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  • Fireside Chat


    Grab a hot toddy and join us in front of the fireplace for a cozy, light-hearted discussion about the evil machinations of the Tories and just how fucked Britain is… Read more Fireside Chat →

  • UK Politics


    Welcome to our 50th (!) episode! In this milestone recording, Bad Teeth catches me up on nearly two years worth of UK Politics – this is way more compelling and… Read more UK Politics →

  • Episode 49 – Celebrity Big Brother part II


    Episode 49 is our long-awaited (by us) follow-up to the CBB episode we recorded last year, after which an Emmerdale actress briefly became the most hated person in Britain. Here, we tackle the build-up and fallout from this classic final series of the UK CBB franchise…

  • “Let’s just air this in public”


    Episode 48 starts out as a harmless rant session regarding the Daily Mail then takes a dramatic turn when Bad Teeth and I find ourselves confronting a painful, unspoken, deeply… Read more “Let’s just air this in public” →

  • Celebrity Big Brother UK – Part 3


    This is it, folks. This is the end of our glorious (and gloriously epic) Celebrity Big Brother UK trilogy. Just how much of a man-slut is Jordan Davies? Are all… Read more Celebrity Big Brother UK – Part 3 →

  • Celebrity Big Brother UK – Part 2


    Episode 46 is a continuation of our seemingly never-ending discussion of four past seasons of Celebrity Big Brother UK. Ostensibly conceived to discuss series 19 and 20, we instead take… Read more Celebrity Big Brother UK – Part 2 →

  • Celebrity Big Brother UK – Part 1


    Good Teeth watched *four* complete series of Celebrity Big Brother back-to-back so you don’t have to. Join us as we wade through an endless sea of neck tattoos, showmances, and… Read more Celebrity Big Brother UK – Part 1 →

  • Left of the Dial


    Did Bad Teeth really open a bank account just to score a free radio? (SPOILER ALERT: Yes. He did.) Where do DJ’s go after they age out of the BBC… Read more Left of the Dial →

  • The Joy of the Job Search


    Are you a results-oriented team player with a proven track record for problem-solving and dynamic implementation of content-driven marketing strategies? Then please do us a favor and kindly fuck off.… Read more The Joy of the Job Search →

  • Depeche Mode – Part 3


    In episode 42, we cover the sublime (Violator) to the ridiculous (everything that came after Violator). Join us on our descent in the final installment of our much-lauded, critically acclaimed… Read more Depeche Mode – Part 3 →

  • Depeche Mode – Part 2


    It’s a Black Celebration in episode 41 as Bad Teeth and I get on with the business of part deux of our epic Depeche Mode three-part special. Slip on your… Read more Depeche Mode – Part 2 →

  • Depeche Mode – Part 1


    In which we discuss our decades-long obsession (well, Bad Teeth at least. I’m more of a fairweather DM fan if we’re being honest here.) with electro-pop pioneers/perennial fashion victims Depeche Mode.… Read more Depeche Mode – Part 1 →

  • A Rifle Through the Dailymail


    In this latest installment of our occasional feature “A Rifle Through the Dailymail”, we discuss the DM’s obsession with women’s “assets” (their word, not ours), the always delightful mix ‘n match style… Read more A Rifle Through the Dailymail →

  • The MTV VMAs from 1985


    So we decided, after the 2016 VMAs, to go and watch the VMAs from 1985 and talk all through THAT as well. Oh, and I had been on the drink… Read more The MTV VMAs from 1985 →

  • The 2016 MTV VMAs


    We thought it’d be fun (for us) to watch this year’s MTV Video Music Awards ceremony and provide a “live” running commentary as the unfolding events confounded our middle-aged minds.… Read more The 2016 MTV VMAs →

  • Brothers Not In Arms


      Welcome to episode 36, which centres on feuding sibling band members, represented in this inexplicable photograph taken on a small Pacific island which will only really make sense once… Read more Brothers Not In Arms →

  • Confessions, Brexit and Trump


    We didn’t really have a theme for this one, so we’ve kind of reverted to our pet subjects of bodily mishaps and politics, in particular the EU Referendum and the… Read more Confessions, Brexit and Trump →

  • Conspiracy Theories (part one)


    Welcome to our 33rd episode, in which we discuss, among other things, this guy: And his obsession with: While skirting over other popular conspiracies such as the 9/11 truth movement… Read more Conspiracy Theories (part one) →

  • New Order/Joy Division (part three)


    The final part of our New Order/Joy Division trilogy covers, in the most part, New Order performing live in Miami on 23rd March 2016, which looked a little something like… Read more New Order/Joy Division (part three) →

  • New Order/Joy Division (part two)


    Episode 31 sees us continue our delve into Joy Division and New Order, having read and watched just about everything available anywhere on these bands. In particular, we look at… Read more New Order/Joy Division (part two) →

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