Intel: Software Defined Infrastructure



Data center and Telco managers are approaching a crisis point in a number of dimensions: storage demands are expected to reach 44 zettabytes by 2020; with the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices communicating over networks will rise exponentially to 50 billion by 2020; today, business users want fast, economical IT services delivered in hours, not days or weeks. These challenges are driving a fundamental shift in data center and Telco architecture and operations from hardware-bound solutions to a flexible Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI). Intel is part of enabling this data center and network transformation. While Intel is well known for its processors, Intel engineers across the company contribute actively to open source projects, which are driving this transformation, to help advance these new software technologies for SDI. To help enable fast market adoption of new software and Intel hardware into SDI, Intel delivers reference architectures on which companies can develop next-generation solutions for their infrastructures. Besides hardware and software contributions, Intel’s deep investments in building strong ecosystems help support IT and Telco organizations to engage, prove, and rapidly adopt SDI solutions.


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