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Just Our Opinion podcast is hosted by Houston Martin and Stephen Earnest. Both are passionate about film and politics. See how they bring the two together. Episodes will be released on Wednesday. Special episodes will be released on an as-recorded basis.


  • Just Our Opinion - Episode 2 - Donald Trump vs. Keyser Soze

    27/04/2016 Duração: 02h21min

    In this weeks episode Steve and I talk politics: Cruz and Kasich's new tactic, Sander's post-campaign future, and the current position of the Republican Party. We also talk movies: classic movies that just don't hold up, twist endings good and bad, and finish with movie experiences that made us down right uncomfortable. We wrap up the show with our suggestions of the week. *Don't Forget to Check Out www.justouropinionpodcast.com* -TheFreeDictionary.com- Demythologization: To rid of mythological elements in order to discover the underlying meaning.

  • Just Our Opinion - Episode 1.5 - Social Media Update

    25/04/2016 Duração: 01min

    This is just a brief update on all Just Our Opinion's social media platforms. Also, Houston gives some information on our Patreon Campaign. You can find more information at patreon.com/opinionpodcast .

  • Just Our Opinion - Episode 1 - Just In Time

    21/04/2016 Duração: 01h27min

    This is the first episode of Just Our Opinion. Steve and I shortly discuss four/twenty before jumping into a discussion regarding the NY primary and its respective candidates. After a round of political conversation, we discuss movies. We disagree on the importance of rated r movies, and whether superhero movies are affecting Hollywood. We end the show by giving our entertainment suggestions of the week. - Dictionary.com - Pontificate; to speak in a pompous or dogmatic manner.