Grandpa's Ipod



My grandpa was an engineer at Detroit's WJR radio beginning in 1943. He kept what was considered ''trash'' at the time: the on-air master transcription discs of the radio shows that he liked. He also cut a lot of discs for his own use. I've inherited his collection of over 250 discs and am digitizing and podcasting them. If he were alive today, these are the things that would be on his iPod.


  • Invitation to Music, 2-16-44

    Invitation to Music, 2-16-44


    Please note that I will soon be moving my podcast to my blog, To keep receiving podcasts please subscribe to the blog's feed for now. Instructions for resubscribing to the podcast will be posted when the change occurs. And see for more information about this recording.

  • Frankie Carle, 2-21-44

    Frankie Carle, 2-21-44


    See for details

  • Music from Squibb, 6-7-44

    Music from Squibb, 6-7-44


    A cool program from the day after D-Day. See for details.

  • Jean Sablon 1947

    Jean Sablon 1947


    see for details.

  • Music by Warrington 9-7-43

    Music by Warrington 9-7-43


    See for details.

  • Romance, 9-6-1943

    ''Romance,'' 9-6-1943


    Part 2 of 2 (part 1 is missing). Episode is titled ''Wild Oranges'' for details visit

  • Meet the Missus, 5-19-47

    Meet the Missus, 5-19-47


    A locally-produced show from Detroit's WJR. For details visit

  • To Your Good Health, 3-24-44

    To Your Good Health, 3-24-44


    Squibb Orchestra and Chorus of Stars directed by Lyn Murray. Todays special guest soloist is Audrey Marsh. The program is all music by Vincent Youmans including Flying Down to Rio,

  • Sing Along with Karl, Jack and Dan

    Sing Along with Karl, Jack and Dan


    March 27, 1944The Landt Trio sings ''I Want to be Happy,'' ''So Little Time,'' ''Someone Else is Taking my place,'' ''When the Red Red Robin goes Bob-bob-bobbin' along'' and ''Ikki Tikki Tambo'' (or something close to that, it's a little hard to catch exactly what they're saying).

  • To Your Good Health

    To Your Good Health


    from The House of Squibb. Lyn Murray directs the Squibb Orchestra and Chorus of Stars, with Hubie Hendrie. Includes a medley from the Broadway revival of The Merry Widow, (Girls Girls Girls, Veila and Maxims), Molly on the Shore, and Where eer You Walk.

  • Gus Haenschens Rehearsal 12-19-44

    Gus Haenschen's Rehearsal 12-19-44


    Gus Haenschen and his All-String Orchestra with Thomas L. Thomas and Margaret Daum. Includes Im Making Believe, Tango of Roses (in a rumba arrangement), and White Christmas, and what I'm guessing is Wang Wang Blues.

  • Howard Smith 12-16-44

    Howard Smith 12-16-44


    Howard Smith - piano: Body and Soul, I Told Every Little Star, and When a Woman Loves a Man

  • Christmas 1945

    Christmas 1945


    All Around the Christmas Tree - Warnow and Toddmedley: Skip to my Lou, Polly Wolly Doodle, Baby Bumblebee, Jingle Bells - unknownWhite Christmas - Bing CrosbySanta Claus is Comin to Town - Woody Herman and his orchestra

  • Christmas 1946

    Christmas 1946


    A disc my grandpa made for Christmas 1946. Includes Perry Como, Frank Sinatra and Glenn Miller.