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This is a comedy show with no restrictions. Unlike conventional types of radio we are completely uncensored. We discuss technology, sports (including racing), and just make fun of everyone and everything. Listen and enjoy content free of political correctness and restrictions. Follow us on Twitter: @degenerateradio or @rickyradio We can also be found in the iTunes store by searching Degeneration Radio and please rate us. leave a voice mail here +1 (803) 993-8253


  • Following the guidelines

    Following the guidelines

    09/08/2020 Duração: 01h02min

    Ricky and Marie are back this week discussing the political views on COVID-19. Marie brings up a benefit of wearing a mask not many think about. Marie talks about life getting back to normal. Ricky and Marie talk about getting the virus a second time. Marie runs the show now. Marie and Ricky talk about traveling during this. Marie and Ricky touch on diet during the pandemic. Ricky touches on mental health with ketogenic diets. After break, Marie and Ricky talk about COVID-19 vs. H1N1. Ricky gives a tip on making disinfectant wipes. Marie talks about some interesting things she noticed while in Georgia and while traveling. Thanks for listening and follow Ricky on Twitter @rickyradio for more.

  • Episode #...we lost count

    Episode #...we lost count

    19/04/2020 Duração: 01h16min

    JP, like a cancer is back this week joining Ricky and Marie. Ricky and Marie talk about working from home, people not taking this seriously and local measures they've noticed. Ricky and JP talk toilet paper and come up with a way to keep it from being hoarded. Marie recaps a scary flight experience. The guys talk about air travel during this. JP and Marie talk about some interesting experiences they've had flying. Out of break Marie and Ricky talk about keto bread. JP and Ricky talk comfort food and how the weather plays a role in weight management. JP talks about his newest addition to the family and it leaks gas. The guys talk about the country life and Ricky tells an old story where he witnessed class going right out the window. JP and Ricky talk festivals and shows and how music and sports have completely changed. Live content coming back is discussed. Marie, Ricky and JP discuss life getting back to normal. Ricky talks about feeling trapped. Marie gets a peek into the old show. JP describe

  • Rona


    12/04/2020 Duração: 01h04min

    Ricky and Marie join you from the backyard this week in Georgia. Ricky discusses voting. Marie and Ricky discuss how Trump has handled recent events. Ricky discusses leadership and safety being a priority. Marie being over it is discussed. Fears of voters is discussed. Social media’s responses to ‘rona is discussed. Marie talks about when 9/11 happened and how this changes people’s views and these views being different depending when you came of age. Ricky and Marie talk outsourcing and the supply chain. Ways to stay safe during this outbreak is discussed. After break Marie and Ricky talk about crap falling from the sky. Ricky tells a relieving airplane story. Marie talks about some strange things she’s seen and what she thinks about the country life so far. Ricky talks about why he’s in the middle of nowhere. Ricky talks about his isolating vacation in Montana. Ricky talks about Marie’s meaty chili. Here’s the recipe. go here Thanks for listening and follow Ricky on Twitter @rickyradio for

  • JP on the radio

    JP on the radio

    15/03/2020 Duração: 01h01min

    JP is back this week. The guys discuss JP's dangerous lifestye, his radio job, the radio business and helping out his fans. Wink wink. Marie makes a cameo with a hilarious impression. Ricky talks about ways mental health can be compromised. Ricky gives out some info on combating Coronavirus/COVID-19 that isn't talked about much. Ricky gives a last minute tip on wiping your booty. How Keto can help you if you're being quarantined. Ricky talks about soap. Is it really soap? Marie is busy but safe! See ya'll in a week or two! Thanks for listening and follow Ricky on Twitter @rickyradio for more.

  • Ricky Radio

    Ricky Radio

    06/03/2020 Duração: 59min

    Ricky starts off the show with a pick from Marie. Ricky talks about the perfect city and music that comes from the soul. Ricky takes a step back in time and in technology. Ricky reminisces about radio, DJing and talks about cinematography. Ricky plays his prom test song. Concrete flying through the windshield gives Ricky anxiety. Ricky talks about his favorite memories of DJing. Ricky talks about the coronavirus and plays another beautiful pick from Marie. Ricky talks about why vinyl sounds better technically speaking. Ricky talks about addiction in the entertainment industry. Why this exists is discussed. Ricky plays some local indie music. Ricky talks about working with Keni Thomas and plays some Cornbread. If only he could eat cornbread.. Ricky stumbles on a song, "The Wave" that he played drums, bass, and guitar on and discusses pirate radio. Ricky ends the show with a final pick from Marie. Thanks for listening and follow Ricky on Twitter @rickyradio for more.

  • Big Goofy Guy

    Big Goofy Guy

    23/02/2020 Duração: 59min

    Ricky and Marie start off the show with their adventures of taking pictures in Iowa. How Marie knows Ricky is a southern guy is discussed. Ricky has to play in the snow. Ricky talks about them taking a moment to celebrate. Marie tells the handicapped stall story and their dishwasher makes a cameo. Ricky plays a song that has a special meaning to them that they heard out in the wild. Marie and Ricky talk about touring a beer brewery, history and addiction. Marie and Ricky discuss the silly movies Ricky is into and Ricky talks about ways to make a classic car reliable. Artistic, history and resto-mod aspects of cars are discussed. How cars and podcasting can help relationships is brought up. How a murderer is made is discussed. The childhood of a murdered is discussed. Know thy enemy is discussed. Ricky reads back some replies on Twitter regarding pizza and the keto lifestyle. The cost of losing weight and how it’s different for women and men is discussed. Marie discusses how their approach to lo

  • Best of Degeneration Radio

    Best of Degeneration Radio

    10/02/2020 Duração: 51min

    Ricky plays some guitar and replays a show with good friend Ivan in studio discussing his adventures driving for Uber. See y'all next week!