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Hi Everyone, Welcome to my show my name is Sonia and I am a former professional print model who has been published. I have been published in Playboy May Issue 2000 as well as many other publications and calendars. My newest venture which I am very passionate about is my radio show. What makes my show unique is that I will discuss a variety of topics with various guests My guests are articulate, educated experts in their field. They have been in the media, and also have published books. My goal is to give you informative helpful information as well as entertain you. I hope you will enjoy my show. Call into the show with your questions, comments or suggestions to me or my guest. When calling the show with a question please be prepared to give me your first name, where your from, and your question. All of my calls are screened. Some of my guests offer free gifts to the first lucky caller that calls into the show maybe you will be that lucky person. I also take your questions,comments,and suggestions in my live chat room. My chat room is moderated. Phone lines and chat room open 10 minutes before each show. I take all calls and all email questions and chat room questions the second half of the show after my guest's interview. If you can not listen live to any of my shows and would still like to ask a question for any of my guests. Please email me to [email protected] with your question. If you have any questions about my show or would like to suggest a topic you can always email me to [email protected] Disclaimer: Any Information given on this show does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the hostess. Please see your physician or legal adviser for any advice or help you may need. Thank you Sonia. New Policy: Please remember when calling into the show I don't accept any Skype calls or blocked number calls.


  • Intimacy Anorexia : What Is Intimacy Anorexia How To Heal A Broken Marriage

    09/07/2016 Duração: 46min

    Dr. Doug Weiss is the President of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT), a Licensed Psychologist, Best-Selling Author and the Executive Director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center, the premiere sexual recovery and relationship center in the country dedicated to healing the Sexually Addicted and Intimacy Anorexics, along with their partners. In this week's episode, Dr. Weiss will be discussing sex addiction, intimacy anorexia, how to heal your broken marriage/relationship and much more!  Dr. Weiss  is a frequent guest to national television, radio and print media, including Oprah and Dr. Phil. Dr. Weiss’ work and writings even fueled a Lifetime Network movie, Sex Lies and Obsession, as well as an international documentary depicting his private counseling practice.  In addition to counseling, Dr. Weiss is a prolific writer on marriage, addiction and self help topics pertaining to intimacy in marriage, singlehood, men’s and women’s issues and recovery from addiction. Dr. Weiss is an Amazon

  • How To Lower Your Blood Pressure: The Dangers Of High Blood Pressure

    06/06/2016 Duração: 59min

    Dr Karin Ried is Director of Research at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine and will be discussing the dangers of high blood pressure, the silent killer, and more about her recent groundbreaking research in celebration of May National High Blood Pressure Awareness Month.   A/Prof Dr Karin Ried is Director of Research at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine. Dr Ried is Honorary Adjunct Assistant Professor, Bond University, Queensland, and Honorary Visiting Research Fellow at The University of Adelaide, South Australia. Dr Ried has over 15 years’ experience in medical and public health research, and research interest in complementary and integrative medicine with a focus on nutritional health. Her research projects encompass nutritional medicine, cardiovascular health, bone health, gastrointestinal health, cancer, women's health, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr Ried received a Masters Degree in Chemistry (1993) and PhD from the University of Heidelberg, Germany in the Department of Hu

  • Technology Addiction In Children/Teens/Adolescents: Ways To Prevent Overuse

    07/05/2016 Duração: 57min

    Dr. Lisa Strohman is the founder and director of the Technology Wellness Center, one of the first organizations to address the global issue of technology addiction and overuse. As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Strohman has spent more than a decade working with individual, family and adolescent clients struggling with issues including depression, anxiety and addiction.  Recognizing the growing challenges parents now face with their children, and the increasingly serious issues her young patients are dealing with due to our growing dependency on technology, inspired Dr. Strohman to launch the Technology Wellness Center, which she co-founded with Dr. Melissa Westendorf JD, PhD in 2014.  In addition to establishing the Technology Wellness Center, Dr. Strohman and Dr. Westendorf developed an assessment test (TUC) to help parents identify if their child is at risk from technology overuse. The two have also co-authored a book, Unplug: Raising Kids in a Technology Addicted World, published in July 2015.  On t

  • From Mobster To Rabbi: Rabbi Mark Borovitz's Background Of Finding Recovery

    30/04/2016 Duração: 01h16min

    Rabbi Mark Borovitz is an Addiction & Criminal Rehabilitation Expert and will be telling us about his incredible journey from Mobster to Rabbi, as well as telling us more about his latest book, Finding Recovery and Yourself in Torah: A Daily Spiritual Path to Wholeness (Jewish Lights Publishing).  Rabbi Mark was Officially ordained in 2000 at the University of Judaism with a Master’s in Rabbinic Literature, and combined his knowledge of Torah and street smarts to shape his calling: helping recovering addicts find their way in the world. Spiritual Leader, Author, Senior Rabbi, CEO, ex-con, recovering alcoholic, and overall anomaly, he is able to reach both the addict and the congregant, and de-stigmatize this life threatening disease. As the CEO and Senior Rabbi of Beit T’Shuvah, a nonprofit, non-sectarian, Jewish addiction treatment center and synagogue community in Los Angeles, Rabbi Mark’s leadership is unparalleled. After being released from prison in 1988 he began his work at Beit T’Shuvah. Over the p

  • Comedians Mark Lundholm And, Kurtis Matthews: The Addict's Comedy Tour

    02/04/2016 Duração: 01h26min

    Mark Lundholm is a comedian who has performed all over the US and internationally, he is currently bringing joy with The Addict's Comedy Tour.  He's appeared on Comedy Central, Showtime, A&E, CBS, and NBC. The Addicts' Comedy Tour is a refreshing new take on stand-up comedy. The show is about overcoming life challenges with laughter and strength. Both Mark and Kurtis have struggled with addiction; combined they have been sober for over 50 yeas! They share their experiences with addiction, friendship, and their struggles with the audience. This live tour shares their colorful stories about life, love, jail and rehab, and will keep you laughing the entire time.  The topic we will be discussing will be Addict's Comedy Tour and upcoming cities.  For more information about Mark and Kurtis please visit their website