Warm Rodeo Milk Bag Podcast



The Warm Rodeo Milk Bag Podcast is hosted by Skip Bone, Ant, and S.G. The Tech Guy, three guys who have been friends for many years and like to talk about...whatever comes to their minds. All Questions and Comments may be directed to our email: [email protected]


  • Episode 15 – America’s Best Quilter


    Ant, S.G. The Tech Guy, Skip Bone and Kitty discuss Klingons, Avatar, Binge watching T.V. shows, Mr. Met’s rude incident with fans, watching inappropriate movies on school class trips, Ant’s experiences with VERY hot sauces, Ant and Kitty’s experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, timeshares, and the resorts at Walt Disney World. Listen to … Continue reading "Episode 15 – America’s Best Quilter"

  • Episode 14 – People Against Goodness and Normalcy


    Ant, S.G. The Tech Guy, Skip Bone and Kitty discuss Skip Bone’s move to New Jersey, his experience riding in the New York City Bike Tour, shopping for records, corrections from their previous episode, Harry Potter, fantasy movies/TV vs. fantasy sports, hockey fandom, the 1987 Dragnet reboot, moving out of the northeast, and the last … Continue reading "Episode 14 – People Against Goodness and Normalcy"

  • Episode 13 – Pyongyang Pancakes


    Ant and S.G. The Tech Guy discuss with Skip Bone their recent trip to California, and their visits with friends to Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. They also discuss recent controversies over United Airlines and the Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino, going to the gym and other exercising habits. Listen to Episode 13 – … Continue reading "Episode 13 – Pyongyang Pancakes"

  • Episode 12 – Sprinkle Jimmies


    Skip Bone asks Ant and S.G. The Tech Guy about their trip to Orlando, Florida, where they saw Spring Training baseball and various professional wrestling events centered around WWE Wrestlemania 33. They also discuss Don Rickles, prank calls, and promoting your music digitally on the Internet. Listen To Episode 12 – Sprinkle Jimmies

  • Episode 11 – For Some Reason


    Skip Bone, Ant and S.G. The Tech Guy discuss many “firsts”, including their first jobs, the first time they each got drunk and their first cars, Skip Bone’s unfortunate incident with a salad, the creation of their Twitter account, and Skip Bone riding his bike on the NYC Bike Tour. Listen to Episode 11 – … Continue reading "Episode 11 – For Some Reason"

  • Episode 10 – It Tastes Like Salt And Failure


    Skip Bone, Ant and S.G. The Tech Guy discuss Ant’s trip to Anguilla and Sint Maarten, new Major League Baseball rules attempting to speed up the game, the CIA’s hacking tools, the 25th anniversary of Wayne’s World, movies that scared them as kids, creating a Twitter account for the podcast, taste testing Beer and Brats-flavored … Continue reading "Episode 10 – It Tastes Like Salt And Failure"

  • Episode 9 – It’s Almond Magic


    Skip Bone, Ant and S.G. The Tech Guy discuss Valentine’s Day, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Ant’s joke attempt with Lego Batman and 50 Shades Darker, having one’s cremated remains pressed into a vinyl record, the cost of producing vinyl records and CDs, the revival of cassette tapes, Skip’s house hunting, their trip to Las Vegas in … Continue reading "Episode 9 – It’s Almond Magic"

  • Episode 8 – I Am The Cream


    OHHH YEAHHH!!! Skip Bone, Ant and S.G. The Tech Guy kick off the podcast talking about wrestling, and then S.G. realizes that it’s not a wrestling podcast. They also talk about Ant and Skip’s trip to the Eight On A Break arcade in New Jersey, S.G.’s sensitivity to certain sounds, known as Misophonia, Skip Bone’s … Continue reading "Episode 8 – I Am The Cream"

  • Episode 7 – Generation: Fwomp


    Are Skip Bone, Ant and S.G. The Tech Guy members of Generation X, or are they Millennials? They say: neither! They also talk about how they recorded the opening and closing song on the podcast, Skip Bone’s crazy old blues man character of the same name, the “winter blahs”, computers and video game systems they … Continue reading "Episode 7 – Generation: Fwomp"

  • Episode 6 – Hard Plastic On Face


    Skip Bone, Ant and S.G. The Tech Guy start off the podcast with a cow driving a car…seriously. They talk about drones, Patreon, crowdfunding, their favorite podcasts to listen to, Ant’s trip to Montreal Comiccon, E.T. on VHS, movies they recently watched, going to Broadway shows, visiting the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, ice skating, and … Continue reading "Episode 6 – Hard Plastic On Face"