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The news based sister podcast to Steele Wars : Star Wars podcast also available on iTunes or wherever podcasts are found.Australian comedian Steele Saunders runs through the week's Star Wars news and takes YOUR CALLS with a special guest each week.LISTEN LIVE AND PARTICIPATE IN THE STEELE WARS CALL IN SHOWSTREAMLIVE IN (646) 668-8360 USASKYPE IN +1 (646) 668-8360 WORLDWIDE


  • Hypernews Ep 016 - Celebration Panels, Hayden Returns & Taika Waititi's Droid Role

    23/03/2019 Duração: 01h24min

    Clare Stribling from The Imperial Senate Podcast joins us to talk about the new hotly debated announcements about Star Wars Celebration, Hayden is announced as the last announced guest and Takia Waititi voices an IG droid in The Mandalorian.  Plus some great live viewer calls!   WATCH FULL VIDEO VERSION  STEELE WARS SPECIAL!  Get 4 T-shirts for just $39.95! AVAILABLE UNTIL THE 200th EPISODE. CHECK YOUR SIZE HEREOrBUY ONE T-SHIRT GET A SECOND AT HALF PRICE! NEW I LOVE GREEN GUIDE LETTERS PODCASTHear a new live episode of my comedy podcast I Love Green Guide Letters!    For bonus content and to help support the podcast please check out    For podcast advertising enquires contact Claire on [email protected]   For more like minded pop culture podcasts Follow the Follow Steel

  • Hypernews Ep 006 - Lottery for big SWCC panels & Solo cinematic references

    19/09/2018 Duração: 01h03min

    Emily Lind guest co-hosts as we discuss Celebration panel ticketing and run through our favourite Solo cinematic references highlighted in Michelle Buchman's amazing article on  Plus live viewer calls! WATCH FULL VIDEO VERSION TOPICS DISCUSSED Star Wars Celebration Chicago big panel ticketing options. Adam Driver to Host 'Saturday Night Live' Season Premiere A COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE CINEMATIC REFERENCES AND INSPIRATIONS OF SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY  SEPTEMBER MERCH SPECIAL Use code "baby" for 33% off all Steele Wars merch! "Your Snoke Theory Sucks" & so much more at   For bonus content and to help support the podcast please check out

  • Hypenews Ep 004 - Should Rey Have A Double Bladed Lightsaber?

    12/09/2018 Duração: 42min

    Should Rey Have A Double Bladed Lightsaber? - Steele Wars Hypernews Sep 10th WATCH FULL VIDEO VERSION  2:49 Poll results on Rey’s Episode IX lightsaber 6:04 The latest photos from the set of Episode IX 7:44 Star Wars Celebration host announcements! 9:02 Maul’s footage from Solo released online 20:13 Kelly Marie Tran’s follow-up comments to her NYT op-ed 24:44 The saddest Disneyland parade ever 28:30 The Hollywood director’s guide to etiquette  32:45 The Last Jedi’s performance in home video sales 37:13 Marketing the Solo home release Call-in to chat on the show or simply listen live... (646) 668-8360 Stream the audio live audio The audio version is available exclusively at

  • Hyperchat Ep 06 : Episode 9 "dos & don'ts" - w/ Emma Fyffe & Iraj Dowlatshahi

    14/08/2018 Duração: 01h17min

    Hyperchat Ep 09 : Episode 9 "dos & don'ts" - w/ Emma Fyffe & Iraj Dowlatshahi WATCH FULL VIDEO VERSION HERE.  Hyperchat returns Monday the 27th of August.   Get Your Snoke Theory Sucks & other Steele Wars merch at   For bonus content and to help support the podcast please check out Support the show.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Hyperchat Ep 05 : Ep 9 Cast Announcement - w/ Amy Ratcliffe & Courtney Everett

    01/08/2018 Duração: 01h31min

    With Amy Ratcliffe & Courtney Everett and your calls!  WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION HERE 2:38 Amy sizzles her awesome new book, Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy! 5:39 So much new Star Wars coming! 8:50 What are fans most excited about after Comic-Con? 10:15 Courtney humblebrags about having connection on the grapevine 12:14 Steele puts Amy in an uncomfortable predicament 13:12 The new episodes of Clone Wars, and how to ensure there will be more 14:42 Amy revisits her on-stage experience of the Clone Wars announcement and that tender photo 18:32 The exciting Episode IX casting announcement! 21:37 The return of Leia Organa! 23:12 Paul from San Diego joins us to talk about the lack of secrecy surrounding Luke and Leia in Episode IX 27:53 Courtney discusses the reasoning behind her Leia prediction 30:22 Getting Star Wars intel while waiting for a smoothie 31:45 Which Leia footage might JJ repurpose for Episode IX? 32:58 HYPERCAT! 33:37 Swara Salih from Beltway Banthas joins the show to speak on the

  • Hyperchat Ep 04 : Kathleen Kennedy's Rumoured Role in Bring Back The Clone Wars & all the news - w/ Germain Lussier & Joseph Scrimshaw

    27/07/2018 Duração: 01h01min

    With Germain Lussier, Joseph Scrimshaw and your calls!  WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION HERE   5:46 Debriefing Comic-Con and the Clone Wars announcement 21:22 Ali from Virginia calls in for some panel hosting advice 27:00 The impact of the Clone Wars announcement on the Netflix viewing 29:46 King Tom from Ohio calls to discuss the filming of Episode IX 39:35 Announcing Mark Hamill in Episode IX  43:31 The recent surge of Prequel era content 45:10 Jerry The Persian joins the show! 50:19 The lack of coverage of Star Wars: Resistance at Comic-Con   Get Your Snoke Theory Sucks & other Steele Wars merch at   For bonus content and to help support the podcast please check out Support the show.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Hyperchat Ep 03 : Kevin Fiege Says "No SW", Princess Leia's Future & George on the EU - w/ Jason Ward & Courtney Everett

    06/07/2018 Duração: 01h08min

    We talk all the week's Star Wars news with Jason Ward & Courtney Everett. Kevin Fiege Says "No Star Wars", theorising Princess Leia's Future & George Lucas says "Luke never got married".    WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION HERE!    9:37 Handling TLJ dislike with civility 13:50 Twitter poll results about this millennium’s most popular saga films 18:22 Clone Wars 10th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con 23:00 Ahsoka’s fate at the end of Rebels 25:44 Indoctrinating kids into Star Wars 29:04 The quality of the Disneyland character replicas 31:17 Recollections of the Solo world premiere 33:34 George Lucas’ opinions on the EU and whether the Legends books can still be enjoyed today 49:32 The rumors of Kevin Feige taking over Lucasfilm 52:15 The upcoming pipeline of Star Wars films 55:05 The uncertainty of Leia’s fate   Producer - Rashad Qasem Chat Overlord - Emily Lind Show notes - Dom Legaspi Theme music - Paul Dempsey    Get Yo

  • Hyperchat Ep 02 : George Lucas Discusses His Episode 7 Concepts - w/ Sal Perales & Space Jessss

    19/06/2018 Duração: 01h23min

    We talk all the week's Star Wars news with Sal Perales, Space Jessss & listener calls.   WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION HERE!    8:11 George Lucas’ departure from Lucasfilm 9:53 Star Wars storytelling from a female perspective 20:03 Re-examining the company one keeps in fandom in the face of gatekeeping 28:00 Lucas’ sequel trilogy concepts about the Whills, and expanding the Star Wars universe 32:53 John Boyega’s and Rian Johnson’s comments on fandom harassment 41:28 Lucas’ microbes and his creative license 50:48 Star Wars Ring Theory and other callbacks 55:45 Remembering how grateful we were when Star Wars returned 59:31 Robin Atkin Downes works too much 1:08:04 Amanda Ward calls in to discuss Star Wars Twitter freaking out on a Monday 1:13:47 Fantha Tracks’ report about Billy Dee Williams’ return for Episode IX 1:15:55 Will there be a Star Wars: Resistance panel/preview at San Diego Comic-Con? Producer - Rashad Qasem Chat Overloard - Emily Lin

  • Hyperchat Ep 01 : “Should” SW creatives call out hostile fans? - with Star Wars Explained & Mollie Damon

    05/06/2018 Duração: 01h36min

    On the very first Steele Wars Hyperchat Alex & Mollie Damon of Star Wars Explained join us to take viewer calls and discuss the weeks Star Wars headlines.   WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION HERE!   0:03:06 - The Collider Star Wars Trivia Schmoedown   0:06:30 - Possible E3 EA Star Wars announcements   0:07:05 - The Solo box office and what contributed to the disappointing result   0:13:52 - Speculation on when the other upcoming films take place in the timeline   0:17:00 - Theories on what could possibly conclude the nine part Skywalker Saga in a meaningful way   0:28:09 - Star Wars author Chuck Wendig comes under fire for his tweets regarding aggressive Star Wars fan behavior   0:31:48 - "Should" Star Wars creatives call out hostile fans online?   0:37:21 - Bobby Roberts drops knowledge on Internet abuse in the fandom   0:50:45 - Liam on the interaction between Lucasfilm employees and Star Wars fans

  • Live Call In Show – Ep 55 : Listener calls on the Rebels finale with King Tom

    07/03/2018 Duração: 58min

    Tom Chansky, King of all podcast contributors, joins us to discuss… - The series finale of Star Wars Rebels - A royal decree on the quality of the show’s sendoff - Steele’s thoughts on how the show finished its run - The mysterious absence of our favorite singing droid - Dave Filoni’s ownership of his characters, and what’s next for them - Captain Rex on Endor - Luke Cruser from the Bad Motivators podcast calls with his thoughts on the episodes - The Lothwolves running wild - Luke’s high and low points revolving around two fan favorite characters - Sizzling the upcoming live show! - Nicholas gives us his view on the finale - Easter eggs from the episode and flashing back to a Bendu prophecy - Steele’s and King Tom’s celebrity status - Sam Scorsone from New York on how the finale grew on him - The format of the epilogue - Thrawn’s strategic maneuvers and the vanity of his Star Destroyer - The Royal Guard - Jacen Syndulla and Twi’lek gestation - Melch

  • Live Call In Show – Ep 54 : Rebels reactions, Ben Mendelsohn, Emily Lind, Sal Perales & listener calls

    28/02/2018 Duração: 58min

    Emily Lind, co-host of The Canto Bight Dispatch podcast, joins us to discuss… - The mind-bending new episodes of Rebels - King Tom from Ohio chimes in on what Filoni and his crew did - Trying to make sense of what these episodes mean for Ahsoka - Downtown Brittani Brown from the Canto Bight Dispatch is bestowed a dubious honor - Lindo offers her perspective on the use of time travel - Lindo sizzles the upcoming MENDOcast - The amazing Rebels music - Sal Perales and the rest of the Rogue Rebels join us to review the latest happenings on Rebels - Sal recollects his experience at the Lucasfilm campus for a sneak-peek Rebels preview - The lack of security in Imperial communications - The significance of the Lothwolves - A look ahead at next week’s Rebels series finale - Steele sizzles the exciting upcoming live show at the Scum and Villainy Cantina - Brittani puts this week’s Rebels episodes at the very top of her ranks - The various Star Wars soundbites Ezra heard - A Canto Bight lovefest - A

  • Live Call In Show – Ep 53 : Solo teaser reaction caIls w/ Iraj of The Sith List

    06/02/2018 Duração: 01h04min

    Iraj Dowlatshahi, host of The Sith List podcast, joins us to discuss… - The brand-new Solo teaser and trailer! - “Official” hashtags - Aaron from OKC checks in with his thoughts on the trailer - Increased hype levels after seeing the Solo trailer - Iraj’s hype is all the way up  - Hidden Han Solo in the Super Bowl teaser - The new Solo artwork released by Lucasfilm  - We discuss spinning letters and our favorite shots - King Tom calls from “Australia” to pitch a Seinfeld-ish coat endeavor   - Everybody loves Donald Glover  - How much of a relationship do Lando and Han have after the Falcon changes hands? - The parallels between Solo and another beloved heist film - Steele’s new trailer reaction video (now available on YouTube!) - Katie McCort from New York puts her unique spin on the trailer - Will Solo be better than Rogue One? - We try to gauge how Solo will perform at the box office - Emily Lind from the Canto Bight Dispatch podcast demands a d

  • Live Call In Show – Ep 52 : Stephen Stanton, Geek Girl Diva & your calls

    28/01/2018 Duração: 52min

    For more information on the Haibu children’s books, please visit   Geek Girl Diva, prolific geek writer (, Syfy Wire) joins us to discuss… - Fond memories of losing the Schmoedown  - GGD gives us her highlights of that new Rebels trailer - Potential endings for Rebels - Kanan’s Rebels journey - Could Rian Johnson's life get any more surreal? - The newly-released deleted scene from The Last Jedi - Luke Skywalker’s previous career plans - The upcoming bonus material in the novelization of The Last Jedi - The amazing Stephen Stanton from Rogue One, The Clone Wars, and Rebels calls to sizzle the end of Rebels - The amazing vocal performances in The Last Jedi - Stephen fills us in on the new Haibu children’s...  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Live Call In Show – Ep 51 : Caitlin Plesher of the Skytalkers podcast & your calls

    17/01/2018 Duração: 01h20s

    Caitlin Plesher of the Skytalkers podcast joins us to discuss… - Steele and Caitlin speak to each other for the first time - Floating rocks on Ahch-To - The great new Lucasfilm video featuring the Story Group - Luke’s lightsaber color on Crait - Steele sizzles the Blu-Ray release - Caitlin offers up her projections on how Rebels will wrap up - Caitlin tells the origins of the Skytalkers podcast - Questions the fans care about vs questions the characters care about - Steele confirms the accuracy of Anakin’s infamous geological quip - Swara Salih from the Beltway Banthas podcast calls to discuss respectful communication with the rest of the community - Espionage conversations in Washington DC - Steele shouts out his dream Twitter interview - Francoise Danoy calls from Osaka to fill us in on Japanese SW merch and celebratory jumping from bridges - Suggestions for other great female-led Star Wars podcasts - A cinematic shot rumored to be in the Solo film - Emily Lind from the Canto Bight Dispat

  • Live Call In Show – Ep 50 : 2018 Listener Star Wars Prediction show with Mr Sunday Movies & Emily Lind

    08/01/2018 Duração: 01h44min

    Join in the fun of our yearly listener Star Wars prediction show as callers from around the world make their best and boldest predictions at what will happen in Star Wars news or storylines.  Plus as the poll closes we announce the winner of the 2017 predictions!With returning guest co-hosts Mr Sunday Movies of The Weekly Planet and Emily Lind of The Canto Bight Dispatch.  If you havn't already check out or 2017 Predictions in review show with Nick Mason! STEELE WARS LIVE Los Angeles : 13th Januaray, Saturday 3:30 - Scum and Villainy Cantina, 6377 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA Join Kyle Newman, Anthony Breznican, Ash Crossan, Jason Ward, Laura Sirikul and more for what will be a insightful and fun look at Star Wars post The Last Jedi. Well look back and forward at the news, rumours and lore surrounding the divisive new film. It's going to be so fun, a mean look at that line up! It's a really fun vibe come hang! (also Steele's birthday drinks) TICKETS & HERE   New York 

  • Live Call In Show – Ep 49 : Nick Mason of The Weekly Planet & the 2017 listener predictions reviewed

    01/01/2018 Duração: 01h31min

    .Nick Mason of the Weekly Planet podcast joins us to discuss… - Listeners’ 2017 Star Wars predictions in review - The jury’s still out on one of Maso’s 2017 predictions - The details on the next upcoming Steele Wars live shows - Dom Legaspi from San Francisco calls to face the music about his 2017 prediction - Joe from Pennsylvania calls in to review his prediction of a specific character’s death in The Last Jedi - Emily Lind from the Canto Bight Dispatch calls to argue her case for the accuracy of her prediction - Steele gives some laundry advice - Maso offers his thoughts on the events on Canto Bight - Whose Kenobi sex tape would you rather watch? - Steele nailed a couple of his predictions - The amount of Kylo Ren shown in The Last Jedi - The cringiest line of dialogue in Star...  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Live Call In Show – Ep 48 : EA's Mitch Dyer, Star Wars Explained & your calls on TLJ

    30/12/2017 Duração: 01h06min

    Alex Damon of Star Wars Explained and Battlefront 2 co-writer Mitch Dyer join us to discuss...   -THE LAST JEDI! -The connectivity between The Last Jedi and the Battlefront 2 storyline -The elusive Compass -Mitch offers his thoughts on The Last Jedi’s story themes -Chewbacca’s decision to skip a meal -How the responsibility of hosting a YouTube show affected Alex’s first viewing of The Last Jedi -How much impact a second viewing of The Last Jedi has on the viewer’s opinion -Mitch gives us the lowdown on the new Battlefront 2 DLC story and the continuation of Iden Versio’s story -Everyone loves Shriv Suurgav -The fandom’s overreaction to a certain Battlefront plot point -The beautifully complicated character that is Luke Skywalker -Mitch fills us in on how we can play as a new Last Jedi character in Battlefront -Tyler Westhause from the Star Wars Podcast Alliance checks in to pick a bone with Mitch -Analysis of Snoke’s end, Kylo Ren’s ascension, and that epi

  • Live Call In Show – Ep 47 : The Star Wars Minute's Pete & Alex plus Stephen Stanton calls in on the Patreon bonus section!

    22/11/2017 Duração: 53min

    Pete and Alex of the Star Wars Minute podcast join us to discuss...   -Visiting sacred Star Wars filming locations -Pete and Alex tell us what it’s like to review a movie minute-by-minute, and pioneering the “minutizing” genre of podcasts  -The demands additional films put on Star Wars podcasters -The guys offer up their insights into the upcoming Rian Johnson trilogy and what they want it to cover -The impressive quality of the newly-released Battlefront 2 -Austin from Kansas City recounts his favorite moments in Star Wars Minute history -The fable of Oola and the frog -The debate over who could use a good kiss in Empire -Pete and Alex offer up their thoughts on the worst and greatest Star Wars Minute -Steele drops some sizzle about the next amazing live show -Rashad Qasem from Los Angeles wants to know how bad The Last Jedi could possibly be -Things that could really make or break the film’s legacy -Does the Lucasfilm Story Group really not know where the story is going? -W

  • Live Call In Show – Ep 46 : Hawes Burkhardt, Jason Ward & listener calls on the Rian Johnson trilogy & Star Wars TV announcements

    11/11/2017 Duração: 53min

    Hawes Burkhardt of the Making Star Wars Podcast Network’s Rogue Won and Blue Harvest podcasts joins us to discuss... -The HUGE announcements this week of a new Star Wars trilogy helmed by Rian Johnson AND a live-action TV series! -The most amazing news drops in Star Wars history -The amount of time and effort that goes into creating live-action Star Wars TV and how soon we can expect to see it -Who will lead the TV project, and how high will the production quality be compared to the films? -Steele and Hawes share their thoughts on creating live-action versions of previously told stories -Brandon Manriquez gives us the rundown on the very worthy cause of the Kessel Toy Run, which gives Star Wars toys to hospitalized children -Luke Cruser from the Bad Motivators podcast has mixed emotions about this week’s big Star Wars news -What the new trilogy announcement tells us about how good The Last Jedi will be -Jason Ward, editor-in-chief of Making Star Wars, gives us the scoop on whispers he’s hear

  • Live Call In Show – Ep 45 : Kevin Rubio talks Tag & Bink in Solo & listener calls

    29/10/2017 Duração: 53min

    Kevin Rubio, the creator of the legendary Troops fan film and the Tag & Bink comics joins us to discuss... -Feedback to the very first Robbo Report. -When Kevin had to give Steele very basic filmmaking tips -The new behind the scenes reel for The Last Jedi -New Forcelink toys quotes from The Last Jedi -Star Wars musical? -Kevin sizzles a Chewbacca story that might have been -How Kevin leaned that his Tag & Bink characters were in Solo -Props from Jon Kasdan -Adventures in drinking, with Steele and Kevin -Timing of the Solo trailer, when will the promotion begin? -Breaking form with The Last Jedi credits -Jumping around in movie franchise timelines -The opening crawl -Downtown Brittani Brown from the Canto Bight Dispatch podcast gives us an update from the casino -Flaws in the Star Wars franchise -Teenage Steele’s romantic side -What happens at the Canto Bight Dispatch? -Crazy Star Wars rip off movies -John from Charlotte, NC has thoughts on dropping the Solo trailer during The Big Game -Will we

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