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  • Episode 319: Biodynamic Gardening with Tammy from Hamilton Pool Vineyards

    22/11/2022 Duração: 01h23min

    What exactly is biodynamic gardening? How can we work with nature to create healthy soil and plants? What does burying a cow horn have to do with anything? Tune in to Ali and Becki’s interview with Tammy Kattner of Hamilton Pool Farm and Vineyards to learn all this and more!    In this fascinating interview, Tammy shares how Hamilton Pool Farm and Vineyards got its start, how she approaches farming from a biodynamic perspective, and how you can apply this to your home garden. Learn about irrigation, how to buy seeds, ways to enrich the soil that are anything but conventional, and so much more!    Also in this episode:  UpdatesBlack Friday Deals Coming Soon - Subscribe to our Newsletter to Stay in the Loop!  Episodes on Sustainable Agriculture:Episode 208 Wild Fed with Daniel Vitalis Episode 217 Beyond Labels with Joel Salatin and Dr. Sina McCollough Episode 307 How Soil Health impacts your health with Allen Williams What is Biodynamic Gardening? Rudolf Steiner Ways to Get Started with Biodynamic Gardeni

  • Episode 318: Navigating the Holidays with Food as Medicine

    14/11/2022 Duração: 01h11min

    Are you still putting the finishing touches on your holiday menu? Need some inspiration that will convince your family that real food can taste good once and for all? Looking for some tips to navigate the holidays and stay on track? Tune in to get Ali’s top tips for holiday survival and best practices for incorporating both mindful indulgence and nutrient density in your menu planning.    In this episode, Ali and Becki will definitely make you drool with their holiday menu inspiration! Learn about ways to incorporate greens into your Thanksgiving meal, choosing quality fats and why we love nut flour. Plus eating nose to tail, holiday survival supplement essentials, and how to navigate conversations about the “bad season” with family and friends! Welcome to episode 318, today we are talking about staying on track through the holiday season and how you can incorporate food as medicine into your celebrations this year! We’ll cover some yummy holiday menu inspiration, supplement strategy for cruising through t

  • Episode 317: Getting in Your Greens

    07/11/2022 Duração: 51min

    Are you getting your 2-3 cups leafy greens daily? Need some inspiration to switch things up for the fall and winter season? Curious about consuming leafy greens if you have a thyroid condition, are on a blood thinner, or don’t tolerate greens well? Tune in to this fun and light episode where we break down the reasons to get your greens, what to do if not tolerating them, and how to make this a daily reality!    In this episode, we remind listeners of all the reasons to get your greens in on a daily basis. From unique phytonutrients like kampherol, to gut-supporting compounds like sulfoquinovose, to important vitamins and minerals, we discuss the benefits of leafy greens. For those not tolerating greens well, we discuss changing up preparation techniques, troubleshooting gut issues, and food sensitivities. Get inspired with food as medicine recipes to get your 2-3 cups daily with no excuses!   Also in this episode:  Immune Webinar 11/17 $9.99 15% off All Immune Formulas during November 2022 New ProductsGI Immu

  • Episode 316: Ketogenic Bodybuilding with Guest Robert Sikes

    31/10/2022 Duração: 01h28s

    Are you curious about building muscle on a ketogenic diet? Want insight from a competitive bodybuilder on diet vs. exercise, intermittent fasting, and breaking the viscous diet cycle? Just looking to add some resistance training to your routine? Tune in to hear us interview Robert Sikes aka Keto Savage, a lifetime natural bodybuilder, about his journey from the unhealthy world of “bro-dieting” to finding keto and never looking back!    Even if you’re not a bodybuilder (because most of us are not!), this episode is filled with nuggets of wisdom for anyone looking to ramp up their exercise performance or simply add more movement to their daily life! Robert is the real deal and one of our favorite humans in the keto community with his down-to-earth approach and no excuses attitude. Just listening to him will inspire you to take things to the next level as he shares his approach to reverse dieting, best resistance exercises for women, staying consistent through the holidays and more! Plus hear his perspective on

  • Episode 315: Mixing Up Your Meal Plan & Staying Consistent For Results

    24/10/2022 Duração: 59min

    Are you in need of some new meal prep ideas? Want some tricks for staying consistent and inspired with food as medicine? Just want us to tell you what to eat? Tune in to hear us discuss mixing up your meal plan, how to structure your week, and how to bust out of a food rut in this fun and light episode!    In this episode, we discuss keeping things interesting while sticking to your food as medicine goals and feeding your family. Learn about our favorite recipes, how to maximize kitchen space, and how to get into a meal prep flow that doesn’t feel like a full time job! Plus hear what we are making these days and get some ideas of how Becki stocked her freezer for postpartum!    Also in this episode:  12 Week Keto Meal Plans $10 Off use code KETO10 Episode 228: Exploring your Macros and Meal Planning The Importance of Having a Plan Favorite Meal Prep RecipesZucchini Collagen Muffins Blueberry Banana Muffins Slow Cooker Carnitas Crispy Fish Tacos in The Anti-Anxiety Diet Cookbook Wild Cod Nuggets in 12 Week Ke

  • Episode 314: Navigating a Stool Panel

    17/10/2022 Duração: 55min

    What’s your poop telling you? If you are dealing with longstanding GI issues, have a recent diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease, or are just curious about the health of your gut, you might consider a stool test! A comprehensive, functional stool analysis provides insight into good, neutral and bad bacteria populations, yeast, parasites, virus and more. It also includes markers of how well you digest and absorb your food, inflammatory markers, and indicators of leaky gut.    In this episode, we break down the reasons you might consider a stool test, how this test is done, and what it includes. We walk through a case study of a sample panel and give direct insight into how to manage pathogen overgrowth, rebound the gut lining, improve absorption and so much more. Plus we compare our stool test to some of the direct to consumer options on the market and provide an exclusive discount code for podcast listeners!    Also in this episode:  Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis Test - use code STOOL100 for $100

  • Episode 313: Estrogen Metabolism and Breast Health

    10/10/2022 Duração: 01h15min

    Are you curious about genetic risk factors for breast cancer? Want to know how you can influence genes like BRCA and COMT? Looking for a deep dive on estrogen metabolism? Tune in to hear us cover updates on breast cancer, risk factors, and functional approaches to breast health.    In this episode, we discuss Ali’s work on an NIH study back in 2015 and what has changed since then in the world of breast cancer research and prevention. Learn why supporting detoxification is so important, why flax seeds are superior to soy, and why lymphatic drainage and breast massage need to become a part of your regular routine!    Also in this episode:  12 Week Keto Meal Plans 10 Day Detox Episode 6: Breast Cancer Prevention  Episode 233: Estrogen Dominance Episode 280: Why You Need Estrogen Episode 281: Estrogen Concerns and updates on Estrogen Dominance Ali’s work on the NIH Breast Cancer Study The Hormone Breast Cancer ConnectionNeurohormone Lab Concerns with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Deep Dive on Estrogen Metab

  • Episode 312: Menupause with Dr. Anna Cabeca

    03/10/2022 Duração: 57min

    Want to know how to break through a weight loss plateau? Need a simple trick to stop cravings in their tracks? Looking to shake things up and try some new recipes? Tune in to hear us interview 3x repeat guest Dr. Anna Cabeca about her new book, MenuPause.    In this episode, Dr. Anna Cabeca will once again wow you with her hormone and metabolic health knowledge, digging into carb cycling, busting cravings, the acid-alkaline balance and more. She will also make your mouth water with keto-friendly recipes like tabbouleh, kefta and almond fig scones. Plus earn why keto isn’t just a “good idea” for perimenopausal and menopausal women--it’s mandatory as Dr. Cabeca says!  Also in this episode: 12 Week Keto Meal Plans - use code KETO10 for $10 off Episode 123: Dr. Anna Cabeca Libido and Getting your Sexy Back Episode 252: Hormone updates from Fertility to Breezing through Menopause Inspiration for MenuPause What Drives a Weight Loss Plateau The 5 Pauses Why Keto for Perimenopause and Menopause? Dr. Anna’s Cravings C

  • Episode 311: Ali Reflections from Sabbatical and Shifting to Action in Your Life

    26/09/2022 Duração: 01h27s

    Curious about what Ali did on her recent sabbatical? Want to know what’s going on with the Naturally Nourished Market and Ali’s homestead project? Need some inspiration to move into action in your own life? Tune in to hear Ali’s updates and reflections after taking some time off (sort of!) to ground and reflect!    In this episode, Ali shares what she has been up to in her personal life, from launching a new venture to rooting in community, to building a dream homestead!  Also in this episode:  Episode 268 Ali updates on hustle, flow, faith and functional medicine career Highlights of Ali’s SabbaticalNaturally Nourished Market Episode 301 Can Cured Meat be Healthy Finding BalanceCalm and Clear  Adaptogen Boost GabaCalm Episode 171 Movement as Medicine with Dr Deb Kern Blissfully Awake Austin Ridge Bible Church Ali’s Homestead UpdatesPrice List – Geo Growers Episode 292 All About Water Hamilton Pool Farm Episode 307: How Soil Health Impacts Your Health Chasing Your Dreams and Going After Your VisionEp

  • Episode 310: Migraines and Headaches

    19/09/2022 Duração: 01h44s

    Do you deal with headaches or migraines? Not sure what is causing them or how to get lasting relief? Want natural solutions instead of the conventional over the counters and prescriptions that come with a ton of side effects? Tune in to hear us discuss root causes of headaches and how to treat them, from the occasional headache to the monthly hormonal migraine to the more severe and debilitating migraines.   In this episode, we discuss common drivers of headaches and migraines from food sensitivities to hormonal imbalance to nutrient deficiency and more. Learn why keto has a promising role for migraine sufferers, why you might want to rethink the frequent NSAID use, and what you can use instead when a headache strikes!     Also in this episode: Beat the Bloat Program Flash Sale $10 Off with BTB10 Smoothie and Shake Ebook Just $1.99 Types of Headaches Causes of Headaches Food SensitivitiesMRT Inflammatory Food Panel Dietitians Review Their MRT Food Sensitivity Test  The Best Food Sensitivity Test [Everly, Pinn

  • Episode 309: Back to School and Kids Q&A

    12/09/2022 Duração: 01h09min

    Already feeling the overwhelm with kids back to school? Running short on lunchbox ideas or burning out on easy breakfasts? Want to know how to support your little (and bigger) ones for a healthy school year? Tune in to hear us answer all your burning back to school and kid-related questions!    In this episode, we answer listener questions on everything from navigating difficult food conversations with your child’s school, to what supplements to send with college-aged kids, to whether parasite cleanses are appropriate for kids and more! Plus hear the highlights of Miss Stella’s summer, what she is most excited about going into first grade, and her advice to Noah as he starts preschool.    Also in this episode:  Stella’s Summer Highlights Have You Filled a Bucket Today Kids Book Noah and Stella’s Back to School PlansEpisode 303 Unschooling with Matt Beaudreau Communicating Your Child’s Dietary Needs Handling Celebratory Treats Dealing with Disinfectants in SchoolsAdvocating for Safe and Effective Disinfect

  • Episode 308: Long Haul Updates and the Microbiome Connection

    06/09/2022 Duração: 01h14min

    Are you dealing with long haul symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, or digestive distress? Want to understand the COVID-microbiome connection? In need of a reset to put long haul symptoms in the past? Tune in to hear us explore the reasons some deal with long term effects including microbiome imbalance, oxidative stress, and more.    In this episode, we discuss the 50+ reported long term effects of COVID that may impact daily life. Learn how an imbalance microbiome can predispose to COVID severity, and how lasting changes in the gut flora can drive long haul symptoms and unfavorable digestive changes. Plus hear up to date recommendations on reducing viral replication and supporting your system should you get the dreaded C-word yet again in this endemic phase!    Also in this episode:  Beat the Bloat Program $10 Off with code BTB10 How Common is Long Haul?Post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 in a non-hospitalized cohort: Results from the Arizona CoVHORT Covid-19 Breakthrough Infections in Vaccinated Health Care Wor

  • Episode 307: How Soil Health Impacts Your Health

    29/08/2022 Duração: 01h05min

    Why does soil health matter and what does it have to do with food security? How is erosion and reliance on inputs like fertilizers and pesticides affecting our food supply? How can farmers and ranchers shift to a regenerative agriculture model? Tune in to hear our guest Allen Williams answer all these questions and more in this deep dive episode on soil health, regenerative farming, and beyond!    In this episode, we interview Allen Williams, a 6th generation farmer and self-described “recovering academic”. After 15 years in academia and over 40 publications authored, Allen returned to regenerative farming with an emphasis on whole farm and ranch planning. He provides a wealth of knowledge on the principles of soil health, the interconnectedness of all life, and busts myths about carbon sequestering in this not-to-be missed episode, whether you are a home gardener, a farmer or rancher, or just a conscious consumer!  Also in this episode:  Why Soil Health Matters The Impact of Erosion Ranching and Antibiot

  • Episode 306: Pregnancy Q&A

    22/08/2022 Duração: 01h08min

    Is it safe to intermittent fast during pregnancy? What about doing keto while pregnant? What are the essential supplements for growing a super baby? Tune in to hear these questions and many more answered in this pregnancy grab bag Q&A episode!    As Becki approaches her due date, we’re answering all your burning questions about pregnancy, natural birth, preparing for postpartum and more! Hear our thoughts on placental encapsulation, homebirth preparation, coping with stress during pregnancy and so much more. Plus get tips for coping with morning sickness and learn how Becki used a CGM to opt out of gestational diabetes screening.    Also in this episode: Past Episodes on Pregnancy, Birth & BreastfeedingEpisode 21: Ali’s First Trimester Episode 25: Ali’s Second Trimester Episode 27: Ali’s Third Trimester  Episode 186: Becki’s First Trimester Episode 196: Becki’s Second Trimester Episode 213: Becki’s Third Trimester Episode 55: Breastfeeding Episode 225: Breastfeeding Updates Becki’s Birth & Postp

  • Episode 305 Trends in Keto + KetoCon Recap

    15/08/2022 Duração: 01h19min

    It’s hard to believe that KetoCon is already over a month behind us and we’re still riding the high from co-hosting a pre-party with Redmond Real Salt, hanging with keto pals old and new, and of course Ali getting to share cutting edge keto science on the medical panel and main stage! Tune in to hear our recap of the entire magical weekend, from the trends in keto to our new favorite products to why we STILL won’t get behind non-caloric sweeteners!    In this episode, we discuss why keto isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and continues to be one of our most highly recommended lifestyles when looking for weight loss, improved metabolic health, hormone reset and more! Learn about the keto immune connection and new information Ali shared in her keynote lecture. Plus hear about all the yummy things we got to eat and get some discount codes for new products we loved!    Also in this episode:  Apply to Become a Naturally Nourished AmbassadorEpisode 248 Food As Medicine For Your Face with Guest Ashley Terry of Grace

  • Episode 304: All About Electrolytes

    08/08/2022 Duração: 01h01min

    We hear about electrolytes all the time, but what exactly are they? What happens when electrolytes are out of balance? Where should you start with electrolyte replenishment? Tune in to hear us cover best food sources of electrolytes, why salt is GOOD for you, and what we think about some of the leading electrolyte products on the market.    In this episode, we discuss symptoms and drivers of electrolyte imbalance as well as why it is important to lead with food first when it comes to electrolyte replacement! Learn about the delicate balance of hydration, what intercellular and extracellular fluid mean, and how you can get more salt in the diet. Plus learn about our favorite electrolyte rich recipes for staying balanced and hydrated!    Also in this episode:  FREE Back to School Webinar 8/17 Sign Up Now! Food as Medicine for the Whole Family $100 Off with code BACKTOSCHOOL What are electrolytes? Symptoms of electrolyte imbalance Causes of imbalanceInfused water for hydration Episode 292 All About Water: Revers

  • Episode 303: Unschooling with Matt Beaudreau

    01/08/2022 Duração: 01h08min

    “We all say we would die for our children--but would you LIVE for your children?” Matt Beaudreau really got us thinking with that one…and so much more solid gold he delivers in this episode. As the founder of Acton Academy, a school that utilizes the Socratic method, Matt might just be one of our very favorite podcast guests to date! Tune in to hear us pick his brain on intentional parenting, instilling personal responsibility, and raising free range kids while avoiding the dangerous traps of conveyor belt schooling!    In this episode, we interview Matt on where education has gone wrong, the difference between systemic schooling and real education, and how to unschool our kids. Learn how he started a school based on self-direction and asking questions that completely bucks the norm of education in this country and be inspired to make shifts in your parenting to support character development and independence.    More About Matt Beaudreau: As a Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Coach to organizations around the

  • Episode 302: Kids Skin from Cradle Cap and Eczema to Rashes and Sunburn

    25/07/2022 Duração: 01h04min

    Is your baby’s baby-soft skin suddenly not so baby-soft? Dealing with eczema or cradle cap for the littles or rashes and irritable skin for older kids? Want to know what we use on our children’s skin and how we deal with bumps, bites, sunburns and more? Tune in to hear us discuss kids skin health and how you can support your child’s skin from the inside out!    In this episode, we dive into common skin health concerns from infants through pre-teens. Learn when to dig deeper into microbiome imbalance, how to support your child’s skin barrier, and what you can do on a supplemental, diet and topical level for common issues. Plus we cover what to keep on hand for insect bites and stings, sunburn and rashes, as well as Noah and Stella’s skincare routines.  Also in this episode:  Episode 300 All about Kids Digestion FREE Back to School Webinar 8/17 Sign Up Now! Food as Medicine for the Whole Family $100 Off with code BACKTOSCHOOL Getting Bone Broth in During SummerBone Broth Fast Bone Broth Bloody Mary Avocado

  • Episode 301: Can Cured Meat be Healthy with Anthony and Kaz Pedonesi of The Salumeria

    18/07/2022 Duração: 01h10min

    Can cured meat, more specifically salami, possibly be healthy? What should you look for when selecting cured meat? How often can you eat it? Tune in to hear us answer these questions and more in this interview with Anthony and Kazmira Pedonesi of The Salumeria.    The Salumeria provides the most nutritious pork based protein in the form of salumi. Their hogs are peacefully grazing on a 250-acre pasture in Rockdale, Texas. In this episode, you will learn how Anthony has carried on a family tradition while shifting to regenerative farming practices and creating a cured meat product that you can safely eat every day! From the diet of their hogs, to the swiss chard used in curing, to the attention to detail in all their recipes, this family business story will inspire you and leave your mouth watering!   More about The Salumeria:  Anthony comes from a long line of salumi makers, originating in Rome, Italy. His family bartered and traded for other goods with their salumi. After many hard years in IT and finance, A

  • Episode 300: All about Kids Digestion

    11/07/2022 Duração: 50min

    Is your child dealing with digestive issues? Want to know how to treat common concerns like constipation, diarrhea or belly aches naturally? Curious what digestion has to do with bedwetting? Tune in to hear us cover all things kids and digestion, from resolving infant colic to easing tummy aches to more serious conditions like FPIES and beyond.    In this episode, Ali and Becki drill down on common digestive issues starting from birth through preteen and teenage years. Learn what to have in your farmacy for occasional constipation complaints, foodborne illness, and even those nasty gut bugs like norovirus. Plus get insight into how to supplement kids for ongoing digestive resilience and a proactive approach to support their digestion as they grow!    Also in this episode:  Use code PODCAST300 for 15% off your next supplement order! Expires 7/31 Back to School Webinar August 17th Sign Up Now for this FREE Webinar, spaces are limited!  Flash Sale on Food As Medicine for the Whole Family Program use code BACKTOS

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