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  • Talking with The Mystics of Texas

    16/11/2022 Duração: 01h53s

    I had a wonderful conversation with Kevin Schmidt from The Mystics of Texas where I shared my latest ideas on time, evolution, reality and the soul You can watch the video here: Find out more about the Mystics of Texas here: 

  • The Compassion Dialogues

    21/10/2022 Duração: 01h11min

    My friend William Bloom invited me to take part in one of his Compassion Dialogues with the Spiritual Companions Trust, of which he is an author, educator and director He asked me about my childhood and teenage experiences, before we got into my latest ideas 

  • What Is Life? #41 with Steve McIntosh

    26/08/2022 Duração: 01h30min

    This series features personal conversations made public. In this episode Tim and Steve discuss an evolutionary understanding of spirituality and politics.   To go deeper with Tim in person check out his online community   Steve McIntosh, J.D. is author of the books: Developmental Politics, The Presence of the Infinite, Evolution’s Purpose, and Integral Consciousness. He is also coauthor of Conscious Leadership, with John Mackey and Carter Phipps. McIntosh is president of the Institute for Cultural Evolution think tank, which is advancing a developmental approach to politics. His website includes videos on each of his books:

  • The Origins of the universe

    13/08/2022 Duração: 02h51min

    My young friend Ryan Holsapple and I had a long philosophical chat on zoom recently, which he recorded and I am sharing in case there are ideas of interest for you. Ryan has achieved a master's degree in Depth Psychology with a specialization in Jungian and Archetypal Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He is certified in Self Soul Spirit and Gestalt facilitation through life-long psychologist Dr. Roger Strachan. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute continuing his study of Depth Psychology. He is a certified Nature-Connected Coach (NCC) and alumnus of the Earth-Based Institute (EBI). He is an alumnus of InnerPathWorks, having trained with Randy Russell. Ryan has additional training from the Tracker School under the guidance of Tom Brown, Jr. Ryan is passionate about supporting others in the process of accessing and unlocking their own innate wisdom and empowerment through one on one work in his private practice as well as through teaching and mentoring in a group setting.   A

  • What Is Life? #40 Prem Rawat

    19/07/2022 Duração: 01h10min

    I am a Philosopher, and in the course of my life I get to enjoy a lot of very deep conversations with some amazing people. My WHAT IS LIFE? series is my opportunity to explore ideas with people I respect. They are private conversations made public, in the hope that you may enjoy them as much as I do. Prem Rawat has led an extraordinary life from spiritual prodigy as a young boy in the 1970s to global peace ambassador addressing millions worldwide in over 100 countries You can listen to the full What Is Life? series on this podcast

  • Psychedelic Experiences and being Deep Awake

    24/06/2022 Duração: 01h27min

    I spoke with Dr Lani Roy on her Signs of Life psychology webinar series, about psychedelic experiences and being deep awake   Dr Lani Roy : The Signs of Life

  • What’s Wrong with Non-Dual Spirituality? Part 2

    13/05/2022 Duração: 49min

    This is Part 2 of my discussion with Jessica Nathanson on the differences between Unividualism and Nonduality. Now we have tea and biscuits, we really let go into a far reaching conversation, even more full of big ideas than Part 1. (If you haven't listened to Part 1 yet, check out last week's episode!)   These discussions can also be watched as a video on my YouTube channel, beautifully filmed by Rupert Truman, who previously created my WHAT IS LIFE? films.   Then on Sunday 22 May Jessica & I are going to have a discussion with my online community about these ideas. If you’re not a member of the ICU, you’re welcome to join us for this talk as a guest ... email my PA [email protected]

  • What’s Wrong with Non-Dual Spirituality? Part 1

    07/05/2022 Duração: 01h23min

    This episode of The Freke Show is a discussion between myself and Jessica Nathanson, exploring the important differences between Unividualism and Non-duality. We discuss why we need to move on from self-denying spirituality and celebrate our individuality as the foundation from which to awaken to oneness. The conversation can also be watched on my YouTube channel. It has been beautifully filmed by Rupert Truman, who previously created my WHAT IS LIFE? films.   PART 2 is coming soon! Then on Sunday 22 May Jessica and I are going to have a discussion with my online community about these ideas. If you’re not a member of the ICU, you’re welcome to join us for this talk as a guest, email my PA [email protected]

  • Emergent Spirituality Talk

    15/04/2022 Duração: 01h29min

    In March I gave a talk on Emergent Spirituality, hosted by East West Books USA I shared my visionary worldview that  Existence is the One ... in relationship with itself ... in the process of realising ever more emergent possibilities.   Read more about Tim Freke on  

  • Living from the Soul

    13/02/2022 Duração: 57min

    A conversation with Sam Torode about The Jesus Mysteries and how to harmonise science & spirituality, with some optimistic thoughts to end with!

  • Life, Soul, Oneness and Love

    06/02/2022 Duração: 43min

    Tim was one of several speakers who explored Life and Death at the Wow Peace online summit recently. He talked about life and soul streams, and the emergence of a reality culminating in oneness expressed as love.   Read more about Tim at    

  • Tim Shares his Thoughts for 2022

    02/01/2022 Duração: 12min

    Life Is Precious! I want to share my personal reflections going into 2022 ... and wish you a wonderful new chapter in your life adventure 

  • The Discarded Compass interview

    29/10/2021 Duração: 01h02min

    In this interview I talk with John from The Discarded Compass about my vision for Unividualism and the new integration of old style teachings with a new way of living and integrating awakening Read more about Tim Freke:  

  • THE JESUS PARABLE : GCCR 2021 Conference presentation and Q&A

    22/10/2021 Duração: 01h28min

    Is the Jesus story a myth and if so, what does it mean? I think this is one of my best presentations of the ideas developed by Peter Gandy and myself in our books 'The Jesus Mysteries' and 'Jesus and the Lost Goddess'. For more information on GCCR conference see T!M FREKE Philosopher, transformational leader and bestselling author of 35 books, including The Jesus Mysteries which was an international bestseller and Daily Telegraph ‘Book of the Year’ #50 Most Spiritually Influential Living People 2020, Watkins Magazine Winner of Writer of the Year 2020, Kindred Spirit Founder of "Unividualism" - a visionary new understanding of the nature of reality and the purpose of life  [email protected] TED talk: What is Life? Series:

  • WHAT IS LIFE? #39 Peter Russell

    17/09/2021 Duração: 59min

    Peter and Tim discuss misunderstandings of the word ‘consciousness’ and how to really ‘let go’. To go deeper with Tim in person check out his online community Peter Russell is on the faculty of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a fellow of The World Business Academy and The Findhorn Foundation, and an Honorary Member of The Club of Budapest.He studied mathematics and theoretical physics Cambridge University (UK), and then experimental psychology travelling to India to study meditation and eastern philosophy. He also has a post-graduate degree in computer science. In the 1970s, he was one of the first people to introduce human potential seminars into the corporate field. In 1982 in his bestselling book “The Global Brain" he predicted the Internet and the impact it would have. His books include: The TM Technique, The Upanishads, The Brain Book, The Creative Manager, The Consciousness Revolution, Waking Up in Time, Seeds of Awakening, and From Science to God. His new book, Letting

  • What the **** is this we are in?

    06/09/2021 Duração: 15min

    Many people in my online community said this was one of my best presentations of the essence of Unvidual Philosophy … so we decided to share it with everyone Read more  

  • WHAT IS LIFE? #38

    20/08/2021 Duração: 01h32min

    Greg and I talk about our experience in cults and how it has changed the way we see life. GREGORY GOREY Greg was a member of the Buddha Field meditation cult for 13 years and is interviewed about his experience in the documentary "Holy Hell". He has been doing therapeutic bodywork for 27 years and his massage instructional videos have been viewed more than 85 million times.   Greg He can be reached on FB at Gregory Gorey LMT or on his website

  • WHAT IS LIFE? #37 Tim Freke and Alan Clements

    14/05/2021 Duração: 01h09min

    Alan and I talked about authentic spirituality, forgiveness in politics, and the distressing current situation in Burma.  I found this a insightful and moving conversation. I hope you do too. Alan Clements is a satirist, performing artist, former Buddhist monk, and investigative journalist in areas of war and extreme conflict. He is also the author of numerous books, a spoken word album, and the subject of a feature documentary film ’Spiritually Incorrect'.  His latest book is 'Extinction Rated: An auto fictional satire about good and evil' T!M FREKE Author of 35 books, translated into over 15 languages including an international bestseller and Daily Telegraph ‘Book fo the Year’  #50 Most Spiritually Influential Living People 2020, Watkins Magazine Winner of Writer of the Year 2020, Kindred Spirit Spiritual explorer since a spontaneous awakening when he was 12 years old Founder of ‘Unividualism’, which combines evolutionary science a

  • WHAT IS LIFE? #36 Tim Freke and Gregg Henriques

    30/04/2021 Duração: 01h18min

    Gregg and I discuss 'the problem of psychology' and his Tree of Knowledge System   Dr. Gregg Henriques is Professor of Graduate Psychology at James Madison University. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Vermont and did his post-doctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania. His scholarly work has been published in the field’s best journals and he authored the book, A New Unified Theory of Psychology. He has also developed a popular blog on Psychology Today, Theory of Knowledge, where he has authored over 375 essays on psychology, philosophy, politics, and mental health.

  • Unividual Meditation

    23/04/2021 Duração: 17min

    This guided mediation was recorded at an online meetup of the International Community of Unividuals

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