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  • PODCAST: Ep. 10 Rising Tomatoes

    PODCAST: Ep. 10; Rising Tomatoes


    On this week’s podcast, we feature RV vacations, exceptional breakfasts, and discuss resurrection with the prolific Dr. Florence Gordon. Gordon has the incredible claim of being the first person to bring a tree back to life, though this is disputed, … Continue reading →

  • PODCAST: Ep. 9 Just Shut Up

    PODCAST: Ep. 9; Just Shut Up


    On this week’s podcast, we have atomic science, singing mice, and Dr. Vernon Mendle stops in to talk with us about new weight loss techniques. Mendle is most notable for being the creator of the “Stenographer Workout”, the popular series … Continue reading →

  • PODCAST: Ep. 8 Can’t Always Be Right

    PODCAST: Ep. 8; Can’t Always Be Right


    On this week’s podcast, we’ll talk about prophecies, calculators, and we’ll sit down with Dr. Gwyneth Plum, to talk about angles. Dr. Plum is the distinguished mathematician, notable for discovering a new type of triangle; one so small, that you … Continue reading →

  • PODCAST: Ep. 7 Eye of the Beholder

    PODCAST: Ep. 7; Eye of the Beholder


    On this week’s podcast, we’ll look at automotive technology, sharing, and we’ll speak with Dr. Charity Clarence about her work in eyeglass technology, as well as her personal struggles with her sight. Clarence has been in the spotlight before, for … Continue reading →

  • PODCAST: Ep. 6 Pales in Comparison

    PODCAST: Ep. 6; Pales in Comparison


    On this week’s podcast, we have chimpanzee births, and medical syringe technology. Additionally, Dr. Dustin Automobile stops in to talk to us about his recent work in climatology. You may know Dr. Automobile from his work in climate previously; he … Continue reading →

  • PODCAST: Ep. 5 Some Stupid Robot

    PODCAST: Ep. 5; Some Stupid Robot


    On this week’s podcast, we discuss robotics technology, and new, intelligent robots. Dr. Kenneth Frowning, the engineer who created the world’s first bullfighting robot, joins us to discuss his recent projects, unrelated to bullfighting, or sports. His controversial work is … Continue reading →

  • PODCAST: Ep. 4 Stomachs of Steel

    PODCAST: Ep. 4; Stomachs of Steel


    On this week’s podcast, we discuss recent concerns in the field of artificial organs, brought up by Dr. Ralph Hurley. Hurley is a famous inventor, creating such prosthetics as “The Nose Prism” and “The Rocket-Launching Uvula.” This week, we sit … Continue reading →

  • PODCAST: Ep. 3 Memory Folds

    PODCAST: Ep. 3; Memory Folds


    On this week’s episode, we sit down with Dr. Fiona Merona, for a talk about the big, wet newspaper ball in your skull, scientifically known as the “Brain.” Merona is a prestigious psychologist, most famous for her work in inducing … Continue reading →

  • PODCAST: Ep. 2 The Virtues of Being Venomous

    PODCAST: Ep. 2; The Virtues of Being Venomous


    This week on the podcast, we’ve updated the format a little bit to give you some more science news, and we speak to Dr. Henry Fishishkick about his work as a toxicologist. In the past, Fishishkick has worked with numerous … Continue reading →

  • PODCAST: Ep. 1 Shy, But Shining

    PODCAST: Ep. 1; Shy, But Shining


    Today, we were fortunate enough to talk to Dr. Xavier Nichols, an experienced Astro-Psychotherapist, regarding his recent analysis of our sun, and his conclusions (This is the same Xavier Nichols who was able to convince an asteroid to turn his … Continue reading →