These One Guys



Vincent and Leland are These One Guys, and they make a podcast about movies, music, games, comics, and whatever else they cant shut up about. Sometimes they sing, sometimes they play games at you, and sometimes they have epic time-traveling adventures and punch dinosaur hunters. Youll probably love it, or maybe you wont, Im not the boss of you.


  • Episode 0 - Beetlebreakfast


    Our flipper-baby of a pilot episode has us awkwardly playing Space Team, which is a shouting-based game that would probably be more fun for you to watch (or play). We follow up with blabbering about our top ten favorite villains - almost all the names of whom we can remember - and then we complain about Star Trek and JJ Abrams for a while before we vanish abruptly in a plume of necksmoke.