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  • Episode 39: Marathon Shenanigans


    Well, if you weren’t a guest on this show, you’re probably wondering why there is a new episode on your podcast feed. Something happened recently that led Steph and Kevin out of retirement for one more ‘sode. It might get a little sloppy in this ep, but hey, it’s free. You want something good? Pay … Continue reading "Episode 39: Marathon Shenanigans"

  • Episode 38: TTFN!


    Kevin and Steph say ta ta for now on this week’s episode. The future of Let’s Try This hangs in there balance, as it has been decided to take an indefinite hiatus. We love you, we appreciate you, we thank you for listening. If you’re going to do anything at all for us, please just … Continue reading "Episode 38: TTFN!"

  • Episode 37: On A More Serious Note…


    This week, we talk about how much Kevin hates the Cubs, as well as a solo second half by Kevin getting a little serious. Although having a podcast filled with goofs and gaffs would be great, we’ve come to a realization that doing that is not as easy as it sounds. We love you all! … Continue reading "Episode 37: On A More Serious Note…"

  • Episode 36: We’re Back!


    We’re back folks, and we still have nothing productive to talk about! jklol. We try on a face mask courtesy of our good friend Kristen, and catch up on reality tv as well as wrestling of course. Check out the FCF Network website for $10 off a 3 month membership at craftbeerclub.com! Also our Amazon … Continue reading "Episode 36: We’re Back!"

  • Episode 35: The Road Diaries Vol. II


    Kevin is on the road yet again this week, and has some very special guests! Lots of Big Brother talk, in addition to BREAKING NEWS. Check out craftbeerclub.com and use promo code FCFNETWORK for $10 off of a 3-month membership with Craft Beer Club! Also, check out fcfnetwork.com if you’re going to be shopping on … Continue reading "Episode 35: The Road Diaries Vol. II"

  • Episode 34: Wednesday Special!


    A very special guest joins Kevin & Steph today to talk Big Brither, among other things. Be sure to check out Pamper N Posh with Kristen, as well as LulaRoe Kristen Catherine for any of your clothes and beauty product needs! @LetsTryThisPod [email protected]

  • Episode 33: BRL 72 feat. Ryan Nornberg


    Ryan Nornberg joins Kevin on the road from the Circle City on today’s episode and they drink budget IPAs and try some quinoa puffs. Check out Aggressively Organic (aggresivelyorganic.com) and Shrewd Perplexity! As always, be sure to email us/ tweet us/ Facebook us! [email protected], @LetsTryThisPod

  • Episode 32: Kevin Tries a Face Mask!


    Today, Kevin tries out a face mask, and later on the Big Brother and reality expert Kristen Heraty joins Steph and Kevin to talk all things reality TV and Big Brother, as well as how her iconic nickname got its start. Tweet at us- @LetsTryThisPod or email us- [email protected]

  • Episode 31: We’re Having Fun!


    We have fun sometimes! We love everyone that listens. You’re the best for reading this. Amen. [email protected], @LetsTryThisPod

  • Episode 30: Dirty Thirty!


    jklol this episode isn’t especially dirty. This week Kevin and Steph explore the world of podcasts that is on their phones- maybe you might like a podcast in one of their rotations? Also SummerSlam is reviewed, as well as a few things reality TV related. Be sure to send us tweets and emails! Love you … Continue reading "Episode 30: Dirty Thirty!"

  • Episode 29: Kevin is Sick!


    Kevin is sick, so he doesn’t feel like writing much of a description of today’s episode. Anyways, thank you to our loyal fans for always listening. We promise it will get better one of these days- send us an email or tweet! @LetsTryThisPod, [email protected]

  • Episode 28: Gym Membership?!


    In this week’s episode, Kevin and Steph talk about how they got a tour of a gym and are thinking about joining because they like to dance and Kevin needs to lose weight. Other topics include: fan feedback, pro wrestling, ESPN: The Ocho, giardiniera, and many hijinks as to be expected. Send us a tweet … Continue reading "Episode 28: Gym Membership?!"

  • Episode 27: Technical Difficulties!


    Not much else to re-cap other than this is a solo Steph episode! Kevin is out of town, and the attempt to record twice was thwarted by technical difficulties. Kevin wraps it up by talking about the new show on the FCF Network, the MHOG Podcast- show them some love! And as always, send us … Continue reading "Episode 27: Technical Difficulties!"

  • Episode 26: Kevin’s Least Favorite Food!


    This week, Steph and Kevin (mostly Kevin) talk about politics for a minute before our regularly scheduled programming of trying a healthy snack and talking Big Brother/Wrestling/Reality TV. Also, a new segment is possibly born! Send us some quick hits! [email protected], @LetsTryThisPod

  • Episode 25: Big Brother Call-In Special!


    This week Steph and Kevin talk a whole lot about Big Brother, Wrestling, and Reality TV with their loyal listener, Kristen Heraty! Tweet or email us your questions! @LetsTryThisPod, [email protected]

  • Episode 24: What’s Wrong With The Show!?


    Where do Kevin and Steph go from here? There’s a lot to consider. This week they chat about Big Brother, Southern Charm, and Great Balls of Fire pay per view on WWE. Kevin and Steph also try cured bacon!

  • Episode 23: New Song!


    We have a new song! Composed by Richie Palys- check him out on Soundcloud. Lots of Big Brother talk this week, as well as pop culture talk as well. Send us an email or tweet to vote on which version of our new theme you like better! [email protected], @LetsTryThisPod

  • Episode 22: Presidential Guest!


    On a very special episode of Let’s Try This, Kevin and Steph are joined by Peoria native, NIU Campus Missionary Zach Taylor. Lots of topics are discussed, we bring up how Zach is the oldest of seven children, how the missionary life is, as well as plenty of Big Brother talk. Send us a tweet, … Continue reading "Episode 22: Presidential Guest!"

  • Episode 21: Barely Legal!


    We’re back this week, and not spelling out the numbers in the episode title anymore! I guarantee nobody cares about that part. Anyways, the topics discussed on today’s episode are: -Monday Night RAW live recording -Money in the Bank -Kevin’s New Job -Commercial jingles -DL Promo -Try a new soda -First Tenderloin -Allergies -Quick Hits … Continue reading "Episode 21: Barely Legal!"

  • Episode Twenty: Milestone!


    Steph and Kevin experience their first significant milestone by releasing their first ever twentieth episode! Tweet at us or email us (@LetsTryThisPod, [email protected])

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