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The South has risen again! Listen in to this podcast dedicated to all things Southern. From the mysteries of humidity and kudzu, to what the fuck is a grit? Listen and y'all come back, ya hear?


  • Book Forty-Eight: Migration


    In which the good ol' boys try not to get political, and it goes about as well as you'd imagine. James channels his inner Colin Hanks as he grapples with the darkness of the world, Matt channels his inner Jesse "The Body" Ventura in a search for the truth (about dots), and the two retail renegades match wits with a man dead set on breaking the strongest link of the whole retail chain. ET TU, OCTAVIO? Download Here, if ya please Links Florida Man has finally gone full supervillain.

  • Book Forty-Seven: Bullsh*t Part Two - The Search For Hope


    NEW EPISODE. In which two whiny cucks are sore losers about the classiest election in history. SAD. Download Here, if ya please Links: "Democracy" By Leonard Cohen "Everything Is Okay Anyway" by George Carlin

  • Book Forty-Six: Updates


    In which the good ol' boys emerge from the shadow yet again for their season premiere, where they speculate on the then-upcoming election with the innocence of ignorance, Matt histories his way across America while it's still standing, James's home is destroyed forever on two non-consecutive occasions, and the guys look past the chaos of 2016 and into... the future. BELOW THE BIBLE BELT: THE ONE PODCAST WHERE EVERY EPISODE IS LACED WITH FOXDIE Download Here, if ya please Links: The most epic Quack Like A Duck of them all

  • Book Forty-Five: Holy Shit


    Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys welcome Alex back to the show for their season finale, leading to a revealing discussion of religion, deception, and Batman. James runs afoul of duplicitous damsels at the House of Savings, Matt runs afoul of Mr. Silverback and his Craigslist cronies, and Alex runs afoul of all national holidays, as he finally delves into his sordid past as a Jehovah's Witness, reveals the shocking secret of "The Good News", and discovers once and for all that Nihilism is an asshole. LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT FUNK... DROP THE FIRST RHYME. Music sampled: "We're All Going To Hell" by The Bastard Fairies Links: The Secret Origin of Jehovah What Jehovah says about wizards And just for fun, what Jehovah says about those wacky gays! "We're All Going To Hell" by The Bastard Fairies

  • Book Forty-Four: Mass Corruption


    Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys encounter the seven deadly sins, deceptive country music stars in search of rhythm, and a dark future resting on the whims of soccer-playing automobiles, before going into the most sordid political scandal to rock Alabama since... well, the last sordid political scandal to rock Alabama. THE SUN IS COUNTRY, BUT THE ICE IS COUNTRY-WESTERN. Links: A timeline of the Mike Hubbard/Robert Bentley scandal. Nine straight minutes of the Yella Fella. You've been warned. And be sure to check out Supergirl Power Hour, a monthly look at the maid of might! Listen to it or Cori's gonna sock ya!

  • Book Forty-Three: Fuss In America 2: Electric Didgeridoo


    Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys welcome Fuss The Australian Matt back to the show to discuss yet another sojourn to the U.S. of A. Fuss traverses land and sea to find the lost city of Dunkin' Donuts, James dodges holiday mascots, and Matt gets a haircut. IF THIS SHOW IS SHIT, YOU MUST ACQUIT. Links: Decadence. Decadence pure and simple. And listen to me live-watch each episode of American Crime Story with Alex and Mike, on our show Pulp Nightmare!

  • Book Forty-Two: Occupational Hazards


    Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys battle lawnmower men, debate the nature of time itself, and discuss a sad, dildo-filled moment in our nation's recent history. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN BULLSHIT. ANYTHING YOU BULLSHIT CAN AND WILL BE CALLED ON IN A A COURT OF BULLSHIT. Links: The story of Matt's LifeA timeline of the Oregon occupation Bundy 2: Escape From Dildopolous Music used: "Shaniqua (Don't Live Here No More)" by Little T and One-Track Mike

  • Book Forty-One: Home and Abroad


    Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys welcome their resident long-term college resident Merce' Mueller back to the show to talk about her recent excursion  to the snow-wastes of Alaska, before getting side-tracked by Golden Age crushes, a life-or-death showdown at LAX, a dubious correspondence with Warren Beatty, and aprons. #LAX: THE LUCKY DIED. THE DAMNED TWEET. Links: Bangladesh knows what's upBelt or Bullshit Story 1 Belt or Bullshit Story 2 Music used: "Lapdace" by N.E.R.D. (Nine Inch Nails Remix) "You Are My Love" by Yuki Kajiura

  • Book Forty: Good Will


    Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys record their least-festive holiday episode yet, as James reenacts Memento with dog houses, Matt's love life is jeopardized by the Billy Elliot musical, the two get lost in corporate jargon, and one host abandons his career for the fast-paced world of internet salesmanship. DO MORE WITH LESS, BUT EXPECT LESS FROM MORE Links: The continuing adventures of... FLORIDA MAN This episode's outro music

  • Book Thirty-Nine: Mass Hysteria


    Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys welcome Designated Guest Host Alex Koch back to the show, as Matt continues his quest for love with the help of Michelle Obama, James spins a yarn about his formative years at a strip club flea market, a job interview turns profound for Alex, and things get real as they discuss the various supervillain plots currently threatening our country (America). PLUS: Even more Facts About Woodrow Wilson! CURSE YOU, FRIDGE-CURSE! Links:Alabama's War On Identification

  • Book Thirty-Eight: Highs and Lows


    Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys exchange war stories from the front lines of southern living, as James witnesses a scorn lover's revenge at the house of savings, Matt becomes the first healthy adult to experience a Make-A-Wish day, and the two discover a story that has it all: romance, technology, chickens, and Liam Neeson. IT'S ALL IN THE PANTS Links:Pants: A History Chickens: A Journey Music song! "The President's Penis Is Missing" copyright The Drive-By Truckers

  • Book Thirty-Seven: New Beginnings pt. 2


    Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys **** up their own dramatic return two weeks late, but make up for it with an episode RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES (of the summer). Listen as Matt gets pulled back into the game, and uncovers the seedy underbelly of the South Carolina bass fishing world. Then also listen again as James debunks phrenology once and for all, and plays Buddha's Accountant to Matt's Devil's Advocate, while the two debate This Day In Gay History, and Colin Hanks is corrupted by the madness of the world. THIS PODCAST IS WEARING A WIRE! Links:History, Matt! We all learn it!

  • Book Thirty-Seven: New Beginnings Pt. 1


    Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys rise from their Sanders-Sleep, and reclaim the dusty throne of podcasting once more! James crawls from the wreckage of two unrelated automotive catastrophes, Matt matches wits with an academic Frito Bandito, they discuss the sacred rights of the Manager's Club, and the next era of Below The Bible Belt begins with a dream... and a nation. WHAT A PODCAST! WHAT A LOVELY PODCAST!

  • Belt Notch #8: Hattergate


    Download Here, if ya please In which Matt, Alex, and a very, very, very, very, very sleepy James go on a bit of a strange tangent. ACTUALLY IT'S ABOUT ETHICS IN RIDDLING

  • Belt Notch #7: Weirdos - The Prequel


    Download Here, if ya please In which we time-trip a few months into the past, to visit the magical moment when universes collided and Cody Alft first met Merce' Mueller. Try to spot the Stan Lee cameo in this cross-over, as they talk unnecessary TV remakes, favorite chick flicks, Iron Man where Iron Man does not belong, and whether or not Merce's brother has some serious McConaughey feels. OKAY OKAY OKAY. LINKS: Still amazing after all these years. And this is still as baffling.



    Download Here, if ya please In which Gravedigger James and Coffin Matt hop into their solid gold pimpmobile, battle Johnny Quest henchmen, and discover the hidden secret of Sanford & Son, as they watch Cotton Goes To Harlem. THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST LEISURELY LIFE-OR-DEATH PURSUIT I HAVE EVER WITNESSED LINKS: STAY FRESH with the power of Youtube!



    Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys resume their Drive-In Summer with a commentary recorded many months ago but now UNSTUCK IN TIME. In perhaps their most southern outing yet, they grab their favorite sporting goods, plaster-up their faces for battle, and clean up the dirt roads of their mid-to-late 70's small town the only way they know how: By WALKING TALL. LINKS: WALK TALL with the power of Youtube!

  • BtBB Drive-In: God's Not Dead


    Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys rage a two-man war against activist demi-god professors, suburban ninjas, and an entire dynasty of ducks, as they watch quite possibly the worst movie that has ever graced this show-- including Swamp Thing vs. The Wolfman-- God's Not Dead. WHY DO YOU HATE COMMENTARIES?! (Also, be sure to check out Pulp Nightmare's DUELING COMMENTARY, and judge for yourself which has the highest percentage of Hercules jokes)    LINKS: Watch this abomination through the Satanic force of Netflix!

  • Book Thirty-Six: Weirdos


    “WEIRD AT LAST, WEIRD AT LAST. GOD ALMIGHTY, WEIRD AT LAST”- Cecil Palmer, Welcome To Nightvale Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys swab on the sunblock and scissor their pants into shorts, as they prepare to take the show's first ever summer break. Before they head out, though, they've invited two special guests to help end this first volume on a high note: The Unbreakable Merce' Mueller, and Cody "Once Bought a Sword-Cane Online By Accident" Alft. Together they discuss which co-host would win in a George R.R. Martin situation, what is and what is not soup (with shocking results), the quest for the perfect indoor volleyball court, the most terrifying revenge film ever conceived, the Aisle of Unreadable Books, social scofflawing, stoned businessmen, secret romance, cannibalism, Florida, and the proper system of organization for a DVD/Bluray collection. BELOW THE BIBLE BELT: TOO SOUTHERN TO BE REAL     LINKS: But why.

  • Book Thirty-Five: Anger


    “Anger can be power. Did you know that you can use it?”- The Clash Download Here, if ya please In which the good ol' boys ruin their dental work and flake on their court-appointed therapist, as they dwell on the beast that slumbers within us all. Count to ten as Matt snorts moon rocks to discover the joys of verse, James is spectator to a civil rights showdown of southern proportions, and the two of them miss the point of a humble-brag entirely. CHOO-CHOO, MOTHERFUCKER     LINKS: Chief Justice "Rudy" Roy Moore: Champion of statues, enemy of statutes Int his corner...And challenging.... And of course, Wild Bill's two confederate cents Screw the geezers! Get with the future, ya'll!

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