Nikki And Tine



This podcast broadcasts the lives of two funny, intelligent, semi-psycho girls who enjoy making poor decisions and humiliating themselves publicly.


  • Tony Picks up and Bad Parents

    Tony Picks up and Bad Parents


    In this podcast we call Tony again and he answers the phone. He talks to us for a while. We talk about bad parents, our psycho horoscopes, and what it's like watching TV with Tine. We also talk about Nikki's Band which you should "like" on Facebook please!! 24, 2011 Podcast 

  • Nikki is Wounded  Prank Calls

    Nikki is Wounded & Prank Calls


    In this podcast we talk about Nikki's drunken fall, Tine's psycho boytoys, Sugar Mayes, and Prank Calls. We might do another one tonight at the bar and see if we can get the guy we prank called to talk about it.Oct 19, 2011 Podcast Nikki's Drunken Wounds

  • San Francisco Oct 1, 2011

    San Francisco Oct 1, 2011


    So basically we decided to make a podcast on the way to San Francisco, and all of them got deleted except one. The only one that didn't get deleted was our drunken adventure at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. I'ts only about 5 minutes long, oh well take a listen.Nikki and Tine October 1, 2011