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Featuring interviews with programmers and volunteers from the University of Victoria Radio Club. Host Max Monday and friends seek out the untold stories of CFUV, a long-standing and much loved community radio station.


  • 40 Max Monday

    21/11/2016 Duração: 14min

    In this episode, Bella Lindsey interviews Behind the Mic host Max Monday about her projects at CFUV and beyond.

  • 39 Daphne Shaed

    17/11/2016 Duração: 16min

    In this episode, CFUV's Trisha House sits down with Breaking Binary host Daphne Shaed to talk about Daphne's experiences volunteering at CFUV.

  • 38 Sabine Ricard

    14/11/2016 Duração: 11min

    In this episode, Fiji Mermaid host Sabine Ricard discusses her past as an activist and her diversions company, Cabaret Voltaire.

  • 37 Laura Steele

    09/11/2016 Duração: 17min

    In this episode, Differential Motion host Laura Steele talks Friends, physics, and juggling being a musician and a radio host on CFUV

  • 36 Jo Vipond

    07/11/2016 Duração: 11min

    In this episode, Jo Vipond, host of Ode to Ani, shares tales of programming during CFUV's beginnings.

  • 35 Demetrios Tsimon

    02/11/2016 Duração: 15min

    In this episode, Straight No Chaser co-host Demetrios Tsimon opens up about his time at CFUV and about his longtime friendship with co-host Shaukat Hussein.

  • 34 Shaukat Husain

    31/10/2016 Duração: 17min

    In this episode, Shaukat Husain, co-host of Straight No Chaser, discusses how the longest running jazz show in Victoria remains successful.

  • 33 Kay Gallivan

    26/10/2016 Duração: 14min

    In this episode, Former Women's Radio Collective coordinator Kay Gallivan praises CFUV's involvement in the arts and music community, and shares her beginnings as a local promoter.

  • 32 Adam Cantor

    24/10/2016 Duração: 17min

    In this episode, Multi-talented radio host, sound tech and musician Adam Cantor discusses how he uses CFUV to feed his love for all things audio.

  • 31 Carson Redden

    19/10/2016 Duração: 15min

    In this episode, Carson Redden, host of The Border, discusses the pros and cons of broadcasting country music on Vancouver Island, and recounts his inside knowledge as both a CFUV host and a UVic library employee.

  • 30 Kevin Green

    17/10/2016 Duração: 19min

    In this episode, Manu sits down with The Northern Circle host Kevin Greene to discuss DJing on the radio and in Victoria. 

  • 29 Jackson Melenchuk- Extended Edition

    12/10/2016 Duração: 45min

    In this episode, Overgrowth host Jackson Melenchuk goes into detail about spinning disco music, his band Death Kart, and the state of the Victoria soul scene.

  • 28 Jackson Melenchuk

    10/10/2016 Duração: 18min

    In this episode, Jackson Melenchuk, host of hip-hop radio program Overgrowth, talks about Nanaimo's CHLY, playing keyboards in Death Kart, and disco in the Victoria music scene.

  • 27 Johnnie Regalado

    05/10/2016 Duração: 18min

    In this episode, Station manager and True North host Johnnie Regalado talks late-night broadcasting, filming Victoria shows, and why CFUV strives to be the Voice of Victoria.

  • 26 Sharon Hazelwood

    03/10/2016 Duração: 12min

    In this episode, Sharon Hazelwood, host of Sunshine Breakfast, chats about the Victoria folk scene, political activism, and the Skookum collective potluck lunches.

  • 25 Jim Martens

    28/09/2016 Duração: 13min

    In this episode, Kelsey Lavoie sits down with Blues in the Morning host Jim Martens to discuss his history at CFUV.

  • 24 Jzero Schuurman

    26/09/2016 Duração: 14min

    In this episode, Audio Osmosis host and musician extraordinaire Jzero Schuurman talks ambient music, driving lessons and CFUV's relationship with Victoria venue the Copper Owl.

  • 23 Alyssa Hrenyk

    21/09/2016 Duração: 12min

    In this episode, Volunteer coordinator Alyssa Hrenyk discusses her work at CFUV and how volunteer organizations have affected her life.

  • 22 Arnold van Klaveren

    19/09/2016 Duração: 15min

    In this episode, Arnold van Klaveren, host of Rhythm-a-Ning, speaks on the importance of broadcasting Canadian jazz music.

  • 21 Janine Bandcroft

    14/09/2016 Duração: 15min

    In this episode, Activist and radio host Janine Bandcroft explains how she uses CFUV to spread the word to concerned Victoria citizens.

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