself lately wondering why this is so. Then I remember that each week at work I am flying from job to job, managing the team, putting out constant fires, trying to win new business, trying to make ends meet. As well as this I am making sure my daughter is organised for each school day, play dates, excursions, parties etc etc. Then of course there are family commitments and social functions which crop up in an ever-increasing frenzy towards the end of the year. Add to this a house to keep, meals to cook, groceries to buy … the list goes on and on. But if there is one thi

  • #2: Moving to the country

    #2: Moving to the country

    14/11/2016 Duração: 08min

    When considering a move to the country, some people have concerns about how their lives might change. While it may seem daunting, moving to the country has many benefits, and you might find the things you are concerned about turn into a positive! Here are some questions we are asked by those looking to make a tree change: • Will I ever see my friends? Many people find that the ‘country’ is only 45 minutes or so from their suburban friends. Once they make the time to come and visit you they will realise that it’s not far away at all. You may find that they see how happy you are and what a fabulous healthy lifestyle you now have and consider making the move themselves. We find that family & friends quite often follow suit. Maybe they’ve been thinking about it for years but weren’t brave enough until they saw you do it. Skype and telephone is always great to catch up with too and remember you will be visiting them sometimes as well. A move to a friendly local town will also result in new friends being made,

  • #1: Buyer Tips

    #1: Buyer Tips

    11/11/2016 Duração: 08min

    As an agent dealing with rural and residential property sales, my team and I are lucky enough to meet and speak with lots of lovely people. Each of them has their own personal stories to tell, and differences in what they are seeking in a property. It’s this variety that makes our work so interesting. As much as I’d love to be able to recall each one of these details to share with you, my brain capacity just won’t allow it!  So to assist me and my overwhelmed agent/boss/wife/mummy brain, I’ve come up with a checklist of things to help you as a potential buyer. I hope this list makes preparing to buy your dream property a breeze. As a minimum, as a potential buyer you should: Work out what your budget is, what type of property you are seeking, and the criteria the property has to have. Break the criteria down to the absolutely essential as well as simply preferred (ie. the things that you’d like, but which aren’t a deal-breaker). Have some sort of finance at least pre-approved. Request that you be added to