Stoopcast is the funny, rambling, slightly crazy new podcast from Indie Filmmaker Ethan Hunter and his hetero-lifemate, actor Travis Barkley. They talk about movies, life, whatever comes to mind.


  • Stoopcast 20: Speedy Delivery


    Wherine everyone's favorite deliveryman sits in for the whole cast as they talk at great length about the Mini Me sex tape, Brangelina's newest spawn, take some quizes and discuss good vs. evil...sorta.Get it here.

  • Stoopcast 19: The Ex Marks the Spot


    Wherein one of our heroes is absent, so a special guest sits in to bring a feminine touch to the stoop as she and E discuss Sharon Stone being batshit crazy, video store late fees, wills and testaments, R Kelly’s trial, how pretty much everyone in the original Predator movie became governors and help some more lovers find one another with another installment of Craigslist missed connections.Clickity click to larf.

  • Stoopcast 18: Just the Facts, Ma'am


    Wherein E and T are once again joined by G as they make fun of the news according to tradition, discuss the Iron Man mythology, provide a list of fun, factual information, give a little more movie news, answer a bunch of mail and Grant drinks pretty slowly for once. Get it here.

  • Stoopcast 17: The Ultimate Showdown


    Wherein for the first time in living memory E and T bring the 'cast in on time as they tell some jokes, recall high school battles royal, help connect lovers with a new edition of "Missed Connections," reveal some not-very shocking movie news and answer some listener mail.It's right over here

  • The Ohio Cast


    A departure from the regular cast wherein E and Mr. McPhealy travel to Ohio to work for a Presidential Campaign. This cast is all about travels, trials and tribulations. Hopefully it's also a little funny. Get it here

  • Stoopcast 15: If You're In a Good Mood, We Can Fix That


    Wherein E and T tell some more jokes, most of which fall flat, discuss how depressing the news is, talk about how evil children are some more, reveal the sad outcome of T's Gladiator bid, read some Craigslist personals and E does the worst Christopher Walken impression you're ever likely to hear before he and T answer a ton of listener mail.Download Here

  • Stoopcast 14: Mental Prep


    Wherein in a super-sized cast E and T tell all kinds of jokes, mostly about Amy Winehouse and then, if you can believe it, talk more about American Gladiators. They also discuss other game shows, the rebirth of Dinosaurs, high school sports and answer a bunch of listener mail.Get it here.

  • Stoopcast 13: Lucky Charmers


    Wherein E and T tell some more jokes, talk even more about American Gladiators, touch on the whole Britney thing for a bit, check in with their old friend J, answer some mail with a little help from their friend and play a word association game.Get it here.

  • Stoopcast 12: Trav Vs. Titan


    Wherein E and T tell some more monologue jokes and then dive right the hell in to discussing Trav’s brilliant and brutal career as a future contestant and, eventually, a gladiator on American Gladiators. They go through the twenty-eight page application, discuss Gladiator names, talk about how E probably couldn’t compete even against the chick gladiators (though he might like to try) and answer some listener mail. Get it here.

  • 20/12/2007

    Wherein E and T discuss Christmas, tell some jokes, go back to the well to read some helpful articles from one of their favorite authors, ponder the affect the WGA strike might have on the 08 elections, muse about workplace violence and answer some listener mail.Download here.

  • Stoopcast 10: Los Stoopers


    Wherein E and T discuss the weather, birthdays, Mexican wrestlers, Nazi's, the KKK, mall cops, our beloved Scotland and how T isn't all that much help sometimes.Get it here

  • Stoopcast 09: The Disaster Show


    Wherein everything goes to hell as E and T discuss being boring, sperm related lawsuits, faking your own death, pencils for media moguls, sex offenders, evil rabbits, how kids today are kind of pansies and what to do with “rockstar power.” Download here.

  • Stoopcast 08: There ARE Stupid Questions


    Wherein E and T discuss illnesses, dreams, mythical creatures, the stupidest questions maybe ever, answer more listener mail and talk about bloody breakups. Download here

  • Stoopcast 07: Who is Driving? OhmyGod T is Driving! How Can Than Be?


    Wherein, in an extended edition, E and T discuss a hamburger joint, getting older, the end of days, making new friends, a really tall dude, the wide reach of 207, England (A LOT), TV, and finally touch on the WGA strike.Download here

  • Stoopcast-06: The Couch Cast


    Wherine E and T discuss super powers, iron man outfits they need to build, the Fifth of November, being recognized in sandwich shops and answer a bunch of listener mail.Download here

  • Stoopcast 05: Here there be Balls


    Wherein E and T are joined by G (special guest star Grant "Stemage" "G-balls" Henry), and the three amigo's discuss Halloween, Smash Bros, the worst emergency kits ever, being cold, Guitar Hero, money and, of course, a tiny bit about Nazis.Click here to download.

  • Stoopcast 04: Stoop Free or Die Hard


    Wherin E & T discuss weather, a great mystery, not growing up, fame and, because you asked for it, many, many more nazi's.Download it right over here.

  • Stoopcast 03: This Time it's Personal


    Stoopcast 03: This Time it's PersonalWherin E & T discuss how pissed off E is, how everyone is ugly most days, the value of a good three-wood, how little E knows about Canada and the search for aliens.

  • Stoopcast 02


    Stoopcast 02 is now available here.Wherine E and T discuss life on the moon, marathons, heroes (not the TV show) gay pride and people who didn't discover America. Oh yeah, and of course nazi's.

  • Episode One-Casting for the Very First Time


    The very first ever episode of "Stoopcast" is now available here.E