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Are you in love with travel? or are you looking out for some inspiration to take out time from that mundane life to hit the road? Well you have come to the right place. Team Checkin Story brings to you a travel podcast show that will inspire and encourage you to travel more. It will add fuel to the fire of your desire to go places! Get to hear the tips and tales right from the mouth of all the horses. We have these amazing travel bloggers, travel photographers and influencers, all pouring out their heart in narrating their inspiring tales. So what are you waiting for?We assure you loads of tips that might come handy to you next time you make your travel plans coupled with tonnes of motivation! So ride on And let there always be a road!


  • S02 | E02 | Travel Hacking with Hackerette - Kamelia Britton

    11/08/2017 Duração: 52min

    Kamelia Britton is the Founder of Hackerette, a platform that inspires people to pursue their dream lifestyle on a budget that they can afford. Our Co-Founder Soham Sabnis talks with Kamelia to know how she came up with the idea and what really motivates her to do more of what she is doing for the community. Follow Kamelia on Social Media: Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Pinterest - Kamelia's Blog - Travel Hacks Academy - Course on Error Fares - - USE code CHECKINSTORY for 50% discount - valid till 15th August 2017 The Beginner’s Guide to Solo Female Travel – 13 Tips to Stay Safe & Have Fun -

  • S02 | E01 | Hide-Out with Hemant & Sangeeta

    22/05/2017 Duração: 01h01min

    In conversation with Hemant and Sangeeta - Owners of Hide-Out farms. As they invite us to a 28-year-old farmhouse Hideout – located within a two-hour drive outside Mumbai, it is a space in which we endeavor to build a community of like minded people where all can learn, share, care for oneself, one another and for Mother Earth. Here we aim to introduce people to a lifestyle that is organic, wholesome and which binds mind, body and soul together in a happy union. We had a superb chat in the room at Hide-Out with Mogra water and sprinklers around us... You can follow them on Twitter: Facebook : Instagram : --- Send in a voice message:

  • Random Show Checkinstory

    19/04/2017 Duração: 21min

    Short summary of the journey -00:27 Soham Talks about few updates of Checkin Story - 02:48 Pratik talks about his upcoming New york trip and NYTravFest -04:14 Pratik's Musically Obsession -07:16 His Plans after TravFest - 08:25 Soham and Pratik talk about Checkinstory Podcast Season 2 and further updates-10:17 Product/Website Updates- 13:25 More about Pratik's Upcoming New York Trip -15:37 The Snapchat Spectacles- 17:20 Follow us on Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Medium: Follow Travpreneur on twitter: and here : --- Send in a voice message:

  • Bermuda Stories & Oceanic Adventures With Maria

    25/01/2017 Duração: 28min

    Have you ever snorkeled with sharks? Or looked at the whale right in the eye? Or got shipwrecked in Bermuda?…..No? Then you got to listen to Maria’s stories...listen up to our ocean daredevil’s tales and be inspired (and also spellbound ) What made Maria Jump into the world of Travel (00:50) That moment when she took the plunge (01:40) Shipwrecked in Bermuda Triangle (02:28) Love for oceans develop (08:48) Maria’s best trip - (11:08) Top three oceans Maria recommends (14:00) One more danger story – (17:38) Top three things to keep in mind while traveling in/to an ocean- (20:15) Maria’s favorite wine places- (22:06) Maria on traveling solo – (23:22) TBEX – (25:08) Top Travel Tip - (26:29) You can follow her on Twitter: Facebook : You can check out her blog here: --- Send in a voice message:

  • E: 031 - Mandy On Van Life & Music Festivals

    19/01/2017 Duração: 31min

    What if you get to go on road trip in a beautiful car or van and get to enjoy the amazing van life and explore places and also get to go to amazing music festivals across the world? Sounds fun isn’t it? Our guest Mandy has being doing all of that since a long and time and her interview will surely inspire you to get set and go! Mandy talks about her blog and running it - (0:44) Music festivals playing an important role in travel scene- (05:22) Her favorite band – (07:52) Mandy talks about ‘van life’ – (08:30) Mandy’s take on solo travel – (11:23) Her best road trip - (12:55) Money hacks – (15:32) Mandy suggests best places for budget travel- (17:40) Blogging tips- (19:15) The most item to carry for a roadtrip – (22:00) LieBlinks - (23:17) TBEX Stockholm- (25:20) Mandy’s message for the listeners – (28:20) To know more about Mandy you can follow her on Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Check out her blo

  • E:030- In Talks With The Wondering Wanderer - Nequesta

    11/01/2017 Duração: 25min

    Want to know how beautiful this world can be? – take sometime off from your stereotyped routine ..unplug yourself from the cobwebs of technology and just go out there and travel . Our guest Nequesta inspires you to do just that… Listen up to her as she talks about her amazing journeys, great friends she met along those journeys, an amazing opportunity to meet a famous writer during one of her trips and of course ..loads of tips.. Fun part of traveling – (00:51) Kaluram – (01:48) Epic Trip - (02:25) Nequesta’s most memorable travel moment (06:18) Her choice- (07:40) Travel photography tips - (08:38) What kind of traveler Nequesta is (11:06) Instagram Micro blogging (14:00) Rendezvous with Mr. Ruskin Bond- (16:18) Impromtu trip - (20:21) Three most important things in her travel bag (20:44) Travel Advice - (21:36) Travel Budget tips - (23:50) To know more you can follow her on Instagram: Twitter: --- Send in a voice message: https://anc

  • E:029 - "You Should Stop Exploring & Traveling Only When You Are Dead" - Archana

    07/01/2017 Duração: 32min

    Long office hours, meeting deadlines, chasing targets, clients and above all bosses ..Amidst all this, going for vacations or traveling to a dream destination may seem like an herculean task or we may just stop thinking about planning trips and exploring .. well here we have Archana revealing secrets of balancing both travel as well as work … So listen to her tips and keep traveling Where it all began (1:20) Blogging tips (08:55) Solo Travel? Or Group Travel? (13:36) Archana talks about managing travel and work (19:45) TBEX - (23:28) The place you guys should add in your bucketlist (26:10) Archana’s Message for you guys (29:20) To know more you can follow her on Twitter : Instagram: Facebook: You can also check out her blog : --- Send in a voice message:

  • E:028- Glimpses Of Karen's World Of Travel

    03/01/2017 Duração: 18min

    Traveling the world is happiness in itself. In this fun episode our guest Karen Warren talks about her journeys and gives us glimpses of her world of travel. First place she traveled to (0:55) 3 reasons to travel to France- (01:20) 3 reasons why Italy should be in your bucketlist – (01:40) Karen’s favorite Italian Dish – (03:09) Best time of the year to go to Italy – (03:44) What pulled Karen into the world of Travel – (04:39) Karen’s Travel Memory- (06:00) Karen’s Travel Habits/rituals – (07:22) Best Travel Apps – (08:43) Blogging tips – (09:40) Karen’s Favorite travel blogger – (11:08) Travel Budget tips – (12:07) TBEX – (13:45) Her next trip – (15:18) Her message to the listeners – (16:15) To know more follow her on Twitter: Instagram: G+: Check out her blog : --- Send in a voice message:

  • E:027 - Enriching Travel Photography With Ralph

    08/12/2016 Duração: 27min

    Ralph gets candid about the nuances of travel photography, unveils some photography secrets and shares some amazing things … Listen to him as he talks about his marvelous journey as a travel photographer and founder of Photoenrichment adventures and also about his webinars and various photography camps… So all you aspiring photographers out there…you surely don’t want to miss this one Ralph’s favorite thing about India – (01:14) Travel/photography inspiration – (02:50) Ralph talks about photoenrichment adventures – (03:47) Photography tips -(07:00) Camera tip – (12:23) Ralph’s photography accessories – (14:15) Details of registering in photography camp – (16:32) Best thing Ralph had captures through his camera- (19:42) TBEX – (21:03) His message to the aspiring photographers – (22:27) What’s next for Ralph- (24:30) His Webinar – (24:56) Check out his website : Instagram : Twitter: Facebook : https://

  • E:026- Juggling Between Photography, Blogging, Acting & Travel - Joanna

    21/11/2016 Duração: 19min

    Daunting, tough, messy and much more .. We generally connect all these adjectives to “multitasking” … but here’s our guest Joanna Kalafatis making it all easy for us … this travel diva is a blogger, vlogger, photographer, traveler and (wait for it) even an actress … Listen up to her as she tells us some amazing stories and how she balances everything perfectly plus there are loads of travel tips in there… so tune in right away! How does she multitask – (0:51) Joanna’s first travel related memory – (02:27) Her best trip so far – (04:00) Her take on solo travel – (04:47) Joanna’s message for all those who want to travel solo – (05:57) Another interesting story – (07:21) Joanna’s take on dating while traveling – (09:29) Her travel dream – (10:40) Travel fashion tips – ((11:55) TBEX talk- (14:00) Best and the worst piece of travel advice Joanna got – (15:49) Follow her on Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

  • E:024- Gianni & Ivana On Traveling As A Couple

    07/11/2016 Duração: 29min

    Travelling with your bae is fun… right from sharing the beautiful moments to the romantic factor it’s all a part of a joyous journey and time passes by in a jiffy! Here’s Gianni and Ivana talking about their travel stories…and they also give us loads of ‘couple travel’ tips, money hacks and they talk about their favorite travel apps and gadgets. The time their journey started – (0:45) The story of ‘how they met’ – (04:09) That one interesting story – (04:35) The places Gianni and Ivana suggests to go with your bae- (11:40) A hypothetical situation – (14:26) Money matters – (16:17) Blogging tips – (19:50) Their favorite travel apps and gadgets – (25:28) The last message – (27:20) To know more about Gianni & Ivana follow them on Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: Check out their website here : --- Send in a voice message:

  • E:023- The Ultimate Switch - Corporate To Travel By Trent

    02/11/2016 Duração: 28min

    Quitting a corporate job to travel the world – may sound all dramatic, fun and easy but it definitely a takes a lot guts! Here’s the story of Trent Fleskens wandering across the globe after willingly leaving his corporate life! P.S: He is having all the fun now … so listen up to this one and get inspired! Leaving the corporate world: 01:24 His message to the corporate people who want to travel – 04:45 About Buenos Aires – 07:17 Trent’s most memorable trip – 10:06 His take on dating while traveling – 13:25 The money talk – 14:49 About his blog and the money that he makes from it – 19:38 Trent talks about TBEX- 22:45 Message for the listeners – 24:11 To know more about his amazing stories and him follow him here.. Twitter: Instagram: You can also check out his amazing website here: --- Send in a voice message:

  • Pratik & Soham On Checkin Story E-Book Productions

    27/10/2016 Duração: 11min

    Here are our co-founders talking about Checkin Story Ebook productions and the launch of our very first E-book authored by Soham Sabnis! So all you E-book lovers out there..dig in.. there is a lot in store for you! Pratik tells us the main inspiration behind the Ebook project – (00:51) Soham talks about his inspiration behind creating our first e-book- Landsort – (01:57) Where can you buy the e-book ? – (05:05) Travel bloggers get in touch with the team for publishing your e-book’s how – (06:20) The content required – (07:20) Soham gives us some E-book tips – ( 08:05) The Message- (09:42) DISCOUNT CODE 'CHKINSTORY' - FOR 50% OFF Buy the E-book here- To more about these guys follow them here Pratik : Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: Soham Twitter: Instagram: https://www.instagra

  • E:022- "Travel Taught Me More Than Any Classroom Has Ever" - Carey

    03/10/2016 Duração: 27min

    With waves in her mane and a strong passion for travel in her heart our guest Carey Carpenter sets out on her crazy expeditions. Listen up to this travel bug and her inspiring travel tales… What’s Carebear? – (00:52) What does travel mean to Carey – (1:55) The trip that went down the memory lane- (02:45) Carey’s take on solo travel- (04:48) Places Carey would suggest for a solo trip – (06:30) Prague tales – (07:13) Her recent trip – (08:50) Things she loves – (11:11) Money hacks - (12:35) The story of the strangers that she met – (15:49) Her blog – (18:48) TBEX- (20:39) Last message – (23:19) Handstands – (24:25) To know more follow her on Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: careybear10 Also check out her blog : --- Send in a voice message:

  • E:021- Rahul On Video Blogging & Much More

    29/09/2016 Duração: 23min

    Fired up by the fuel of his passion for travel and his venture as well, Rahul Jagtiani talks about everything ranging from his crazy adventure tales to gadgets, to his TBEX experience and his venture Plush Places to dating. He also gives us loads of video blogging tips. Listen up to this entertaining episode where Rahul unfolds his journey… Tell us what you guys think about this podcast in the comment section Rahul talks about how travel inspires him (1:02) Plush Plaza and travel – (02:42) Importance of Video blogging – (04:40) Tips on Video blogging – (05:35) Gadgets Rahul uses while traveling – (08:18) Rahul gives us 3 reasons why everyone should visit Austri- (09:02) Few memorable stories – (10:43) Rahul on dating while traveling – (16:02) TBEX – (17:28) To know more follow him on Twitter: Instagram: Check out his YouTube channel : Check out his California Road Trip Story : ht

  • E:020- Travel Tips For Mothers By Garima

    17/09/2016 Duração: 22min

    Being a mother is a tough task and being a mother who travels is even more tough. Here we have our guest Garima Nag making the difficult task easy for all the mothers out there… so ladies if you want to take your kids out for trips and tours Garima has some excellent tips and tricks for you! Besides she tells us everything about South Korea .. which we bet will make you book a ticket right away! So dig in The time where it all began – (0:33) Garima Talks about managing kids, travel, work .. and a magic sack – (01:50) Frequency of her trips – (03: 55) Solo Trips or trips with some company.. What does Garima prefer? – (04:42) Good things about South Korea – (07: 28) Best time to go to South Korea – (08:49) Garima recommends some of the amazing South Korean dishes – (09:58) South Korean Beverages – (12:28) Garima gives us some shoe hacks and fixes – (13:30) A funny story – (15:50) One place according to Garima that should be there on every travelers bucket list – (17:17) Money hacks – (18:35) Her next travel

  • AirbnbHostCast: 02- Anushka On Airbnb Hosting & Travel

    14/09/2016 Duração: 18min

    And here we are back again with the second episode of our awesome series .. Airbnbhostcast.. and this time this episode was adorned by the lovely Anushka Kotwani… who resides in Mumbai and owns a beautiful Airbnb apartment. We had a lot of fun while she narrated few of her interesting travel stories, threw light on the world of Airbnb hosting by talking about the dos and don’ts and also gave us some travel tips ! .. go on and play this episode to experience it all... What made Anushka start Airbnb hosting (0:44) Talks about Airbnb hosting (02:30) Anushka talks about how traveling inspired her to host (04:00) Her first solo trip (05:00) Anushka’s take on “solo travel- an overrated concept” – (06:35) Money saving tips – (08:20) Her Travel Story – (11:00) Dos and Don’ts of Airbnb hosting – ( 14:34) To know more follow her on twitter here : --- Send in a voice message:

  • E:019- Travel Photography with Travelure - Ajay Sood

    19/08/2016 Duração: 29min

    Travel Photography with Travel Photographer Ajay Sood. Brilliant hands-on tips and awesome story telling... Have a listen and Share share share! Podcast Notes: 1:21 - How did travel begin? Whats the story? 2:55 - TBEX experience and being THE first Indian Speaker for TBEX Europe 2016 in Stockholm 5:25 How do you approach travel photography? 8: 25 Time travel in Bhimbetka 10:20 Cave Lover or Not - Ajay takes us through caves in Vietnam 11:33 : Post processing - Ajay gives some handy tips 14: 16 What equipment does Ajay use? All about camera bodies and lenses 16:35 Interesting Travel Stories 23:10 What is best story on your mind, which Ajay wants to work on? 25:01 Latest Travel Plans 25:43 Travel Photography tips (Interesting) Follow Ajay's work here: His Bhimbetka experience: Follow him on social media: Facebook: Twitter: --- Send in a

  • E:018- Scoops From Erika's Travel Diary

    09/08/2016 Duração: 28min

    Sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world. Our guest, flight attendant - Erika follows this principle in a full- fledged manner. Listen up as Erika talks about her experience at TBEX, her birthplace Eugene, the best breweries there, her travel journey so far and Namibia. She also tells her travel tales and also gives us few blogging tips. Travel inspiration – 1:20 Experience as a flight attendant - 3:12 Where did her travel story began – 05:35 All about Eugene- 07:15 Talks about best breweries in Eugene – 08:58 Sports in Eugene - 09:50 Erika’s Take on the backpacking culture – 10:12 Managing work and travel – 12:02 TBEX – 13:30 Blogging tips – 14:36 Reason to include Buenos Aires in the bucket list – 15:50 Namibia – 17:19 A funny anecdote – 19:45 Airport Stories – 21:35 To know more about Erika Check out her blog - You can also follow her on Twitter - --- Send in a voice message:

  • E:017- Megan's Travel Mantra

    02/08/2016 Duração: 28min

    When you really want to travel you don't have to think too much .. you just have to pack your bags and go and that's our guest Megan's travel mantra!! Listen up to her as she gives us many more mantras and tells us some amazing stories.. where it all began (01:02) Megan tells us about the first places she traveled when she got a driver's license (02:13) Las Vegas road trip (03:16) Her best road trip (03:57) Dating and travel (06:39) Love for Rome (08:50) And India (11:55) Her trip to Morocco (13:25) Airport Story (16:10) Packing Tips (18:14) Impromptu journey (20:14) Her dream destinations (22:32) Money (23:36) Megan tells about her blog (25:23) Her message for you guys (26:54) To know more follow her on Twitter: Instagram : Check out her blog : --- Send in a voice message:

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