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  • ZYZXX Podcast Episode 7 - Music by Little Red Lung & Real Web Advice reenacted by ZYZXX Actors


    Photo by Sarah NegahdariLittle Red Lung is the ideal choice to feature in the first podcast episode of the new year because ZYZXX believes that they are THE band to watch in 2012. Enchanting, unpredictable, theatrical and beautifully textured, Little Red Lung wrap their twisting and turning melodies around you, lulling one into the blissful hypnosis of a dark and blustery fairytale-hued night. Look for a release from them sometime in the spring. Also in this episode, the ZYZXX Actors Studio re-enact real and unedited advice as found on the World Wide Web.

  • ZYZXX Podcast Episode 6 - Evil Beaver and Old Hollywood Film Reviews!


    This week's featured band Evil Beaver, and their bad-ass bassist and vocalist will rock your tits off. Also, be sure to pack your opium pipe and make sure the absinthe spoon is polished, because this episode features Sugar T Russell and her Old Hollywood Film Reviews.

  • ZYZXX Podcast Episode 5 - Featured band The Ethers. And Comedy too!


    Making a whole slew of folks happy in Los Angeles and beyond, The Ethers have reunited, after ten years of leaving us all in a state of longing for their soulful, dynamic ethereal rock and roll bliss. This weeks podcast features two of my favorite tunes taken off their rereleased, remastered, remixed and absolutely beautiful sounding self-titled album. Also featured this week is a bit based on a column I used to do in the fanzine version of ZYZXX called... the Email the Result!  Download the podcast now to hear it all!

  • ZYZXX Podcast Episode 4 - GREAT NORTHERN


    What drew me to the music of Los Angeles band Great Northern was its ability to get me to visit both the darkest corners and highest mountain peaks of my psyche simultaneously. Meshing reflective, searching lyric with an anthemic musical sense, Great Northern creates an ocean swell of dynamic, atmospheric textural sound.   I sat down with Solon Bixler and Rachel Stolte in a lively Los Feliz bar to chat about their experiences in recording the upcoming album, their music in general and of course, childhood injuries. Download Episode 4 to have a listen to the interview, some music from their past releases and... a demo version of a song from their upcoming new release!!! 

  • ZYZXX Song of the Week "Welcome To The Party" by Ruby Friedman


    The song this week is special for several reasons. One, it is a song, previously unpublished, written by the great 20th Century American composer Harry Warren. And two... it was recorded by a singer whose music and voice is very near and dear to ZYZXX, Ruby Friedman. Ruby has recorded a handful of contemporary versions of his tunes for the Harry Warren folks as part of The Department of Harry Warren project. All beautiful renditions, as is to be expected from the hugely talented leader of the RFO. Enjoy her haunting and lovely recording of "Welcome To The Party."

  • ZYZXX Song of the Week "Tonight" by Le Butcherettes


    The ZYZXX Song of the Week "Tonight" is merely a tantalizing tease for what you get from former Mexican and now Los Angeles based garage-punk band Le Butcherettes. The trio's leader, the commanding and terrifically terrifying Teri Gender Bender, will force you to your knees with her raw in-your-face, up-your-dress energy as she growls, prowls and screams amid an aural barrage of filthy grooves and raw intensity. ZYZXX likes. "Tonight" is on their latest album Sin Sin Sin released on Rodriguez Lopez Productions. 

  • ZYZXX Song of the Week "Every Third Hour" by Sister Crayon


    The ZYZXX Podcast Song of the Week is "Every Third Hour," a tune by Sacramento based band Sister Crayon. Their album Bellow has been the soundtrack to my morning drive pretty much non-stop since I picked up this release a few months ago. Gorgeous, melodic, shimmering, ethereal, moody... perfect to help my mind float as I fight in body through a typical Los Angeles commute. Go to their website to get yourself some. Sister Crayon Website Click Here!Click the title on this here post to listen and/or download. Subscribe to the ZYZXX Podcast at Itunes or listen and download at Soundcloud.

  • ZYZXX Song of the Week "Where I Begin" by Johnny Bertram & The Golden Bicycles


    This weeks featured song, "Where I Begin" by Johnny Bertram & The Golden Bicycles is off of their release Days That Passed. One of the most stellar songwriters out there right now, Bertram's folk-rock leaning tunes can be both delicate and boldly dynamic, and always shimmer with insightful and powerful poetic beauty. Visit his website here www.johnnybertram.com.

  • ZYZXX Podcast Episode 3! Featuring Eleni Mandell


    ZYZXX has been a longtime fan of the lovely, talented Eleni Mandell, who is currently in the studio finishing up a new album. Episode 3 features an interview with Eleni, who caught us up on the upcoming release and what life is like as a rockin' mother of nine month old twins! Also in this episode, the newly formed ZYZXX Actors Studio reenacts real advice from the World Wide Web, and Sugar T Russell sits with Errol Flynn to review new Hollywood crap. Email love letters and hate mail to the ZYZXX Podcast at [email protected]

  • ZYZXX Song of the Week "Boom Boom Boom" by MEN


    MEN is JD Samson from Le Tigre's latest fantastic band. The song that is getting our asses up and out of our seats this week is the rousing "Boom Boom Boom." This tune can be found on their latest release Talk About Body on IAMSOUND. Visit MEN at their website http://blog.menmakemusic.com/.

  • ZYZXX Song of the Week "The Girl Lights Up" by The Love Me Nots


    ZYZXX new favorite band The Love Me Nots have the Song of the Week spot this week, with "The Girl Lights Up" off of their release The Demon and the Devotee. "The Girl Lights Up" in all its retro-jangle garage-y splendor is a stand out track off an album chock full of kick ass songs. Check them out and get their stuff at www.thelovemenots.com. Bonus...a collectable limited edition colored vinyl album can be had at Project Infinity Records... if there are any left. If not, plenty of other goodies there!  Subscribe to the ZYZXX Podcast at Itunes to always get the Song of the Week, and never miss an Episode. Episode 3 will be out July 15th!!!

  • ZYZXX Song of the Week "Bad Night" by Wait.Think.Fast.


    June 25, 2011 ZYZXX Podcast Song of the week comes from Los Angeles band Wait. Think. Fast. The tune is one of my favorites --a cool, torchy number called "Bad Night". Find them online here waitthinkfast.com. ZYZXX Podcast will be doing a featured song every week! Subscribe at Itunes! [email protected]

  • ZYZXX Podcast Episode 2! Featuring the Ruby Friedman Orchestra


    Episode 2 of the ZYZXX podcast features an interview with Ruby Friedman of the Ruby Friedman Orchestra. Also, Old Hollywood reviews new movies and a call from Imaginary Bear!!! Subscribe for free on Itunes!  Contact us at [email protected]

  • ZYZXX Podcast Episode 1 is available! Featuring Lisa Papineau!


    And now... the debut of the ZYZXX Podcast, the music and humor podcast for the thinking cynic.This episode features one of my favorite artists, the talented Lisa Papineau. Her music has enhanced the soundtrack of my life for a long time as both a solo artist and in her various projects (Pet, Big Sir).To purchase Lisa's stuff go to her website at www.lisapapineau.com or visit her label to find out about her upcoming releases this summer www.sargenthouse.com. You can also click on the widget to the right to buy her stuff through Amazon.In this first episode we will also hear from one of our ZYZXX correspondents Shoshanna Mitchell of the Female Heartbeat, who happily has turned the spotlight on musical duo the Butch and Femme once again.Click the title of the blogpost above to listen to the ZYZXX podcast!  Don't ever miss an episode! Subscribe! Now available on Itunes!Enjoy the first episode. Speak to us at [email protected] Hitchcock

  • ZYZXXZINE Promo Spot for Episode 1


    In the upcoming debut podcast you will be hearing a spectacular interview with the amazing musician and singer Lisa Papineau, who will soon be releasing a new solo record as well as a great new album with Big Sir. Lisa Papinau's website and click here for her Sargent House House page.You will also be hearing from ZYZXXZINE correspondent and vegan feminist and womyn lover Shoshanna Mitchell, who was kind enough to do a promo for us. Listen and anticipate. My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-6eef27292af0127ea4d7ef62a6c6943f}