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GrassRoots Marketing curates thought-provoking dialogue with an exclusive class of thought leaders who will offer high-end roundtable business strategies and solutions that seek to prune and harvest great ideas in each 30-minute episode. We will also explore the landscape of the states seeking to legalize and their coming initiatives. Thought leaders in the cannabis industry convene here to share some of their best practices and protocols. Lets chart the growth of this burgeoning industry - one of the worlds premier cash crops.


  • Witch Dr. Glass Blowing Studio and the History of Salem


    Witch Dr. Glass Blowing Studio and the History of Salem in a shop that features a gallery, a glass blowing studio, and a staff who appreciates a theme.

  • OxyGreen: A Cleaner Solution For a Safer Planet


    OxyGreen Inc and Smart Grid Solar spokesperson Jared Peterson tells us about their cleaner solution for a safer planet.

  • mCig, The 420 Cloud and Expanding The Cannabis Connection


    Chronicling the growth and expansion of mCig, The 420 Cloud and Expanding The Cannabis Connection as we hear from mCig Chief Marketing Officer Alex Mardikian.

  • CannaCon Boston 2017: Marijuana in Massachusetts Open For Bu...


    CannaCon Boston 2017 starts up July 13-15th and event founder Bob Smart tells us what to expect that solidifies cannabusiness is ready to thrive in Massachusetts.

  • Sipping on Electric Herbs Hemplade Tea


    We sample a delicious Electric Herbs Hemplade Tea infused with hemp, lime and ginger with Yudah Wey from Electric Herbs, the makers of Hemplade.

  • HealthSmart CBD and Marijuana Making Its Medicinal Comeback


    HealthSmart CBD Founder Tom Feiffer talks about Marijuana Making Its Medicinal Comeback, and working with various combinations and ratios of THC and CBD.

  • Wellness Tracker App For Improving Medical Marijuana Treatment


    Paul Methot, CEO of Knalysis Technologies talks to us about Plans to Improve Medical Marijuana Treatment by releasing its Wellness Tracker App.

  • Irrigate Your Indoor Cannabis With The Victory Electrostatic.


    Introducing us to the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer is Luis Avalos from EcologyWorks on how the sprayer can be best used to irrigate your indoor cannabis grows.

  • Energy Efficiency Policies and Economic Development Strategies


    Talking Energy Efficiency Policies and Economic Development Strategies For Cannabusinesses with Laurence Davenport, Managing Partner of DC Group.

  • The Legendary Underground Game of Zonk


    We speak with David Rakower, the President of Sibannacal Life and we talk to him about The Legendary Underground Game of Zonk he is showcasing at the 2017 SECC Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Let's Talk about Medical Cannabis


    We're joined by John David Carrasco of John David Global and CannLiv, who updates on 11-year old Alexis Bortell who has written a new book called Let's Talk about Medical Cannabis: One of the Earliest Medical Communities Seen Through the Eyes of Its Youngest Advocate.

  • Developing Engineering and Device Solutions for CBD Medical Technology


    Bobban Subhadra is the founder and CEO of CBScientific, a medical device company developing engineering and device solutions for cannabinoid or CBD medical technology.

  • Honey River and Civilized Worldwide Inc.


    Today on Grass Roots Marketing Khaliko is Joined by the owner of Honey River Scott Struble, and Derek Riedle the Founder and Publisher of Civilized Worldwide Inc. Scott Struble: Honey River was founded by Scott's wife and myself. I worked as an aerospace machinist and grew cannabis for her to help with her autoimmune disease. After learning about solventless oil extraction and breaking her hair straightener, a I machined my first set of platens and Honey River was born. We decided to call the company Honey River since that's what it looked like when the oils were running out of the platens and down the parchment paper. They love offering many options that will allow you to personalize your kit. I truly enjoy bringing your ideas to life and building you a one of a kind high quality setup that you can be proud of. Derek Riedle: He is the founder and publisher of Civilized - a media company that speaks to motivated, productive adults who choose to enjoy cannabis as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, but

  • Surviving with CBD with Nilla Cox of Nilla Bone Brc


    Brandy reports on location from Kannaway Ignite 2017 and she speaks with Nilla Cox from Nilla Bone Brc. She explains how CBD has worked wonders for her.

  • How to Obtain Cannabis Products in Non-legal States


    Brandy was live at the Kannaway Ignite 2017, she was joined by Emily Burch. Her girlfriend is Kendra Bratton and was the one who connected her with CBD's after her father took his life. Emily has a few friends with MS that she knew could be helped with Kannaway products. At the time of the recording Emily had only seven more days as a teacher before she became full time for Kannaway. Emily is on a mission to teach people how to obtain cannabis products in non legal states.

  • "The Galactic Heart Healing Chamber"


    On Location at Kannaways Ignite 2017 Brandy from Grassroots Marketing is joined by Kimberly Ridgeway. A trained Curandero shaman, and a professional healer. She speaks about her methods of healing and what it means to be a healer. Kimberly recently created her own form of healing called "The Galactic Heart Healing Chamber", which is a resinence chamber that is supposed to transport you to a healthy state of mind. She lets you know where you can reach out to her because she does do a number of healing's via Skype, although she stays pretty booked.

  • 15 Years of Alcohol Abuse With No End in Sight


    Live from Kannaways Ignite 2017 Brandy from Grassroots Marketing is joined by Heather Walker. 15 years of alcohol abuse with no end in sight she started using kannaway products and been clean since. Suffering from a laundry list of aliments Heather has been in tip top shape since using CBD's. Heather talks about how she also uses CBD's to calm her daughters ADHD.

  • All-Pro NFL Kicker and former White House Staffer Nick Lowery


    Brandy Shapiro-Babin speaks with Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame, NFL All-Pro NFL kicker, and former White House Staffer, Humanitarian and public speaker Nick Lowery.

  • Jack Carney and Ophelia Chong


    on The Grassroots Marketing Podcast Khaliko speaks with Jack Carney of Canfinder and Ophelia Chong of Stock Pot Images. Jack Carney - He is the creator of the APP Canfinder. It is a multi-purpose platform for the cannabis industry. They connect both B2C and B2B and have done so by providing a basic community for their users to utilize to communicate and share content. Ophelia Chong - Founder and CEO of Stockpot Images, She began her career as the photographer for David Carson at Raygun Magazine and then moved on to Sony Music, Mercury, Epitaph, and Interview Magazine.

  • Kannaway Grand Ambassador Elizabeth Kirkwood


    Kannaway Grand Ambassador Elizabeth Kirkwood shares how she came into the cannabis industry to sell CBD products and how exploring understanding the endocannabinoid system helped bring her in.

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