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Ashley Lauren from the blog will highlight last week’s kind, feel good, funny and inspirational news stories as proof to you that last week truly didn’t suck. Ashley's witty and lively interviews, storytelling and charming insights and rants will shed new light on all the Kind and Badass Sh*t happening in the media, our communities, and all over the world. Too often people confuse kindness with being a weakness. And that sucks! Not only is it strength, it's also badass. It has become Ashley Lauren’s mission to show the world that not only is kindness fun and easy to do, but also that small actions can have giant impacts. Making better bad decisions, volunteering, donating to a cause, buying ethical products, and small random acts of kindness are just a few ways we can help make world a better place. We hope that this podcast will help you start off each week happier and more energized to be kinder to yourselves and others to change the world. #KindaKind #kindnessisbadass