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Gaming related ramblings of the Retro and modern variety. Also random reminiscings of childhood.


  • EPISODE 42 – MArcade Perfect!


    The cuddle boys get into some real nice talkin bout recent pickups and future projects. Eric makes Mark aware of some spicy Dreamcast games and Mark talks about the Arcade Expo and what it inspired him to do! And a whole bunch of other shit! Advertisements

  • EPISODE 41 – Hagane! The Best SNES Game You Probably Haven’t Heard Of


    Eric thinks Resident Evil 6 sucks and I think he’s right. Why Mortal Kombat and Tekken have an edge over other fighters in the single player department, Mark’s experience with a rare Zelda game, Apex Legends and our thoughts on Hagane!

  • EPISODE 40 – No Boy, No Cry. (Tough Boy)


    Eric’s impressions of the Resident Evil 2 remake, the Eternal Castle and Fist of the Northstar: Lost Paradise! He’s never seen the anime so Mark cuts in to inform him of it’s greatness and talks about some interesting arcade games he’s been playing lately that aren’t well known. There’s a PS5 killer coming called the… Continue reading EPISODE 40 – No Boy, No Cry. (Tough Boy) →

  • EPISODE 39 – The Ethics of Cloned Shit


    Ashen taught us to be ninja teens. Super Smash Bros leads, Fallout 76 does machines. Castlevania 3 is cool but rude. Donut County is a party dude. Also Mark’s tale of an unintentional purchase and this week featuring an interview with Eric’s wife about the wonders of random encounters in Fallout 76! Middle Aged Mutant… Continue reading EPISODE 39 – The Ethics of Cloned Shit →

  • EPISODE 38 – Sick Nylon Bag, Bruh!!


    In this episode, the boys talk about the tragedy of the FO76 nylon bag, how much is 500 Atoms really worth? Louisville gets a Japanese cultural game center in the Jefferson Mall, Eric talks about how great Duke Nukem is in Bulletstorm, Tetris Effect and an overpriced (but good) Saturn shooter available for the PS4… Continue reading EPISODE 38 – Sick Nylon Bag, Bruh!! →

  • EPISODE 37 – So You Think You Can Nintendo?!


    In this episode the boiz talk about a really fancy boat called an H.P. Lovecraft, the return of a retro racer, Cowboy Man 2, Mark’s new project and answering the CALL OF DUTY.

  • EPISODE 36 – Kill Mii


    In this episode the boys talk about the live action nonsense that will be Mega Man the movie, South Park, RPGs, VR’s “killer app,” and more! Don’t miss our Extra Life event for Norton’s Children’s Hospital Nov 1!

  • EPISODE 35 – Kids, NeGen Off, Making Mischief With Their Polymega


    In this episode, the boys finally talk Mischief Makers on N64 and Kid Chameleon on the Genesis. We weigh in on the POLYMEGA, talk weird controllers and much more!

  • EPISODE 34 – The One Where We Talk About The Konami Domy Theater 33 And The Catania House


    Mark sucks and didn’t play Mischief Makers. We reflect on this year’s EVO fighting game championship, Mark’s travel through the Metal Gear series, how shitty N64 controllers are, side track ourselves with talk about Drs and vets, our previous shared home, time traveling pictures in the mail, Dead Cells, the death of ROM sites and… Continue reading EPISODE 34 – The One Where We Talk About The Konami Domy Theater 33 And The Catania House →

  • EPISODE 33 – Autobots, Transform and Roll Out!


    It’s about that TIMEEEEE for the world fighting game championships!!!! Evo’s next week. Mark shares some thoughts, Eric raps about Tempest 4000, Mario Tennis Aces and Sonic Mania Plus! Mark plays through the Metal Gear series for his first time and talks about his impressions so far!!! Also MO FUCKING TRRAAANSFORMERS  DEVESTATIONNNNN BOII!!!!!