Twilight Zone Club



This is a podcast for discussion of the Twilight Zone series. Each episode will be discussed in a session season by season with interaction from listeners.


  • Episode 3 - "Mr. Denton on Doomsday" and "The 16 mm Shrine"


    It is great to be back after a long absence. Unfortunately, the podcast has been off the air due to life's litlte unforeseeable events. I've done an overhaul of my sound system, so we now have a better audio quality.In our last episodes, we discussed "Where is Everybody?" and "One for the Angels." Instead of doing just one episode per podcast. I want to tackle two in one show. Another change is that I will review the episode rather than go through a series of study questions. It covers the types of questions I've asked in the past but compacts it a bit more.We now have 115 subscribers!!! I'd like to thank you for hanging in with me and for yoru e-mails asking if the show would continue. :)We've gotten some mixed reviews on ITunes. Some really enjoy the show and others don't. That's okay because nobody can please everyone. This is a new avenue for me, so it's an experiment and an experience in growth and learning. I'm always looking for new ways to make the show innovative and fun. Any suggestions and feedback

  • "One for the Angels" - Episode 2 - 3/1/07


    Twilight Zone Club - "One for the Angels"Episode 2 - 3/1/07On today's show, we discussed the episode "One for the Angels," whcih originally aired on October 9th, 1959.We now have 16 subscribers! That is wonderful indeed. I'm hoping as time goes on and that the word about this podcast gets out, it will become a big source of enjoyment for Twilight Zone fans.Next up will be "Mr. Denton on Doomsday." Below are the discussion questions:Did you like this episode? Why or why not?Did you feel sorry for Al Denton? Please explain.If you were a character in this episode, would you be picking on Al Denton or would you have wanted to break it up like Liz Smith did?Did you expect the episode to end the way it did? Were you happy with the ending?Do you think Al Denton would have remained sober and lived happily ever after with Liz Smith or do you think he would eventually go back to the bottle?You can send answers to these questions via e-mail. Comments about the show, podcast, any of the episodes, insights, or other feedb

  • Twilight Zone Club "Where is Everybody?" 2/19/07


    "Where is Everybody?"Hello everyone,We are moving right along! We now have 12 subscribers, which is really awsome.In this episode, I shared some books I have as part of my Twilight Zone collection. They are:"The Twilight Zone, the Original Stories" Edited by Martin Harry Greenburg, Richard Matheson, and Charlies G. Waugh"Twilight Zone Scripts & Stories" by George Clayton Johnson"The Twilight Zone Companion" by Marc Scott Zicree"Rod Serking's The Twilight Zone" Adapted by Walter B. Gibson"More Twilight Zone" by Rod Serling"The New Twilight Zone" Edited by Martin H. GreenburgYou can purchase these books at or other bookstores.There are other podcasts that I mentioned on the show. You can find links to those on the website under Sharon's Favorite Links."Discussion questions for our next episode where we will be talking about "One for the Angels." are:Did you like this episode? Why or why not? What is your first impression of Mr. Bookman when you first see him? When Loou Bookman seemed to ou

  • Twilight Zone Club - Introduction, 2/15/07


    Twilight Zone ClubIntroduction, 2/15/07Hello everyone,This is an introduction to my Twilight Zone Discussion Podcast. I am brand new at this whole thing, but I have enjoyed creating this introduction. I'm hoping this will take off quickly.I felt the need for this podcast because I don't believe there is a podcast geared toward discussing "The Twilight Zone" episodes. However, there are many, many fans of this series and who probably enjoy discussing the show with other fans. This is the perfect place. Study questions and food for thought will be posted regularly to this blog. I welcome your answers and comments. My goal is for this podcast to be interactive where you, the listeners, will contribute so you won't always be subjectec to my opinions and answers all the time.:) Answers to the questions and comments can be e-mailed to me here.If you wold like to be mentioned on the show, you can do the following:Subscribing to the podast and sending me a hello Answering the study questions Providing some insights a