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It's the How-To for the I Do! We cover everything you need to know about planning your wedding by introducing you to industry experts who share their insights in their area of expertise.


  • Weddings Done Right Episode 10

    15/08/2018 Duração: 33min

    Planning the right ceremony can be a stressful task. On this episode of Weddings Done Right Radio, The How To For The I Do.  We brought in a panel of Las Vegas wedding ceremony experts to help you plan the right ceremony for you.  Officiant, Pastor Pete Starzyk of Elegant Las Vegas Weddings and Jose Alonzo of Las Vegas' Chapel of the Flowers and Tropicana Hotel Wedding Chapel share their expertise and talk trends when it comes to creating that romantic ceremony.   Don't walk down the aisle until you listen our ceremony show.

  • Real Bride Truth

    15/08/2018 Duração: 19min

    Real bride, Christine, shares her wedding experience with you.  Christine had planned her own big day.  So, what would she do differently now that the day is over?  Does she have any regrets about decisions she made?  If your engaged, you don't want to miss a second of advice from this newlywed.

  • How To Pick Your Wedding Venue

    15/08/2018 Duração: 32min

    How do you find that perfect place to host your wedding?  The wedding venue is one of the most important things you need to find first.  Don't know where to start?  Weddings Done Right Radio, The How To For the I Do has Las Vegas Catering Director, Dawn Ulrey from Canyon Gate Country Club talking about what you need to know when looking for your perfect location.   Dawn has all the answers as she shares her years of wedding expertise to answer the commonly asked questions when planning your big day.  Struggle no more!  Spend some time listening to this show and get some ideas when it comes to finding your venue.  

  • Weddings Done Right-Banquet Facilities


    On this weeks episode of Weddings Done Right, we talk Banquet Facilities.  Learn what you need to know to book the right banquet facility. Our special guests are Karla from Caesars Entertainment & Sabrina from Maggiano's Little Italy. They are here to teach you all the ins and outs of booking the right Banquet facility for your wedding.

  • Weddings Done Right-Floral Design


    Floral designers do much more than just supply the bouquet. They create the look and mood for your wedding ceremony, as well as centerpieces and other decor for the reception. Many can even work with your bakery on cake design. Award winning floral and event designer, Michelle Howard, from Floral Couture by Floral 2000 in Las Vegas is our guest. Michelle brings her 30 plus years in the wedding event floral and design business to help engaged couples with understanding the wedding floral side of your special day. Our topics include how soon you should hire your florist, saving money tips, contracts, styles and more! There are so many great takeaways on this episode!

  • Weddings Done Right Radio-Wedding Photography

    22/01/2016 Duração: 59min

    It's a 'PICTURE PERFECT' episode of WEDDINGS DONE RIGHT RADIO as 3 photographers FOCUS on important details you need to know when hiring a wedding photographer. Join host Jodi Harris for this special candid round table discussion. Our experts have years of wedding photography experience and will assist you with insider tips and share their wedding experiences so that you find the photographer for your wedding.

  • Weddings Done Right 14 Apps for Couples

    19/01/2016 Duração: 54min

    Join us for this show as we talk about some wedding APPS you can use to make planning your wedding a little easier.   Join Jodi and her guest wedding marketing expert Andy Ebon from Wedding University as they help you stay organized with some of the best wedding planning apps.  It's show for everyone who is planning a wedding.   

  • Finding the Right Officiant


    Your wedding ceremony is the core of your special day.  It's the most important aspect of your wedding day.  Selecting the right officiant sets the tone for your beautiful and graceful ceremony.   On this episode of 'Wedding Done Right Radio - The How To For the I Do' we talk with Las Vegas wedding minister, Wanda Tracey, of Wanda's Weddings on wedding officiants.  Host Jodi Harris and Wanda discuss all the important details you need to know before you hire your wedding ceremony minister.   So let us eliminate your anxiety and listen to this show as it is a great place to start your wedding planning.  

  • Finding the perfect Wedding Planner


    The wedding date has been set.  Now the planning begins.  The big question is, do I hire a wedding planner or not?  If I do, what type of planner do I hire? What questions do I ask? How do I know they are right for me? All those questions, and more, will be answered in this episode of Weddings Done Right, with special guest Gabriella Cote 

  • Wedding DJ Entertainment: How To Hire Your DJ


    The party doesn't start till your DJ walks in! Weddings Done Right Radio - The How To For The I Do has 4 of the top DJ entertainers in the country giving advice on wedding reception entertainment. Join host Jodi Harris of Sight & Sound Events and her panel of DJ experts Mike Walter of Elite Entertainment in New Jersey, Joe Bunn of Bunn DJ Entertainment in Raleigh, North Caroline and Jay Sims of Something 2 Dance 2 from Chicago, IL. These pros talk about everything from the wedding DJ point of view. You will learn the responsibilities that your wedding DJ plays in the success of your reception. After listening to this episode, you'll understand being the wedding DJ is more than just playing music. So before you hire your DJ, download and listen to this episode of Weddings Done Right Radio, The How To For the I Do today! For more information contact Jodi Harris at [email protected]

  • The Wedding Planner - A brides best friend


    Is a wedding coordinator/planner right for you?  Are wedding coordinators/planners only for celebrity weddings?   On this episode of Weddings Done Right Radio - The How To For the I Do, we talk with two Las Vegas wedding coorinators/planners about what exactly the role of a planner/coordinator is.  How does a planner assist a couple to have the best wedding possible.  We tackle the myths about wedding coordinators/planners.   After listening to this show, you'll see how important the planner can b e to the success of the wedding and want one for yourself!  

  • Here Come the Brides!


    Here come the brides and groom on this 'Weddings Done Right - The How To For the I Do'.   Host Jodi Harris, CEO of FUN interviews 2 newlyweds who share their personal experience about planning their own weddings.  Now that the big day is over, what would they have done differently?  What tips do they have to offer couples planning a wedding.  If there is ONE 'Weddings Done Right' show to listen to, this would be it!   

  • The Write Stuff - Invitations Weddings Done Right Radio

    16/07/2013 Duração: 55min

    Wedding invitations are the essential first impression to set guest's expectations for your wedding.  What makes a good wedding invitation? Is hiring a graphic designer to create your wedding invitation a good investment?  Do I really need a wedding invitation in 2013/2014 or a good website?  These and other questions will be answered on 'The Write Stuff' episode of Weddings Done Right Radio - The How To for the I Do.  Host Jodi Harris, CEO of FUN at Sight & Sound Events invites you to join wedding invitation experts, Paula Gold of Visionary Pen Las Vegas and Lorenzo Araneo of Screaming Lunatic Design & Consulting on this fun and informative show.  After listening you'll be armed with useful information to create a memorable invite your guests will want to show off to their friends! 

  • Wedding Ceremony Wisdom featured on 'Weddings Done Right Radio - The How To For the I Do'

    14/06/2013 Duração: 41min

    Your Wedding Ceremony is the foundation of the wedding day. It is the core event and main reason that your guests have gathered to join you. So much emphasis is put on the celebration that the ceremony can often be an overlooked. Sight & Sound Events presents Episode 7 of 'Weddings Done Right Radio - The How To For the I Do' where two wedding ceremony experts share helpful insights about wedding ceremonies. Meet Rebecca Stebbens, Manager of Weddings, Las Vegas' Venetian | Palazzo Wedding Chapel and Reverend Phil York, Las Vegas Wedding Minister. Both have experienced their fair share of weddings over the years. ~ How do I FIND a minister? ~ What EXACTLY does non-denominational mean? ~ Do I REALLY need to hire a professional wedding planner? Are words like 'HONOR & OBEY' still used in wedding ceremonies? Listen, and you will get the answers to these questions and more. ‘Weddings Done Right Radio is available FREE, for download, on iTunes. It's summer so download the show to your smart phone, put in y

  • How to Avoid "Weddings of Mass Destruction"

    24/05/2013 Duração: 01h33s

    How to avoid a weddings of mass destruction – Part 1 is a  discussion of wedding priorities, budgeting, and what Really matters.  It's a great show to listen to no matter where you are in your wedding planning schedule.  Our special guest is Wedding marketing expert Andy Ebon.  His work in the wedding industry spans four decades.  He spent more than 25 years in Disc Jockey Entertainment. During that period, he owned two highly successful mobile DJ companies in San  Francisco; Music Man and Designer Music.His companies were responsible for more than 2000 weddings. Andy wasthe DJ and host at about 900 of those weddings.Since the late 1990’s, Andy has stayed heavily involved in the wedding andhospitality industry as a Public Speaker, Business Consultant, andWriter.  Beyond his independent work; he has become a regular contributor for TheKnot, with their Business-to-Business division. He will be writing for theirblog, giving webinars and speaking to wedding professionals.

  • The Reality of the iPod Wedding Reception

    22/04/2013 Duração: 18min

    On a budget?  Picky about your playlist?  An iPod wedding might sound like a great idea for your celebration but before you dump the DJ listen to a catering manager's point of view.  What challenges face catering and event professionals?  Our guest has seen her share of many iPod weddings and has shares her experiences with you.  Heather Kelsey Baal from the Flamingo Las Vegas gives valuable advice about the real world of iPod weddings. 

  • Weddings Done Right Radio, how to choose your Wedding Day Entertainment

    28/03/2013 Duração: 01h05min

    WEDDINGS DONE RIGHT RADIO - THE HOW TO FOR THE I DO is a show heard around the world for those couples planning a wedding. Host Jodi Harris, CEO of FUN of Sight & Sound Events will introduce you to the top wedding industry vendors from around the country. These professionals will share their tips and insights to help you plan a FUNTASTIC wedding. Wedding Day entertainment what is featured on this WEDDINGS DONE RIGHT RADIO show. Jodi's guest is respected Disc Jockey Entertainer and author of the best selling book The Best Wedding Reception Ever. Peter has presented seminars on wedding entertainment performance techniques, wedding marketing, sales consultation skills, and the value of ethics in business to wedding professionals in over 60 cities across the United States. The presentations have been to local chapters of the American Disc Jockey Association, and additionally to various professional trade associations and conferences, including: Wedding MBA Conference in Las Vegas, National Association of Cate

  • Weddings Done Right: Event Design & Decor

    14/03/2013 Duração: 46min

    Event design, floral and decor are discussed on this episode of Weddings Done Right Radio, The How To For The I Do.  Doyle Borden is an event designer from Beverly Hills, California and owner of Doyle Borden Event Design.  Host, Jodi Harris asks Doyle to discuss the important details in event decor which includes the flowers for your wedding. 

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