After School Conversations



Comedian and high school teacher Orlando Baxter sits down with guest to discuss the ups and downs of school, work, and life.


  • Ep. 20 - AfterschoolConversations.mp3


    This week Tiffany and I discuss the Dallas teacher who was placed on leave for a profanity laced rant.  Hope you enjoy.

  • EP 19 - AfterschoolConversations .mp3


    This week episode Tiffany and I talk about the music teacher that was caught selling tubas for drug money. Hope you enjoy. 

  • Ep 18 - AfterschoolConversations - Ex Porn Star/Science Teacher Fights For Job


    This week Tiffany and I discuss the firing of Ex porn star/Middle School Science teacher Stacie Halas. Hope you enjoy.

  • Ep - 17 AfterschoolConversation- Teacher KO's 7th Grader over NFL team.mp3


    This week's episode Tiffant P & I talk about the "teacher" in Texas who knocked out 7th grader over comments made about his football team. Hope you enjoy.

  • Ep 16 - AfterschoolConversations - HS Teacher Injured By Student


    This week episode I make my solo debut and talk about the Prince George's High School teacher that was injured by a student. Hope you enjoy.

  • Ep 15 AfterschoolConversations - 4th Graders PlotTo Kill Teacher


    In this episode Tiffany Punch and I discuss the incident in NY where a group of 4th graders were caught plotting to kill their teacher with Hand Sanitizer. Hope you enjoy.

  • Eps 14 Afterschool Conversations - TeacherShoots .mp3


    In this episode I sit down with the beautiful Tiffany Punch and talk about the teacher in Utah who accidentally shot herself in school. If your into that type of stuff tune in.

  • Ep 13 - April Macie AfterschoolConversations.m4a


    This episode I sat down with comedian Aprial Macie between shows at Comix comedy club at Foxwoods and talked about good teachers, working with a clown, and of course comedy. Hope you enjoy

  • Ep. 12 Afterschool Conversations - Cory Rodrigues

    06/01/2015 Duração: 58min

    This episode I sit down and chop it up w/ funny man and soon to be first time father Corey Rodrigues. We talk a lot about babies, fatherhood, and of course comics about to be fathers.

  • Ep 11 AfterschoolConversations - Tiffany Punch


    This episode I sit down w/ Tiffany P drops in to talk about the Montreux Comedy Festival and the controversy surrounding Bill Cosby. Hope you enjoy.

  • AfterschoolConversations Eps 10 - James Goff


    This week on Afterschool Conversations I was finally able to sit down and chop it up with comedian James Goff.  Fresh off making his national TV debut on Gotham Live - James talks about the experience, his background, and one of the worst comedy bombs I have ever heard of.  Well I hope you enjoy.  Sorry for the long delay but I'm back.

  • Eps - 9 AfterschoolConversations Rashad Minor

    18/09/2014 Duração: 53min

    This episode I sat down and interviewed one of the best boxers to ever come out of the city of Worcester, MA - Mr. Rashad Minor. We talked about everything from his early days boxing out of Ionic a Boys & Girls Club, to his mother cursing him out in a "good way" after a very difficult professional loss.  This young man has seen and done in all inside and outside the ring, and I feel so honored & blessed that he took the time to share it. Hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I did. Until next time, peace.

  • Ep 8 AfterSchool Conversation - Tiffany Punch

    13/09/2014 Duração: 44min

    A lot of talk going on about Ray Rice so I figured I'd throw in my 2 cents and who better to do that w/ than my lovely girlfriend Tiffany Punch. It's a very interesting conversation, hope you enjoy.

  • Episode 7 Afterschool Conversations - Tony Stevens


    This week I sat down and chopped it up w/ wrestling referee Tony Stevens. We talked about everything from going to wrestle mania with grandma, hanging w/ Jimmy Fly Snuka, to choke slamming a wrestler. It was such a great pleasure to interview this positive young man before his career takes off, I hope you all enjoy. 

  • Ep 6 Afterschool Conversations - BIlly Tucker.mp3


    This episode I sat down and interviewed my grandfather Billy Tucker. We talked about everything from making $2.50 a day picking cotton, BB King, to the young kids today. It was fun and super interesting, hope you enjoy.

  • Ep 5 Afterschool Convo.mp3


    This episode I sat down and chopped it up with comedian & actor Chris Roach. We talked comedy, acting, and a little bit more comedy. If I must say so myself, great podcast for anyone into comedy. Hope you enjoy.

  • Epi 4 - Afterschool Convo.mp3


    This episode I sit down and chop it up with High school teacher & basketball coach Stephon Cherry. We touch on everything from the struggles of teaching, to student & parental accountability, to the ups and downs of being a high school basketball coach. Hope you enjoy the conversation.

  • Ep 3 - Afterschool Conversations.mp3


    This episode I sit down and chop it up with DJ and Worcester legend Chuck Chillin. We touch on everything from music to groupies to the similarities between comedy and DJing. Hope you enjoy the conversation.

  • epi 2 - afterschool conversations

    08/07/2014 Duração: 01h02min

    Best way to describe this podcast is awkward fun. But that what happens when you ask your girlfriend to sit in and be a guest on your podcast right before she's about to go to bed. In this conversation we touch on everything from great teachers to pedofile teachers to the ups and downs on dating a comedian. Hope you enjoy this one because I'll probably be sleeping on the couch tonight. 

  • Episode 1 - Afterschool Conversations

    27/06/2014 Duração: 01h20min

    A cross podcasting episode with comedian and host of "30 Jobs Later" Corey Rodrigues,  Where the conversation go from performing in Reno, NV to Philipine boys to strip club nips to being a long term sub. Best way to describe this podcast is tamed insanity. Hope you enjoy.