That's Interesting!



HELLO my faithful listeners!!! and welcome to the podcast Thats Interesting!. I am your humble host Tim Holley. For this show I interview friends, family, associates, possibly strangers that have hobbies or jobs that I want to learn more about. And also how these hobbies or careers bring better fulfillment or make them a happier person.


  • #19 - Rob and Podcasting

    09/07/2018 Duração: 54min

    "You can accomplish really hard things if you are willing to start small and take little steps to get there.” Hello everyone and thanks for tuning in to another episode of That’s Interesting! Of course I am Tim Holley and I bring on guests to discuss careers or hobbies that bring them fulfillment. I met Rob at BYU while getting an MBA and he came on to talk about his podcast “Good Rally”. It’s all about sharing uplifting stories to counter so much of the negativity we are constantly bombarded with. Definitely go give his podcast a listen. Rob and I cover a variety of things such as why he decided to start a podcast and how he chose the theme, the tactics and products for making a podcast, and how running helps build confidence. Thanks for listening and as always please enjoy!

  • #18 - Isaac and Overcoming Trauma

    13/06/2018 Duração: 01h44min

    Isaac is a close friend and co-worker. We share an interest in jiu jitsu (which is initially how we became friends). This episode is a little different in that while it is still an interview I let Isaac talk for a lot longer periods as he has a story to tell and I didn’t want to interrupt. He has endured more personal struggles than most people ever will yet he maintains a positive outlook and inspires many with his message. He covers everything from his parents’ work in the communities to the importance of empathy, how to find peace and the positive in any situation, along with humility and continuous self-improvement.