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Welcome to Beyond The Beers - Conversations With Men That Break the Stereotype.We men love a good yarn; some banter, a chat. Even better over a beer, or ten.Sadly for many men it never goes deeper than that.This show is a place for men to go beyond the surface level conversations - a chance to learn, laugh, listen and share.Its starts by having the conversation with yourself, ask yourself the tough questions and embrace the uncomfortable topics we so often avoidIm your host Mike Campbell: man coach, and author of Amazon best seller Unleash Your Alpha.Lets break stereotypes through conversation. Lets go Beyond the Beers.


  • 002 Mark Groves: She’s not responsible for your feelings

    23/08/2020 Duração: 01h23min

    Codependency & Owning your Wounds Welcome to the first guest conversation for the show with a very good friend of mine - Mark Groves, Mr @createthelove. I was thrilled to have Mark on the show to bring the piece that first connected us to this very topic of the Everyday Legend - a piece he wrote about the ‘Evolved Man’, challenging women that say they want this man if they’re actually ready for him.   In the show, we explore mark’s story a what he does. We then start talking about relationship dynamics, how our wounding - our shit - plays out and with that we explore codependency. This is a topic Mark has such a great depth of knowledge in, as well as some practised personal experience (me too).   Mark is someone whose content and wisdom I trust wholeheartedly, I have learnt so much from him over the years in the field of relationships and being human, including integrity - something central to this show.   A Human Connection Specialist and a great human being, mark brings some brilliant in

  • 003 So you think you're loyal do you?

    23/08/2020 Duração: 34min

    Why you (likely) have LOYALTY all wrong In this solo episode, Mike breaks down the idea of loyalty and how it plays out in today’s world, especially for men. We cover the origins of loyalty and how it starts from a biological level to the misguided way it often manifests today. Mike then explores how we do this and the self-abandonment it results in. We look at why we do this, and how we can shift to a place of integrity and loyalty where we don’t first abandon ourselves so we can be stronger for those we wish to be loyal to.   Some powerful points to consider for any man who values (or says he values) loyalty.   It might challenge you to explore your definitions, how you may have been blindly running an outdated model of loyalty, but the aim here is to invite you to move to a new standard that will not only serve those people you have important relationships with - that you currently have loyalty for/to - but for and with yourself; the thing that all of those other relationships depend on.   G


    19/08/2020 Duração: 45min

    EVERYDAY LEGENDS with Mike Campbell Join me for the very first episode of my new podcast; EVERYDAY LEGENDS, where I’ll take you through what the show is about, who it’s for, and what I want to achieve.   I’ll share what I mean by this term ‘Everyday Legends’, both who I’ll be speaking to and what we are working towards creating in you, the listener.  and I’ll also go into a bit of my own story - something some of you may not have heard before. A little additional context to how I got into this work with men and what drives me.   Join me to get a feel for the show and also to learn how you can engage with and BE PART OF the show. Where else to get this podcast   Do more: on Apple for Mike’s LEGENDAILY Texts to help you with a daily shot of loving straight talk direct to your pocket  

  • Episode Twelve - Ali Day: Navigating pressures of pro Ironman & business

    06/08/2018 Duração: 21min

    In this make-shift episode, Mike sits down with Professional Ironman Ali Day to discuss navigating the challenges of his sport and being a business owner. They discuss Ali's journey into professional Ironman and how he's handled the pressures of public expectation, plus taking on a business and the shift from single focus on training to having a community of gym members and business partners.

  • Episode Ten - Mark Groves: Healing heartbreak & letting yourself be loved

    06/08/2018 Duração: 50min

    Human Connection Specialist Mark Groves (Hit SUBSCRIBE above) See more EPISODES: In this episode, Mark and Mike dive deep into healing a broken heart and navigating that space between pretending to be okay and 'keeping things casual' and actually trusting yourself enough to LET yourself be loved. Mark's expert take on relationships is brilliantly mixed with his engaging and funny conversational style. Plenty to take from this full interview. This is just a taste of the depth of this conversation. Be sure to check out more episodes on the site: _________________________ Connect with us: Twitter @BeyondTheBeers & Instagram @BeyondTheBeers Mark: IG: @createthelove Mike Twitter / Insta - @mikecampbellmc

  • Episode Nine - Nick Bowditch - Rebooting addiction, depression, & creativity

    06/08/2018 Duração: 28min

    In this version of the show, Nick and Mike talk about Nick's journey out of addiction and managing his depression. In a fascinating look at how Nick uses his depression to power his creative side. Episode Seven: Nick Bowditch (Hit SUBSCRIBE above) See More episodes:

  • Episode Eleven - Ben Fordham: Conversations in the public eye

    06/08/2018 Duração: 26min

    In this episode, Ben and Mike dive into the challenges of fatherhood and navigating the pressures of providing. Ben also discusses being in the public eye and the kinds of conversations he has leant into over the years, including being on the other side of the lens and being charged with a crime. This is just a taste of the depth of this conversation. Be sure to check out more episodes on the site: ____________________ Connect with us: Twitter @BeyondTheBeers & Instagram @BeyondTheBeers Ben: FB - Insta - @benfordham9 Twitter: @BenFordham/ Twitter / Insta - @mikecampbellmc ------------------------------------

  • Episode Eight - Tom Stranger: Sexual assault, healing & forgiveness

    04/08/2018 Duração: 24min

    In this short version of the show, Tom and Mike discuss a fateful night many years ago, that changed the lives of two young people for good - 18-year-old Tom and his then-girlfriend Thordis. We discuss facing up to the mistakes you've made and owning your shit, no matter how bad it is and how immensely hard it is, as Tom shares. We hear Tom talk about how that incident shaped his life and profession, lighting an urge to educate and support young men in understanding sexual assault, consent and how we interact with women. This is just a taste of the depth of this conversation. Be sure to check out the full episode

  • Episode Seven: Gus Worland

    20/12/2016 Duração: 35min

    Episode Seven: Gus Worland (Hit SUBSCRIBE above) See FULL EPISODE soon: In this short version of the show, Gus and Mike cover Gus's recent show on ABC 'Man Up' - One Man's mission to save Aussie Blokes. We dive into how Gus's life and conversations have changed now that he's brought the topic of men opening up and being vulnerable into the public eye. We hear Gus share around recognising when he needs to share what's going on with him from an unprompted place - sometimes the hardest thing for guys to do. This is just a taste of the depth of this conversation. Be sure to check out the full episode on the site: Connect with us: Twitter @BeyondTheBeers & Instagram @BeyondTheBeers Gus: FB - Insta - @gusworland & @ManUpTVSeries Twitter: @GusWorland & @ManUpTVSeries Mike: FB - Twitter / Insta - @mikecampbellmc BEYOND THE BEERS LIVE EVENTS:

  • Episode Six: James Greenshields

    27/10/2016 Duração: 33min

    Episode Six: James Greenshields is interviewed as part of the Beyond The Beers event recently (Hit SUBSCRIBE above) See more Video episodes visit: James was the keynote speaker for the recent Beyond The Beers event. After he spoke on the day we sat down for an interview in the style of this show. In this episode, we continue on from his story or military and recovery from the subsequent PTSD James experienced. This conversation went into manhood as well as addressing the masculine and feminine relationship before then going into some graphic (and much needed) detail about sex. James is a powerful speaker, who comes from the heart in a remarkably real and raw way. If this show resonates with you be sure to SHARE with a man you think will enjoy and benefit from it too. If you’d like to stay tuned for future shows then SUBSCRIBE here or iTunes for the latest episodes as they come out. Remember - this is a video show, so to enjoy it as it is best, check out www.beyondt

  • Episode Five: Nick Bradley-Qalilawa

    11/09/2016 Duração: 42min

    In Episode Five Mike sits down with Nick Bradley-Qalilawa; former professional sportsman, turned PT, coach and Rite of Passage facilitator for boys that have slipped through the cracks. Nick is an extremely intelligent, conscious and interesting guy, which is why Mike wanted him on the show. From giving insight into life after professional football, to his own approach to pornography and being in tune tot he fire inside him, there is loads of goodness in here. I always enjoy my own chats with Nick, as I did this one (very much), and I think you will too. If this show resonates with you be sure to SHARE with a man you think will enjoy and benefit from it too. If you’d like to stay tuned for future shows then SUBSCRIBE here or iTunes for the latest episodes as they come out. Remember - this is a video show, so to enjoy it as it is best, check out Connect with us: Twitter @BeyondTheBeers & Instagram @BeyondTheBeers Mike: FB – Twitter/Insta

  • Episode Four: Scott Tweedie

    19/08/2016 Duração: 29min

    In Episode Four we sit down with TV host Scott Tweedie who you might remember from Episode One in which we turned the tables and he interviewed Mike. Scott shares some insights from his career in the TV industry, in what can be a tough and gruelling environment, often with an element of the disingenuous. Scott's take on fame and profile is a refreshing one as he looks to use it in order to give back and help those around him. This was a great chat. Dive in to get some wonderful perspective on life and manhood from a guy striving to be his best. If this show resonates with you be sure to SHARE with a man you think will enjoy and benefit from it too. If you'd like to stay tuned for future shows then SUBSCRIBE on YouTube for the latest teasers as they come out. Connect with us: Twitter @BeyondTheBeers & Instagram @BeyondTheBeers Mike: FB - Twitter/Insta - @mikecampbellmc Scott: FB - Twitter: @Scott_Tweedie Insta - @stw

  • Episode Three: JuVan Langford

    23/07/2016 Duração: 40min

    In Episode Three of the show, Mike sits down in LA with YouTube creator and men's empowerment coach JuVan Langford. JuVan's personal story is one of challenge, adversity and vulnerability. He shares his path from a disrupted and challenging upbringing to becoming a man of strength, purpose and immense value, giving back and inspiring other men. This was a fun conversation to have, however, it was on short notice when I (Mike) was in LA, so while filming literally in a film directors house in the Hollywood hills, we ironically had limited camera equipment. This is to say, you'll see some shots of lower quality, but the conversation is of the highest order, so strap in and get your learn on. CHECK OUT THE ONE DAY EVENT COMING UP IN SYDNEY AUGUST 20th: "Conversations & Cool Shit For Men" - Tickets on sale now - *Connect with us* Twitter @BeyondTheBeers & Instagram @BeyondTheBeers Mike: FB - Twitter/Insta - @mikecampbellmc JuVan:

  • Episode Two: Jackson Auld - Jacko

    13/07/2016 Duração: 59min

    In Episode Two of the show, Mike chats with Jackson Auld, or Jacko. Having met when the two travelled to Cambodia together, and subsequently roomed together for the entire 12 day cycle trip around the country, a bromance soon formed. Learning about Jacko made him an automatic inclusion for the show. Outgoing, engaging, real and blood funny, Jacko has an incredible past that he now shares as a motivational speaker. Oh and he’s only 21 years old. While holding a little of the real Queenslander back to ensure this was’t just a profanity filled conversation, Jacko still comes up with the most to the point (and NSFW) messages for a new manhood there is. In what was the first show we filmed, we covered a lot of questions, leading to this being a slightly fuller interview than most – hence the length. Some great stuff in here though. CHECK OUT THE ONE DAY EVENT COMING UP IN SYDNEY AUGUST 20th: “Conversations & Cool Shit For Men” – Early-Early Bird tickets on sale now! Connect with us

  • Episode One: Mike Campbell

    01/07/2016 Duração: 29min

    In Episode One of the show, our host Mike Campbell is immediately put into the position of interviewee as TV host Scott Tweedie comes in to ask Mike the hard questions. You’ll see Mike share some of the more personal aspects of his life and around conversations he struggles with. The purpose behind this episode is to set the tone and example for those episodes to come. Mike put himself in the hot seat, so to speak, in order to show he is also willing to have these tougher, more meaningful conversations, and not just sit int he interviewer chair and fire challenging questions. We initially hear about how Mike got into becoming a Man Coach, through his own journey and experience working with men around the world. We learn about Mike’s history a bit more, especially being involved heavily in the more macho culture of rugby for many years. From here Scott asks Mike to describe and get into some of the kinds of conversations Mike has a hard time with, or maybe even avoids. We hear from Mike about whether havi