Anime Hour



Anime Hour is a weekly podcast about anything anime with your hosts Jordan Steed, Max Briseno, and Zach Smith we hope you enjoy! Please rate and subscribe!


  • ep. 4 Naruto vs. Sasuke

    08/06/2017 Duração: 41min

    This week our hosts discuss the final fight between Naruto and Sasuke in Naruto Shippuden! Please rate and subscribe!

  • ep.3 My Hero Academia

    24/05/2017 Duração: 30min

    On this episode our hosts go over My Hero Academia Season 1! Please rate, review, and subscribe!

  • ep. 2 BORUTO!

    19/05/2017 Duração: 34min

    This week our hosts discuss Boruto: Naruto the Next Generation! listen until the end for our Anime recommendation of the week!

  • ep1. Attack on Titan fan theory

    14/05/2017 Duração: 31min

    On this episode our hosts talk about fan theory on season 2 of Attack on Titan! Spoiler Alert!!!