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All the previous episodes are available from the websitewww.caughtonthewire.wordpress.comCaught on The Wire is a weekly podcast hosted by Alex Cottrell and Toby Huntingford, with the aim of providing an insightful and entertaining analysis of every single episode of HBOs comprehensive crime drama, The Wire. Alex and Toby are veterans of the shows 5 seasons and will be discussing everything from the episodes title to their favourite scenes. Since The Wire was first broadcast in 2002, it has, slowly but surely, developed a fanatical following and has received an overwhelming amount of praise from all sides. Caught on The Wire looks to cast a critical eye on this much beloved TV show. You can find further information about the show and its creation on HBOs website.


  • Message for new listeners

    Message for new listeners

    09/02/2016 Duração: 01min

    What's the show about? Where are all the episodes? Are there spoilers? Get all your questions answered here.

  •  Caught on The Wire - S5E10 -30-

    Caught on The Wire - S5E10 '-30-'

    09/02/2016 Duração: 03h59min Here we are at last - the grand finale. The secret is out (mostly) and the Carcetti administration does what it can to sort the situation as a quietly as possible. Marlo gets out of prison and goes for one last street encounter. And Baltimore's new generation of characters comes into play. Join us for our last ever episode analysis, our longest and most in-depth to date.

  • Caught on The Wire - S5E09 Late Editions

    Caught on The Wire - S5E09 'Late Editions'

    05/02/2016 Duração: 02h15min Marlo finally ends up in cuffs, but not without a lot of suspicion around how he got there. Sure enough, the serial killer lie starts to spread. Michael is forced to say goodbye to Bug and Dukie when he is targeted as a possible snitch. Bubbles shares his feelings on Sherrod in an NA meeting. Steintorf asks Rawls and Daniels to 'be creative' in order to get the crime to go down. Meanwhile, Gus tries to track down Templeton's many fabrications. All that and more in this week's episode!

  •  Caught on The Wire - S5E08 Clarifications

    Caught on The Wire - S5E08 'Clarifications'

    27/01/2016 Duração: 02h37min The secrecy of the serial killer deception starts to slip through McNulty's fingers. Carcetti makes some more difficult decisions to further his campaign. Sydnor and Freamon crack the Stanfield code, whilst Chris and Snoop try to keep word of Omar's rampaging away from Marlo himself. Meanwhile, one of Scott's interviewees comes back to haunt him. All that and more in this week's episode!

  •  Caught on The Wire - S5E07 Took

    Caught on The Wire - S5E07 'Took'

    20/01/2016 Duração: 02h06min Templeton gets a phone call from the 'serial killer' and McNulty starts to think twice about all the attention he's getting. Freamon tries to crack Marlo's new code. Omar continues to put his word around and gives Michael a shock. Clay Davis has a memorable day in court. All that and more in this week's episode!

  •  Caught on The Wire - S5E06 The Dickensian Aspect

    Caught on The Wire - S5E06 'The Dickensian Aspect'

    13/01/2016 Duração: 02h29min Chris, Snoop and crew do their best to find Omar, whilst the stuckup man himself moves to wreak havoc on the Stanfields despite injury. McNulty and Freamon go another step further as the game is revealed to Sydnor and more PC is needed to catch Marlo. Templeton meets a war vet amongst the homeless and writes a straight story at last. Carcetti gives a rousing speech and thinks on his campaign to the governor's chair. All that and more in this week's episode!

  •  Caught on The Wire - S5E05 React Quotes

    Caught on The Wire - S5E05 'React Quotes'

    06/01/2016 Duração: 02h18min Marlo learns a new communications trick, but also has his contact number copied and passed on by Herc. The serial killer gets more media attention and McNulty finds himself face to face with a bullshitter his equal. Dukie continues to struggle to find his place in the world. Clay Davis comes to realise his power may have limits. Meanwhile, Omar's attempt at revenge doesn't go as planned and Bubbles gets tested for HIV. All that and more in this week's episode!

  •  Caught on The Wire - S5E04 Transitions

    Caught on The Wire - S5E04 'Transitions'

    16/12/2015 Duração: 02h24min Carver makes a controversial decision when Colicchio's temper goes too far. Clay Davis comes to discuss his 'financial irregularities'. Burrell is bumped and Daniels readies himself for the top tier, but not without some more political dissent first. The Sun feels a little out of the loop thanks to buyouts and Templeton goes for an interview. Marlo sees an opportunity to move on Joe. All that and more in this week's episode!

  • Caught on The Wire - S5E03 Not For Attribution

    Caught on The Wire - S5E03 'Not For Attribution'

    11/12/2015 Duração: 02h19min McNulty makes some small progress with his 'special case' despite Bunk's best effort to dissuade him. Carcetti's planned shakeup for the police department is leaked to the press, prompting mixed reactions. Marlo turns to Joe on the topic of money whilst looking for a way in with Vondas. Whiting makes a big announcement at the paper and it's not good news. All that and more in this week's episode!

  • Caught on The Wire - S5E02 Unconfirmed Reports

    Caught on The Wire - S5E02 'Unconfirmed Reports'

    04/12/2015 Duração: 02h29min Bubbles struggles to open up about Sherrod, despite Walon's protests, as he continues his journey to stay clean. Scott's desire for a good story pushes him towards the unverifiable and Gus smells a rat. Marlo is surprised to see Avon when he plans a meet with Sergei. McNulty and Freamon become frustrated at Marlo's free reign with the detail gone, and Jimmy makes a shocking move. All that and more in this week's episode!

  • Caught on The Wire - S5E01 More With Less

    Caught on The Wire - S5E01 'More With Less'

    27/11/2015 Duração: 02h31min In the Season 5 opener, all of the institutions deal with limited resources. The police can't pay their people overtime, the political problems with the schools shuts down the major case unit, the Co-Op has to handle a lost territory issue, and our new setting - the Baltimore Sun - faces cut backs and buyouts but demands for unchanging quality. Meanwhile, McNulty slumps to another low as the Stanfield investigation (and its fate) get the better of him, and Bubbles continues his fight to get clean. All that and more in this week's episode!