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Writer/mother/wine enthusiast Ivette García Dávila deconstructs motherhood with other creative types who happen to be moms. Pour yourself a glass and join the conversation. We'll be drinking too.


  • 27. Jill Simonian // Focused After Baby, Accidentally

    26/10/2017 Duração: 01h55s

    Ivette and Jill drink some unFAB Britta-filtered water and talk about unplanned pregnancies, Cesareans, and choosing formula over the all-mighty breast milk. Jill is a fellow author/TV host/journalist/Parenting lifestyle expert/mother of two. She speaks up against mom judgment and the importance of staying FAB (focused after baby). Check out her book, The Fab Mom's Guide: How to Get Over the Bump & Bounce Back Fast After Baby. www.imtheonepushing.com @imtheonepushing

  • 26. Justine O'Neill // Mom Expert: Crying it Out

    21/09/2017 Duração: 01h21min

    Ivette and Justine talk over some fake wine coolers (aka watered down grape juice). Justine is a mother/sleep consultant and educator/founder of SleepyBye Family. She survived 2 C-sections, a postpartum mood anxiety disorder, and her own sleep issues in order to become a kick-ass pro on all things slumber. This episode is everything but a dozy, so get ready to laugh, cry and learn tips on how to create healthy sleep habits on your baby from early on. www.imtheonepushing.com @imtheonepushing

  • 25. Almarie Guerra // Pop a Squat, Have a Baby

    07/09/2017 Duração: 01h23min

    Pregnant Ivette and Almarie drink tea lattes from Coffee Bean. Almarie is an actor/dancer/story pirate/clown/mother who actually loved being pregnant. They discuss the pros and cons of waiting 12 weeks to tell others you’re expecting, and talk about miscarrying, a home water birth that didn’t go as planned, baby wrapping, and elimination communication. (That’s when your baby poops in the potty before they can even walk.) www.imtheonepushing.com @imtheonepushing

  • 24. Ivette García Dávila // Getting Drunk with Trina

    24/08/2017 Duração: 49min

    Ivette drinks up the rest of the Quarter Acre Merlot blend from New Zealand with one of her BFFs Trina Jacobsen. They talk breastfeeding woes, birth plans vs. intentions, and how growing a baby in your own womb doesn’t necessarily make you a mother no matter what the dictionary says. All moms are pushers -- the title of this podcast (and book) is not to be taken literally. www.imtheonepushing.com @imtheonepushing

  • 23. Kim Ely // Mom Expert: Check Your Toxins at the Door

    10/08/2017 Duração: 01h24min

    Ivette drinks up a well-rounded Quarter Acre Merlot blend from New Zealand with medical professional/toxin connoisseur/mother Kim Ely from Beauty Counter. We delve deep into the blue sea of toxins, discuss favorite clean brands, sort through my shameful drawer of products, and air out our dirty toxic secrets. True to form, we also talk about her epic four-day long labor, work/life balance, and all the many sanitary napkin alternatives out in the market. www.imtheonepushing.com @imtheonepushing

  • 22. Foster Wilson // Terminating Late Term

    13/07/2017 Duração: 01h11min

    Ivette has a complex wine and conversation with actor/director/mother Foster Wilson. We discuss controversial topics such as terminating a late-term pregnancy for medical reasons, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), vaccines, and less at-issue but still interesting subjects such as hauling your baby from audition to set, to film festivals, and juggling the Hollywood life with two kiddos. Wine: 2007 Hauck Cellars Tableau

  • 21. Miry Whitehill // Mother Love for All Immigrants

    29/06/2017 Duração: 01h07min

    Ivette has a textured 2012 Charles Baur Eichberg Riesling Grand Cru Alsace with Miry’s List founder Miry Whitehill. We chat about living in Israel, orgasmic birth, pumping on the road, how taking her placenta in pills gave her a much-needed high, and her extended family of refugees. Miry's List is a nonprofit organization in CA that uses crowdsourcing and technology to solve problems from New Arrival resettling refugee families and individuals. www.imtheonepushing.com @imtheonepushing

  • 20. Heather Juergensen // Eggs Over my Fanny

    15/06/2017 Duração: 01h17min

    Ivette has cold sparkling water with writer/producer/actor/certified holistic health coach/mother Heather Juergensen of TheStrongWoman.net. We chat about HypnoBirthing, second infertility, miscarriage, IVF, and going on a donor egg hunt. Heather also shares some great healthy, yummy and easy dinners. www.imtheonepushing.com @imtheonepushing

  • 19. Abigail Morgan // Mom Expert: Eating Raw Placenta

    01/06/2017 Duração: 58min

    Ivette has blood-friendly dates with acupuncturist/writer/mother Abigail Morgan of MamaFloat.com. They talk about her two underwater home births, eating raw placenta, avoiding induction, postpartum anxiety and following your gut to rescue a sinking marriage. www.imtheonepushing.com @imtheonepushing

  • 18. Claire Broussard // Mom Expert: Baby Essential Care

    18/05/2017 Duração: 01h16min

    Ivette has essential oil-infused Mimosas with entrepreneur/mother Claire Broussard of Young Living. They converse about how Mother’s Day is not unlike any other day, finding a match in an Au Pair, potty-training boot camp, post birth trauma, gender disappointment, toxins, essential oils, and growing up half French and half Texan. www.imtheonepushing.com @imtheonepushing

  • 17. Tina Poppy // Sperm Delivery

    04/05/2017 Duração: 01h19min

    Ivette has a little taste of a juicy yet perfectly elegant 2010 Domaine de la Chevalerie "Bretêche" Bourgueil Cab Franc with singer/songwriter/vintage fashion guru/mother Tina Poppy. They talk about growing up in Milwaukee, procuring sperm from a bank, how her boyfriend shuttled her donor's low-count semen, her water birth dreams going down the drain, and delivering a nine-plus pound baby girl without any drugs. Ouch is right.  www.imtheonepushing.com @imtheonepushing

  • 16. Moms Connect // Motherhood is Not The End of You

    21/04/2017 Duração: 01h07min

    Ivette speaks "live" at Moms Connect about finding your own adventure beyond motherhood. www.imtheonepushing.com @imtheonepushing

  • 15. Kathleen Dennehy // When Someone else Pushes Her

    23/03/2017 Duração: 01h08min

    Ivette attempts a Chardonnay wine tasting with writer/mother Kathleen Dennehy. They only drink a little bit of an “oaky” (oaky is not okay in Ivette’s wine play book) 2014 Au Bon Climat from Santa Barbara. They talk about open adoption, foster child adoption, racial issues, social problems, gender fluidity, teenage rebellion, Catholic guilt, and trying to have sex while the kids are asleep. Not necessarily in that order. www.imtheonepushing.com @imtheonepushing

  • 14. Sharla Sumpter Bridgett // Keeping Childbirth Polite

    09/03/2017 Duração: 01h12min

    Ivette drinks a sriracha-infused Bloody Mary with producer/mother Sharla Sumpter Bridgett. They talk about trying to keep childbirth “polite,” raising two girls, the biggest cliché that is so true (“it all goes by so quickly”), potty training, breaking every rule on co-sleeping and sleep training, channeling Beyoncé, and “brookies.” www.imtheonepushing.com

  • 13. Alex Cohen // On Motherhood and Roller Derby

    23/02/2017 Duração: 58min

    Ivette drinks buzzy ITO EN canned tea with radio host/author/mother Alex Cohen at KPCC Southern California. They converse about her awkward teenage years, her roller derby days as Axels of Evil and Smother Theresa, talking her husband into having a baby, struggling with breastfeeding, navigating mommy politics and judgment, overcoming self-doubt and becoming all the mom she can be, and how she wants to hand-deliver radio compassionately through customized modern air waves that can get to you faster than a Lyft driver. Check out her parenting podcast “The Brood,” and don’t miss her “Morning Edition” on KPCC on your way to work. www.imtheonepushing.com         

  • 12. Ondi Timoner // Take Your Kids Everywhere

    09/02/2017 Duração: 01h07min

    Ivette drinks a ligneous Alipús San Andrés mescal with film director/entrepreneur/mom Ondi Timoner. They talk about her childhood, how she came to be one of the most sought-after documentarians of our time, getting knocked-up, becoming a single mom, and still managing to triumph at motherhood and filmmaking. Follow Ondi @onditimoner, check out her latest film BRAND: A SECOND COMING on Showtime, and catch her new series “Jungletown” on Viceland. www.imtheonepushing.com

  • 11. Emily Zuzik // Singing PPD Blues

    26/01/2017 Duração: 52min

    Ivette drinks a cozy herbal tea with rockstar mom Emily Zuzik. They talk about her journey as a musician, becoming a mother, dealing with postpartum depression, finding help, loving her mom club tribe, weaning her daughter at 18 months, and how saying hello to a stranger really paid off in spades. Buy Emily’s new album “Angelenos” from iTunes. www.imtheonepushing.com

  • 10. Janelle Randazza // Hyperemesis Gravidarum Sucks

    12/01/2017 Duração: 01h04min

    Ivette shares a cool and easy drinkin’ Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc with author/activist/mother Janelle Randazza. They chat about growing up Sicilian in Gloucester, dealing with Hyperemesis during pregnancy, expecting a girl but having a boy, switching OBs after 30 weeks, loving on her doula, essential oils, aromatherapy birth, and her commitment to Moms Demand Action. www.imtheonepushing.com

  • 9. Natalie Zea // Detour into Labor pt. 2

    22/12/2016 Duração: 52min

    In this epic talk Ivette and Natalie discuss breastfeeding and postpartum blues, the California curse (“is this organic?”), and why moms are superheroes. Check out Natalie on TOO LATE on iTunes: https://itun.es/us/msM4db or on Netflix, and catch up on The Detour on TBS before her new season comes out on January 31st 2017. www.imtheonepushing.com

  • 9. Natalie Zea // Detour into Labor pt. 1

    08/12/2016 Duração: 59min

    Ivette drinks a piquant 2015 Domaine Saint Lucie MIP Rosé from @silverlakewine with actor/mother Natalie Zea. Natalie talks about growing up in a provincial Texas town, her long, long journey to conception, surviving an uneventful pregnancy (notwithstanding two very scary incidents), her long, long labor, and achieving the (almost) drug-free birth of her plans in spite of having a premature delivery. Check out Natalie on TOO LATE on iTunes: https://itun.es/us/msM4db or on Netflix, and catch up on "The Detour" on TBS before her new season comes out on January 31st 2017. www.imtheonepushing.com

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