In The Pelican's Mouth



A collection of ramblings and sketches from the comedy trio 'In The Pelican's Mouth'.


  • Series 2 Episode 3


    Join us this week for fun and frolics! Thatcher, superpowers, politicians you name it, we've written and performed something that might refer to it a bit.

  • Series 2 Episode 2


    The long awaited second episode of our second series features a discussion about game shows, a life coach interview, a quite awful German accent, Boris investigates Fad Diets and much much more! Have a little listen....

  • Series 2 - Episode 1


    We're back! In this episode we hold a press conference to introduce the new series, Boris takes a look into the seedy world of pornography, we sit in on a scientific breakthrough plus much much more!

  • Episode 6


    Pin back your ear holes and let us shoot our jokes right in! This time Rich explains the beauty of a well timed comedy pause, Boris investigates Euthanasia, we sit in on a couples' reconciliation meal, we go off to Afghanistan to look in on the troops plus more! Boom!

  • Episode 5


    Join us this time for another compelling report by Boris, this time on the hot potato that is Capitalism. Also, Rich shares with us some catchphrases, we see James Bond in another pickle, Dick and Al look into their women troubles and Professor Dunlop Whattle joins us to discuss his long and controversial career. Fun, yeah?

  • Episode 4


    Come in, kick off you shoes, slip on your negligee and peel back your ears. This week we have Boris investigating street violence in the UK, we find ourselves at a disturbing crime scene and we hear from an animal rights protester as well as plenty of other nuggets of enjoyment for you lovely listeners. Have a happy time, or die crying!

  • Episode 3


    This time we join Boris for a look into the seedy world of prostitution, we sit in at a meeting with The Marxist Brothers and we set our tasks for the next episode. Plus much, much more! Well, more.

  • Episode 2


    This weeks ejaculation includes Boris looking at the seedy underworld of alcohol, some more lovely sketches and our entries for the advertisement challenge set last time. Enjoy!

  • Episode 1


    In our first ever episode, Boris investigates drug use, we pop into Dr Bloxford's office and we find Dick and Al in the pub, as well as plenty more fun and frolics.