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  • HCP #4: (Week of the 16th January)


    It has been quite a while since my last podcast as I've had other commitments but I'm back for this fourth edition of the Hollyoaks Chronicles Podcast. In this edition I'll be discussing the news of Daryl Fishwick's return next month as Margaret Hayton, Emmett J. Scanlanâs nomination at the 2012 Irish Film & Television Awards, as well as Jorgie Porter's time on Dancing on Ice. I'll also be delving right into the first three of weeks of the year so far and discussing what I'm liking about the show and also the area's that I'm not quite liking as much.Podcast BreakdownIntro: 0.14 - 0.55News: 01.20 - 04.36Recap & Review: 04.42 - 32.21What's To Come: 32.21 - 36.36Close: 36.41 - 37.39

  • HCP #3: Week of the 12th December 2011


    In the third edition of the Hollyoaks Chronicles Podcast I've taken a new approach with the format and this will probably be the way that i'll do the show from now on. I'll discuss all the latest casting news with the news of Daniel O'Connor joining the series as Miles Higson (Seth Costello) departs. I'll also be giving a brief recap of the episodes of the series that I was unable to dedicate a podcast to that of those that aired during the week of the 5th - 9th December 2011, as well as all of the goings on over the past week. I had quite a sore throat during the recording of this podcast so sorry if your can't understand some of the things I say and for the random coughing at times.Podcast BreakdownIntro: 0.00 - 0.38News: 0.43 - 3.21Recap & Review #1: 03.26 - 12.14Recap & Review #2: 12.19 - 28.21Performer of the Week: 28.25 - 31.18Close: 31.23 - 33.33

  • HCP #2: Week of the 28th November 2011


    In the second edition of the Hollyoaks Chronicles Podcast I'll be discussing the news of Carley Stenson one-off return, the E4 special 'Hollyoaks Best Bits 2011' and the arrival of new student Jodie Wilde. Also I'll be re-capping and giving my review of all the episodes that aired during the week of the 28th November 2011, with discussion on Brendan's return, the Costello's exit, the paternity tests. And I'll be revealing who my 'Performer of the Week' is and which scene for me constituted to this person receiving this credit.Podcast BreakdownIntro: 0.00 - 1.19News: 1.23 - 9.55Recap & Review: 10.00 - 40.50Performer of the Week: 40.50 - 42.14Close: 42.19 - 42.55Due to delays in being able to get this podcast up and the running the ‘Best Bits 2011’ poll mentioned in the news section of this edition will more than likely be closed but, if not don’t forget to make your vote count.

  • HCP #1: Welcome


    Here is the first edition of the Hollyoaks Chronicles Podcast in which I will give an insight into my feelings and history of the show. And I'll also give a run through and idea of what to expect from future editions.