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On Truth or Dare, leading social experts reveal insights or “truths” and then they “dare” listeners to apply them. Each episode shares "best practices" on how to make friends, maintain friendships, and develop a satisfying social life.


  • What Gets in the Way of the Relationships We Want? Featuring Jonathan Robinson

    09/05/2018 Duração: 25min

    Jonathan Robinson, a renowned psychotherapist and bestselling author, states that everyone really wants care, understanding, and empathy in their relationship. However four relationship mistakes often get in the way of receiving what we want. The author of 11 acclaimed books, Robinson has devoted his life to helping people find more happiness in their lives ( His latest book is entitled MORE LOVE, Less Conflict. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • Hug Everyone You Know, Featuring Antoinette, Featuring Antoinette Truglio Martin

    18/04/2018 Duração: 21min

    Antoinette Truglio Martin is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. The memoir is a wimpy patient’s journey through her first year of breast cancer treatment. Despite still fighting the disease, since her diagnosis, Antoinette has gone on to get an advanced degree and to write a book. She's here today to talk about--among other things--the importance of having a community around you. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • Removing Our Social Masks, Featuring Broadway Star Sandra Joseph

    12/04/2018 Duração: 30min

    Sandra Joseph is best known for playing Christine in “The Phantom of the Opera.” She held this role for 10 years--that's 1,300 performances--earning her the distinction of becoming "the longest-running leading lady in the longest-running Broadway show of all time."  Today, Sandra is on a mission to help other people use their voices. As an author, speaker, and thought leader, she's recently released a new book,“Unmasking What Matters: 10 Life Lessons from 10 Years on Broadway.”  Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • Special Easter Edition: Overcoming Fear with Faith, Featuring Pastor Winfred Neely

    04/04/2018 Duração: 43min

    Author Winfred Neely is a full time professor at the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago as well as senior pastor of Judson Baptist Church in Oak Park, IL. Prior to these roles, Dr.Neely spent 9 years living in Senegal, West Africa. He and his wife Stephne have been married for 40 years. He takes acting classes from time to time and is an ardent fan of science fiction films such as Star Wars and Star Trek. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at  

  • The Power of Humor, Featuring Al Gini

    29/03/2018 Duração: 40min

    During business professor Al Gini's twenty-seven year stint as the “Resident Philosopher” on Chicago’s NPR affiliate, Al explored topics like the role of forgiveness and pride in everyday life, the challenges of separating truth from fiction, and why good people break rules.  Al has been interviewed on “Morning Edition,” “Talk of the Nation,” “The Takeaway,” and other radio programs. His most recent book? The Importance...of Being Funny. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at  

  • From Hatred to Hope: A Former KKK Leader Rejects Racism, Featuring Dr.Robert Harris

    22/03/2018 Duração: 29min

    Richard Harris ran the largest underground terrorist organization in the  Midwest during the mid- to late-1970s.  But now, over thirty years later, he captivates his  audiences with stories from his journey away from racism, bigotry, and prejudice toward acceptance, love, and tolerance.  Dr. Harris is a keynote speaker, award-winning author, and a communication professor at Southeastern University. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at  

  • The New, More Hopeful Drug Rehab, Featuring Dr.Tony Mele

    15/03/2018 Duração: 34min

    Dr.Tony Mele is a licensed psychologist from Philadelphia with 25 years of clinical experience in behavior health. He integrates neuro-biology and traditional psychotherapy to treat addiction using cognitive behavioral interventions. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • Solving Relationship Problems: From Setting Boundaries to Transitioning Toxic Friendships, Featuring Dr.Van Moody

    07/03/2018 Duração: 37min

    Dr. Van Moody is the founding pastor of The Worship Center Christian Church in Birmingham that draws more than 8000 members over multiple locations and has an online campus where people tune in from as far away as Kuwait, Australia, and South Africa.   He is also on the board of Joel Osteen's Champions Network, is a member of Dr. Oz’s Core Team, and is an associate trainer in Japan for Dr. John C. Maxwell’s EQUIP leadership organization. In addition, he's written two books related to social health titled The People Factor and The I-Factor.   Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • For Good or Bad: The Stories That Guide Us, Featuring Dr.Robert Sternberg

    28/02/2018 Duração: 32min

    Dr. Robert Sternberg has served at Tufts University, Yale, and Oklahoma State before taking his current position as Professor of Human Development at Cornell University. He is a former president of the American Psychological Association and was named one of the top 100 psychologists in the 20th century by APA Monitor on Psychology. He is also the author of over 1600 publications and the recipient of over $20 million in grant funding, which may explain why Google counts him among the most cited researchers of our time Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • All the Non-Verbal Things You Say, Featuring Dr. Paul Ekman

    21/02/2018 Duração: 27min

    Heralded as the world’s foremost expert on facial expressions, Paul Ekman’s research and publications span decades, revealing key insights about human emotion, deception, and communication. Named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by TIME magazine (2009), Ekman is the author of 14 books, including Emotions Revealed and Telling Lies. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • Before You Judge Someone on Welfare, Listen to This. Featuring Erin Odom

    08/02/2018 Duração: 36min

    Erin Odom is the author of More Than Just Making It which shatters stigma surrounding those who receive government aid. Erin encourage readers to rise above their circumstances, empower them with money-saving tips, and reimagine the good life outside the myth of the American Dream. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • Overcoming Shyness, Featuring Philip Zimbardo

    07/02/2018 Duração: 33min

    Philip G. Zimbardo has been a Stanford University professor since 1968 and previously taught at Yale, NYU, and Columbia.  Zimbardo's career is noted for "giving psychology away" to the public through his popular PBS-TV series, Discovering Psychology, along with many text and trade books, among his 600 publications.  He recently served as president of the American Psychological Association. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • The Art of Living Closer, Together

    06/10/2017 Duração: 31min

    Neuroscientist Giovanni Frazzetto firmly believes that human beings have a penchant to connect. Here he shares his important findings on loneliness and the barriers to developing deeper personal relationships.  Giovanni was born and grew up in the southeast of Sicily. He studied science at University College London and received a Ph.D. from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany. Author of Joy, Guilt, Anger, Love, Frazzetto is a research fellow at Trinity College Dublin. His latest book is called Together, Closer: The Art and Science of Intimacy in Friendship, Love, and Family. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • The Surprising Ways Architecture Can Improve Your Social Life, Featuring Karen Otis

    29/09/2017 Duração: 32min

    Karen Otis has merged her two areas of expertise--architecture and sociology--in some interesting ways. She's pioneered a way to use architectural wisdom to help people build better lives form the ground up. Instead of reacting to what life throws at you, Karen teaches people how to "create" the life they want. In this episode, she applies the Architectural Method to designing a satisfying social life. Karen is an architect, life builder and author. She has an interesting educational journey with a B.A. in Sociology and a Masters Degree in Architecture which prepped her to write her new book "Be the Architect of Your Life: Design Build, and Start Living a Life Inspired." This title uses architectural wisdom to help people rebuild their lives from the ground up. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • From Peers to Police: How to Foster Positive, Peaceful Relations, Featuring Dwayne

    20/09/2017 Duração: 27min

    Have you ever felt like you were under-prepared for the relationships life forces you to navigate? Author Dwayne Bryant has developed social training for youth who want to strengthen their relationship skills, but many adults could benefit from this refreshing review of best social practices that many were never taught. Dwayne is the Founder and CEO of Inner Vision International, Inc., where he shares his credo of hard work, perseverance, integrity, and applied faith. He is the author of Social Emotional Learning curriculum The Vision, and the book “The STOP: Improving Police and Community Relations.”  You may have seen him on TV shows including The Oprah Show and ABC’s Heart & Soul. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • Is Self Awareness the Key to a Good Social Life? Featuring Tasha Eurich

    29/08/2017 Duração: 25min

    When friendships go south, it's easy to blame other people for your capsized social life. But is it really all about everyone else? Or, is it possible you're the one holding yourself back from being more popular? Self awareness expert, Tasha Eurich, helps us learn how to become more aware in our social interactions. Tasha Eurich is a organizational psychologist and leadership coach who has spent the last three years researching self-awareness, a quality which is proven to be critical to our satisfaction and success in life. In her book Insight, she shows why self-awareness is a skill which promotes happiness and success, why we all think we are self-aware, but very few of us know how we appear to other people, and the surprising secrets and truths of how we can be more self-aware.  Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at  

  • How Do You Know If You're Strong Enough? Featuring Anne Grady

    04/08/2017 Duração: 28min

    As a mother of a child with severe mental health challenges, Anne Grady was no stranger to hardship. But when 3 simultaneous tragedies struck--a tumor the size of an avocado, a scratched cornea requiring surgery, and a shattered leg bone--she discovered a skill worth sharing with others: resilience. Anne Grady is a speaker and author who helps build sustainable change in teams and organizations.  Her work has been featured in places like Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, CNN, and Fox Business. She is the author of a new book “Strong Enough: Choosing Courage, Resilience, and Triumph,” which helps readers believe that we are all “strong enough” to overcome adversity and master change. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • How Bodies Talk, Featuring Mary Ann Karinch

    11/07/2017 Duração: 30min

    Maryann Karinch is the author of 25 books, including How to Spot a Liar and The Body Language Handbook with Gregory Hartley. Among her audiences for human behavior training are corporate executives, code and law enforcement personnel, and psychology students. She is founder of The Rudy Agency, a literary agency based in Estes Park, Colorado. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • Why Risk Is Good For You, Featuring Bernadette Murphy

    10/07/2017 Duração: 28min

    Bernadette Murphy is the author of 4 books, including the bestselling Zen and the Art of Knitting and most recently, the memoir, Harley and Me: Embracing Risk on the Road to a More Authentic Life. She served for six years as a weekly book critic for the Los Angeles Times. Her personal narratives and essays on literature have appeared in many publications including LA Weekly, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, and Los Angeles Times Magazine.  Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

  • Mental Illness and How It Impacts All of Us, Featuring Mark Rubinstein

    02/07/2017 Duração: 32min

    Mark Rubinstein is a board-certified psychiatrist practicing in New York City. He's taught at New York Presbyterian Hospital and served as a clinical assistant professor at Cornell University’s medical school. He's written five medical self-help books includingThe Growing Years: A Guide to Your Child’s Emotional Development and has more recently turned to writing fiction as well.  Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at

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