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Analysis and comparison of the Winnipeg Jets


  • Special Episode 11 CrossOver SportsCast


    https://ia601504.us.archive.org/24/items/SpecialEpisode11CrossOver/Special%20Episode%2011%20CrossOver.mp3 Sean interviews former star athlete and current classmate Cliff Fewing (AKA Clint Fenwigs, find out how he got the name right here) on this special episode of CrossOver SportsCast. This episode takes place post Jets vs. Canucks game, on the evening of Wednesday, November 18, at the Boston Pizza in downtown Winnipeg, and over […]

  • CrossOver SportsCast Episode 10


    https://ia601504.us.archive.org/10/items/CrossOverSportsCastEp10/CrossOver%20SportsCast%20Ep%2010.mp3 In the tenth episode of CrossOver SportsCast, the boys talk hockey…surprisingly. They break down a Jets win that seemed to be a long time coming. Also, they have a special guest on at the end of the episode, so make sure you tune in and stick around to find out who that is. Hint? […]

  • CrossOver SportsCast Episode 9


    https://ia601501.us.archive.org/20/items/CrossOverSportsCastEp9/CrossOver%20SportsCast%20Ep%209.mp3 The Bombers are officially eliminated from the the 2015 Grey Cup playoffs, which Winnipeg is hosting. Sean called it last week. This week, though, he’s struggling to talk. The guys break down a couple Jets games, and talk about the big hit Byfulglien laid on Gallagher during the Habs game. They even find some […]

  • CrossOver SportsCast Episode 8


    https://ia601500.us.archive.org/3/items/CrossOverSportsCastEp8.Mixdown/CrossOver%20SportsCast%20Ep%208._mixdown.mp3 The guys throw some heat Evander Kane’s way after he appeared in the news once again. This week, there’s a heavy Winnipeg Jets focus, as the guys discuss the team, specifically Blake Wheeler and his point streak. Sean has officially called an end to the Bombers’ 2015 season after the loss to the Redblacks […]

  • CrossOver SportsCast Ep. 7


    https://ia801508.us.archive.org/7/items/CrossOverSportsCastEp.7/CrossOver%20SportsCast%20ep.%207.mp3 Sean and Jordan (or Jordaniel, as Sean refers to him as) start with Star Wars, and then it all goes downhill from there. They talk beer, food, table hockey vs foosball (and even invent a new game)…pretty much everything but hard hitting sports news. But that’s just how they roll. Oh yeah, they also […]

  • CrossOver SportsCast Ep. 6


    https://ia801502.us.archive.org/29/items/CrossOverSportsCastEp.6/CrossOver%20SportsCast%20Ep.%206.mp3 Beer and sports go perfectly together, right? And the combination always leads to friendly debate, correct? Correct. This episode, the guys are at Sean’s apartment talking sports over some beers like men… Well, not really, though, because Jordan wasn’t participating in beer drinking. But we forgive him. In episode six, the guys break down […]

  • CrossOver SportsCast Ep. 5


    https://ia601500.us.archive.org/17/items/CrossOverSportsCastEp.5/CrossOver%20SportsCast%20Ep.%205_.mp3 Catch all your local sports news in this episode. Sean makes a big announcement regarding the Winnipeg Rifles, the boys talk Bombers, specifically Lirim Hajrullahu and his bad day. They’ll also give you key information about the Jets’ roster, so listen in to find out what that is. Sean and Jordan kick off the […]

  • CrossOver SportsCast Episode 4


    https://ia801506.us.archive.org/17/items/CrossOverSportsCastEp4/CrossOver%20SportsCast%20ep%204.mp3 Ready….FIGHT! In this episode, Jordan and Sean square off about the botched call in the Bomber game, the one that cost them the game at home against Calgary. Last week, Jordan asked a question that only the Broad Pod could answer. This week, the Broad Pod sent their response. Sean brings local football fans […]

  • CrossOver SportsCast Episode 3


    https://ia601508.us.archive.org/19/items/CrossOverSportsCastEp.3/CrossOver%20SportsCast%20Ep.%203.mp3 Hockey is back….Finally. Jordan and Sean have been waiting all summer to be able to talk Jets again, and they get right into it in this week’s episode, as they discuss the first preseason game against the Wild and how some of the young players looked. The guys showed some disappointment with the Bombers, […]

  • CrossOver SportsCast Episode 2


    https://ia601506.us.archive.org/29/items/CrossoverSportsCastEp.2Mixdown/Crossover%20SportsCast%20Ep.%202_mixdown.mp3 This week, the boys talk about the Winnipeg Rifles getting their first win against the Calgary Colts in the CJFL. They talk about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers getting their first win since the age of the dinosaurs. Tangents abound in this edition of CrossOver, as they also discuss carpets at Home Depot, and video […]