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  • David: Passionate Warrior


    David was a passionate warrior for God. Followers of Christ will do well to follow his example and be passionate warriors for Christ.

  • Priscilla – Quiet Passion


    Our passion for God can show itself in many ways. We'll take a look at the amazing behind the scenes passion of Priscilla and her husband Aquila.

  • John the Baptist: Humble Leadership


    We will look at the unique passion of John the Baptist and see what lessons we can learn about developing our own passion for Christ.

  • 20/10/2019

    Passion can be defined as strong and barely controllable emotion. We will take a look at Paul's passion for Christ and be challenged to look at our own passion level.

  • I AM the True Vine


    In the imagery of a grape plant Jesus compared himself to the vine and his people to the branches. The branches need the vine to be able to produce good fruit. We will look at how important it is to stay connected to Jesus.

  • I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life


    Jesus' amazing claim of being the way, the truth, and the life came in the midst of his concern and preparation for his disciples and he continues to prepare a place for every one of His followers.

  • I AM the Gate for the Sheep


    This week Jesus makes the comparison of being the gate in which the sheep (people) must go through in order to experience eternal protection. There is no other way into the sheep pen.

  • I AM the Light of the World


    The contrast of light and darkness is a continual theme throughout the Bible. Jesus made the claim that he was the light. Let’s explore what Jesus meant by making that claim.

  • I AM the Bread of Life


    Imagine eating a food that would fill you up forever. It seems crazy, but that is what Jesus claimed. What did it mean and how can that claim have an eternal impact on each of us?

  • Everybody In: Let’s Serve Together


    You are never more in line with God’s will than when you are serving Him. We’ll flesh out that statement in what it looks like to serve God in our everyday lives and as a part of the body of Christ.

  • Everybody In: Let’s All Get Excited


    A reminder of how exciting it is to be a part of the body of Christ.

  • 50 Year’s Of God’s Grace


    On Pastor Dan Toney's 50th birthday, we look back at 50 years of God's grace.

  • Sacred Vs. Secular


    Inside the box thinking is that everything in the church is sacred, and everything outside the church is secular. Outside the box thinking is realizing that every moment of our lives is supposed to be set apart for the worship of God.

  • Be A Fool


    The message of the cross is foolishness. If our lives make perfect sense to those who do not know Jesus, we are probably doing something wrong.

  • Eat With Sinners


    If we are going to change the world, we have to break some of our own religious rules. This week, Dan explores how Jesus reached out to the lost by sharing meals with the very people the church was trying to cast out.

  • Better Communication


    Dan looks into some Scriptural principles about why communication is important, and how we should be communicating with encouragement and love.

  • A Look Into Deep Love


    A look into deep love from a Savior who chose us. Presented by guest speaker Gerard Mondestin.

  • Happy Mothers Day!


    Guest speaker Mark Hart talks about how important mothers to the Kingdom of Heaven and the course of history.

  • Better Respect


    As we learn to love, honor, and respect others, we in turn, will learn how to better love, honor and respect God.

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