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Geek news and sketches


  • TFCon Baltimore


    Alex talks about his haul from a Transformers convention in Baltimore.

  • Picard Season 2 and other news


    Alex and Allan discuss Transformers, GI Joe, Picard season 2 and Kevin Smith’s He-Man!

  • Geek News


    Batman the Animated Series is returning!? More Transformers, Star wars, Star Trek shows and events on the horizon! We share thoughts of Godzilla vs. Kong, Mortal Kombat 2021, and MORE!

  • Volcanicus


    Allan and Alex discuss Transformer Earthrise, and some new toys including a review of the Dinobot knockoff: Dino Troops alloy by Black Mamba. Also, Cobra Kai season 3 was viewed. We weigh in on Picard and Discovery. Join in on the convo!

  • We’re all Mavericks


    Alex and Allan discuss Transformers news, Star Wars, online celebrity panels and more!

  • Hound and other topics


    Alex brings in Masterpiece Hound and we discuss stuff.

  • Eddie Van Halen Tribute


    Allan and Alex reflect on the music of Eddie Van Halen.

  • Devastator-COVID Football and more!


    Alex Berg in the studio discussing Combiner Wars Devastator, War For Cybertron on Netflix and how College Football conferences are handling the new COVID football environment. Plus, a new Supreme Court ruling on production companies and theatrical releases on this week’s Cluster Fudge!



    Another Alex episode and we discuss, Transformers, Star Wars, Star Trek, and MORE! CLUSTERFUDGE!!!

  • Picard season finale!


    We complete the final 3 episodes of Picard. Borg! Romulans! Androids! The only thing missing is Mr. Sulu saying “OH MY!”Join us in rounding out Season 1 of…PICARD!

  • Scoob and Knives Out


    Carlos! Is! Back! We return and discuss Knives Out and Scoobie Doo’s latest CGI adventure, maybe some other stuff too…because…CLUSTERFUDGE!

  • Best of Both Worlds


    Alex returns to the show with a second guest, Stephan. We review a show we watched 30 years ago to the day. Star Trek The Next Generation: Best of Both Worlds. We also finish our review of V: The Final Battle, Transformers: Siege’s CliffJumper toy, and MORE!

  • Transformers watches and Quarantine Theme Parks


    We discuss Transformers watches, V the Final Battle, Theme Park visits during quarantine AND MORE!

  • V, Transformers, and Universal vs. Theaters!


    Alex Berg returns as guest host to discuss more Transformers news. I play our recording of interacting with Frank Welker at a local convention. We discuss 1983 V miniseries. Also, Universal wants to end its exclusive deal with theaters regarding first run movies! All on this episode of Cluster Fudge.    

  • Transformers unboxing and MISC


    Alex Berg guest spots in this episode! We discuss not only Transformers, but Star Wars, Picard, Back to the Future and even Disney World in a COVID-19 environment!

  • Picard – TRiker!


    Troi! Riker! It’s TRiker! Troiker? Captain Riker! Commander Troi! Admiral Picard! Together again! Gee, it’s good to be together again! They just can’t imagine that they’ve ever been gone…

  • Picard Eps 4-6


    Picard on an Asian/Middle Eastern looking Romulan planet? In a scene from Blade Runner? On the Borg Cube?! WHAT WILL HAPPEN!?!

  • Picard Eps 1-3


    With all this home time, Carlos and Allan review the first 3 episodes of Star Trek Picard!

  • My Corona


    Allan and Carlos return from our super sanitized bunker! Safe from the various viruses lurking in the world!

  • The Rise of Skywalker


    Carlos and Allan discuss the Rise of Skywalker!

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