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The Christian Coaching School Podcast is your one-stop resource for continuing education, personal growth and becoming dually certified as a Certified Christian Life Coach and Certified Professional Life Coach. On this podcast, you'll learn from the originator of Spirit-Led Christian Life Coaching and Master Coach trainer, Dr. Leelo Bush. She will help you understand the profession, the 10 Christian Coaching Proficiencies© and how to attract the right clients. Youll learn new skills and correct mindset issues that may have held you back. Discover how helping others with your coaching skills can take you to places you never dared hope or dream. The Christian Coaching School Podcast is part of the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy, the leading authority today on Christian life coach and specialty training. Learn more at


  • How To Get Unstuck

    10/08/2022 Duração: 20min

    In today's episode of the Christian Coaching School Podcast, Dr. Leelo Bush unveils the true condition of being stuck, offers questions to help you uncover why you’re feeling stuck, and shares the most effective ways to get unstuck.  [02:07] Introduction [03:12] The True Condition of Feeling Stuck [06:44] The First Step to Getting Unstuck [09:41] Reasons Why Your Clients Are Feeling Stuck  [13:48] My Top Five Coaching Questions to Getting Unstuck [16:28] Bible Verses For Overcoming Fear  [18:49] Parting Thoughts  The Real Condition of Feeling Stuck What is being stuck and how can it happen? When it comes to being stuck, here's something that you might not have considered. First, all of us will feel stuck on something at one point or another. The truth is, though, that someone is never actually stuck. Yes, you might be feeling impatient or frustrated, but being stuck is not a real thing. As soon as you say to yourself that you are stuck, that's precisely how you'll feel. So be careful what you allow yourself t

  • Christian Coach Self-Image

    03/08/2022 Duração: 22min

    In today's episode of the Christian Coaching School Podcast, Dr. Leelo Bush breaks down how self-awareness on the part of the coach is crucial and how it will optimize your skills and / or a step-by-step coaching plan. [01:02] Introduction [02:12] Why Christian Coaches Should Be Concerned About Self Image [05:00] How to Make The Shift From Wearier to Warrior [08:29] The Importance of Christian Coaches Knowing Their True Self [10:59] You Owe it to Your Clients to Work on Your Self Image  [14:01] The Benefits of Taking Care of Your Physical Self [16:40] Dr. Bush’s 60+ Pound Weight Loss From Her New Self Image [20:15] The Bible Discourages Excess Why Christian Coaches Should Be Concerned About Self-Image  Christian coaching is all about improving the lives of others. So why should we, as Christian coaches, be concerned about our self-image? Well, primarily because how we look at ourselves impacts how we look at everything else. It filters our thoughts on everything and determines whether we will react with coura

  • The #1 Best Way

    27/07/2022 Duração: 16min

    Want to know the proven, #1 fastest way to grow your coaching practice and how a specific hybrid method will make the difference to give you the fast track?  Join Dr. Leelo Bush’s for this exciting episode of the Christian Coaching School Podcast.   [02:58] The #1 Coaching Practice Builder [06:28] Credibility leads to opportunities [11:29] How to get the skills you need to harness the best way for your goals Benefits Of Using This Hybrid Method Combining group coaching and facilitation is the most effective way to grow your coaching practice while providing the best value for your clients. Groups can help foster creativity, confidence, and learning. It’s more affordable than one-to-one coaching. By working with groups, you also have more time to network, create more programs, and explore new ways to grow your practice.  Once your clients have gotten to know you as a coach, you can offer personal coaching as an upgrade. But it’s important that you establish credibility first. Dr. Bush explains how to do this.

  • The Wrong Goal

    20/07/2022 Duração: 18min

    In today’s episode of the Christian Coaching School Podcast, Dr. Leelo Bush takes on how to avoid pursuing the wrong goals, how to identify if you are on the right or wrong path, how to course correct, and how to help others choose the right path. [01:08] Fear of uncertainty [02:37] Are we chasing the right goal? [06:06] Importance of having goals [07:28] 3 signs you are chasing the wrong goal [12:44] How to set the right goal Choosing Faith Over Uncertainty It’s not unusual for people to find themselves afraid to set goals due to a fear of uncertainty, not knowing that God has a destined plan already planned out for them. The moment we are born, God already made a unique path for each one of us to follow. This path was made in reflection of His love for His creation and fulfillment of His purpose. Fearing uncertainty should not stop people from crafting their goals as the outcome of how you get to your goal was already predetermined by God. Taking a step back and praying for God’s guidance will aid in overco

  • Ability

    13/07/2022 Duração: 20min

    Today Dr. Leelo Bush shares the unique storytelling gifts of Dani Johnson to create a deeper understanding of talent and abilities. The goal is to understand one’s God-given gifts and by doing so, increasing our confidence in what we can accomplish. [01:55] Parable of the Talents [03:04] Useful Reflections on the Parable [05:51] The First Servant’s Success [08:45] The Optimistic Second Servant [11:19] The Fall of the Third Servant [17:17] Personalize conclusions from the Parable Talents are Gifts from God The discussion on abilities and talents stems from the idea that these are God-given gifts one receives once they are born. While some are gifted with many talents and others with just one, the important lesson one needs to take away from this is how well can one utilize their gifts. The idea of fear, rejection, and failure are some of the driving factors to why individuals fail to shine with their God-given abilities. Only with the spirit of encouragement, and the trust you have in God in utilizing your gif

  • Self-Love

    06/07/2022 Duração: 28min

    In today’s episode of the Christian Coaching School Podcast, Dr. Leelo Bush talks about self-love and unconditional love and why both are essential to you and your coaching practice. [01:50] Coaching with self-love [05:48] Unconditional love and self-love [10:55] Distortions about love [16:02] How do we love ourselves? [21:29] 20 Days to Self-Love Coaching Questions Choosing Unconditional Love You might find that some people are harder to love than others. But God has commanded us to “love your neighbor as yourself”. To practice unconditional love, we must first begin with our thoughts. The way we think affects our feelings. Be intentional with your thoughts as described in this episode and love will always be readily available to you. How to Cultivate Self-Love As children, some of us may have developed distorted ideas about love because of our personal experiences. It’s important to keep in mind that other people or external situations don’t define you. Instead, remember that you are a beloved child of God.

  • 5. Abuse Survivors Can Benefit From Coaching

    29/06/2022 Duração: 23min

    In today's episode of the Christian Coaching School Podcast, Dr. Leelo Bush tackles the dos and don'ts of coaching and helping victims of abuse. [03:48] Abuse and Domestic Violence in Today's Society [04:11] Understanding the Different Types of Abuse [07:09] How Coaching Can Improve the Life of an Abuse Victim [10:10] What is the Cycle of Abuse? [14:59] The Abuse and Domestic Violence Coaching Process [18:55] Self-Care for Coaches Helping Abuse Victims [21:40] Parting Thoughts  How Abuse Survivors Can Benefit From Coaching Domestic abuse is a traumatic, life-altering experience that, unfortunately, most people in today's society have lived through personally. The number of domestic abuse cases has been rising these past few years, yet the number of people seeking help is on a frustrating decline. And while recovering from abuse takes time and demands ongoing support, there is help. Reach out to a coach who will support, educate, validate, and empower you on your journey to healing. Survivors of domestic abuse

  • Episode 4 - Destiny Detours

    22/06/2022 Duração: 29min

    In today’s episode of the Christian Coaching School Podcast, Dr. Leelo Bush teaches about how to avoid some common pitfalls and detours to our destiny as a coach. [01:20] Comprehensive Christian Coach Handbook [05:07] Avoiding detours to your destiny [08:15] New Age coaching  [13:42] Why exclusively study and practice Christian coaching? [23:54] Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis [26:21] Uncompromising values and faith   The error of combining faith and worldly methods As a young believer in her 20s, Dr. Leelo thought it made sense to take the best parts of both coaching practices and apply them. But this only resulted in frustration, for Dr. Leelo could not progress until she understood the divine truth: that all answers can ultimately only come from God. Secular coaching encourages people to believe in what feels natural. All teachings are equal. There is no one right way to do things. This line of thinking is dangerous, leading us down a path of moral relativism.    Spirit-led coaching, market

  • Episode 3 - Increase Your Coaching Results

    15/06/2022 Duração: 15min

    In today’s episode of the Christian Coaching School Podcast, Dr. Leelo Bush shares 7 ways to increase your coaching results by digging deep into your client’s motivations and goals.   [03:22] Working towards long-term goals [04:08] Building confidence [05:27] Finding motivation [07:54] Counting the cost [09:37] Anticipating benefits [10:39] Building a support system [11:18] Believing God’s will [12:01] Valuable bonus point   Here are the important points Dr. Bush will address to help you 10x optimize any client’s coaching results. Is your client prepared to do what’s needed even if the reward is distant? Have they mentally stepped into their desired future role and how to do so. Are they passionate regardless of financial reward and recognition? Have they counted the cost and whether this may affect their outcome. Will they receive benefits and what this means for their progress. Do they have a support system and ways to build one. Can they discern if it’s God's will for them achieve their goals a

  • Episode 2 - How To Create An Emotion Adjustment

    08/06/2022 Duração: 16min

    In today’s episode of the Christian Coaching School Podcast, Dr. Leelo Bush teaches how to create an emotion adjustment.   [01:23] Why should we care about negative emotions? [03:27] Different types of negative emotions. [07:02] Where do emotions come from? [09:39] How to create emotion adjustments.   Identifying Negative Emotions There are four main categories of negative emotions: fear, anxiety, disgust, and anger. Uncomfortable feelings can rob us of our quality of life, steering us away from what God has in store for our lives. We’ve gotten used to feeling down, frustrated, and offended because we attribute them as natural reactions to life circumstances. Instead of ignoring our emotions, we should take them as warning signs. Letting these feelings fester will lead to more problems later on.   Adjust Your Emotions Here are some tips on how to dispel negative emotions. The first is to challenge the validity of what you’re feeling. Our present emotions do not always reflect the truth. Try to think of instan

  • EPISODE 1 - Recovering from Chaos

    01/06/2022 Duração: 21min

    In today's episode 1 of season 2 of the Christian Coaching School Podcast, we talk about chaos and how we can regain control of our lives. I also reveal why I had to take some time off from recording the podcast and how a string of adverse events helped me better understand how and when to manage the chaos in life.    [01:30] Relaunching the Podcast [02:15] How We All Go Through Trying Times [05:58] Nothing Can Come Between You and God's Plan [06:49] Pipe Burst and a String of Events [08:38] My Beloved Poodle [09:10] The Dramatic Event That Changed My Life Forever [12:15] Feelings of Loss [15:09] Anxiety and Consequences    [16:30] Why I Created the Genesis of Christian Coaching 3.0 [17:32] Discovering the Code for Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss [19:40] Parting Thoughts   Going Through and Overcoming Chaos We live in a world increasingly vulnerable to extremes. One day everything's fine, and the next, we're experiencing a global pandemic like nothing we've ever seen before. But that's just the way of life, an

  • EPISODE 13 - The Cure For Stress

    30/10/2018 Duração: 34min

    This episode is about real solutions for our society’s #1 problem: stress. Join me to discover your own cure for stress.  We will discuss what stress is, what causes it, how it looks in your life, the resulting behaviors and lots and lots of ways to overcome it. We'll discuss the challenges among the medical community with treating it, how it can affect a person's general and mental health. I'll share how you can become prepared and highly proactive to solve this issue before stress evoking circumstances happen.  I will arm you with practical solutions and even some cures, that you can use for yourself and with loved ones.  I'll even tell you how you can use stress relief skills professionally if that is your goal.   Stay with me for the entire episode to hear from Master Christian life coaches, also Certified in Stress Relief coaches and their experiences.  And, I have a special COUPON CODE (limited) for tuition savings for those who listen to this episode, that I will not share elsewhere. Listen now ...

  • EPISODE 12 - How Important Are Coaching Credentials?

    22/10/2018 Duração: 23min

    There's been a lot of discussion for years already about whether someone should get coaching credentials. After all, since coaching is not regulated, anyone can call themselves a coach and hang their shingle. In this episode I address: How important are coaching credentials? Will your prospective clients expect you to be certified? Will your credential make you a much better coach? You deserve to know the truth about credentials, credibility and professionalism.  Listen now!

  • EPISODE 11 - Coaching Challenges, How to Identify and Overcome Them

    05/10/2018 Duração: 15min

    Not everyone is ready for coaching and among those who are, some may have limitations. In this podcast Dr. Bush talks about some of the more common challenges, how to identify them and what to do. She also shares an opportunity to work with her personally. Links mentioned in this podcast episode: Courses available at Professional Christian Coaching Academy NOTE: Course tuition and enrollment links are always found near the bottom of each course description page. Support is available at our help desk at: Interested in our Premier 1-to-1 coach training or Elite Premier with Dr. Bush? Visit ##

  • EPISODE 10 - Christian Coaching School and Anew University PLUS More News and Updates

    01/10/2018 Duração: 23min

    Welcome back to another episode of Christian Coaching School podcast after a long break. I’m excited to share some very cool announcements with you today.  Among them are: PCCCA, the Professional Christian Coaching Academy is now part of Anew University. We’ve added a full time staff member to head Student Services. There will be a new Support Schedule to make response times more predictable. For support, contact us at Here’s more details … For your convenience, support phone lines, both US and International … NEW COURSES! Group Coaching Facilitator – best way to gain one-to-one clients is coaching groups and we give you the exact steps. Learn more at Advanced Professional Life Coach Certification course Actionable Content Includes: 1. Effortless client attraction 2. Conversations guaranteed to convert prospects into paying clients 3. Advanced client on-boarding – show your clients an extraordinary experience fr

  • EPISODE 9 - Stop Missing Opportunities

    07/07/2016 Duração: 16min

    How many times have you seen this happen? A new product or invention comes to market and someone says, "Hey, that was my idea!" "Great ideas are a dime a dozen but implementation is priceless." says Mary Kay Ash, the late founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Ideas are opportunities.  And even when negative events happen, opportunities are created by them that otherwise might not exist.  We just need to look for them. Just look at history.  Most people remember the Great Depression in the United States as a miserable time for most folks. BUT, those who looked for the opportunity, got ideas and implemented them, made a fortune.  In fact, that was a time more millionaires than ever before were created in the United States. I was blessed to be mentored by one of them, the late John Galbreath, who was a commercial real estate development mogul in Columbus, Ohio.   You’ll hear me talk about him from time to time because he shared great wisdom with me that I live by to this day.  He was in his late 80s when he mentored

  • EPISODE 8 - How To Coach Deeply

    28/06/2016 Duração: 23min

    Today we are going to talk about a skill that is really more about what we don’t do, than what we do.  In order to coach deeply, we need to hold the space for our client. When we coach in this way, it may appear to take longer to achieve results at times, but the results are far deeper and longer lasting because the client was deeply involved in achieving their outcome. Holding space in my view, is about doing less rather than more, in order to empower your client.  And coming up, I will explain how to do this as well as what not to do. When my students first begin coach training, they are so excited that they will be able to guide people to success.  They look forward to giving good, solid advice and help solve their client’s problems.  At first glance, that sounds really good.  The problem is that in order for your client to get the best results, they themselves need to arrive at the answers and we are not there to judge them, fix them or try to manipulate the outcome.  Because we are Christian coaches, and

  • EPISODE 7 – Interview with Karen Federighi, featured on NBC and Upcoming Movie

    13/06/2016 Duração: 52min

    Thank you for joining me for an extraordinary episode today. On occasion you will hear personal interviews with those I believe, can add great value to your life as well as your coaching, and in this case also, counseling practice. I recently had an opportunity to do an in-person interview with my guest, Karen Federighi, in Naples, Florida. Since we were not in a studio and were fortunate to find a somewhat quiet public room in a hotel there, you may still hear occasional local sounds.  But thanks to expert audio editing by Evan and Simply Beautiful Media, those will be kept to a bare minimum. Karen has been featured in an NBC news report and when you hear dates, times and locations mentioned in this show, please know that this information has already been vetted and released in major network broadcasts. In addition, Karen will appear in an upcoming Hollywood-produced, full-length documentary because of her experiences, due out in July of this year. When I first saw Karen, she was having breakfast at the hote

  • EPISODE 6 – Public Speaker Training For Coaches – Part 3

    31/05/2016 Duração: 26min

    Let’s talk about how to get speaking gigs as well as how to get paid for speaking. You need to get in front of those who are hungry for your message. This is the third and final episode in this series on public speaking training and I have a LOT of hands-on, actionable content, lots of resources and links as well as tips for you. Whatever your area of expertise, you need to package it so that it appeals to an audience who is looking for that information. If there is no audience for it whatsoever, you need to develop a new area of expertise. You can find these areas by searching Google or looking online to see what is selling. You topics must match the needs of your target audience. It will help if you are or can become an expert in your niche. Event hosts tend to prefer specialists over generalists. Connecting with the right people will let the public know of your expertise and your availability. It's also a very good way to get referrals. Word-of-mouth is very powerful. Always be courteous, enthusiastic, and

  • EPISODE 5 – Public Speaker Training For Christian Life Coaches - Part 2

    24/05/2016 Duração: 26min

    Welcome back. I hope the previous episode inspired you to do more public speaking. I think once you have a system down for how to prepare and present, your confidence will skyrocket. Today we will continue training on this topic. Today we are continuing with Part 2 on the topic of public speaker training, dealing with you as a presenter, your content and your audience. Last time we talked about the importance of preparation and how to prepare. As a review… we talked about our attitude, skills and preparation. We discussed the importance of opening impact and how to craft it. The content itself has 3 parts. The introduction, the body and the conclusion. With your INTRODUCTION your audience gets to know who you are, why you're qualified to speak to them, and that THEY are going to benefit you’re your presentation. Here you set the scene by telling your audience what you are going to tell them. Within the BODY, you will organize your core material into key points - remember, keep it to four or five main points.

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