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  • Episode 32: Spectre


    The writing has been on the wall for sometime, it was bound to happen. This week, Craig, Sean, and Frank get together to discuss the latest James Bond film SPECTRE starring Batista and Daniel Craig. Learn about how each of them got hooked on James Bond films and what their thoughts were on this lasting … Continue reading Episode 32: Spectre →

  • Episode 31: The Wall


    The special guest train pulls into the station with patron saint of the podcast, Frank Congilose! Join Craig, Sean, and Frank as they tackle the Amazon Studios film, The Wall starring John Cena! Will the boys all enjoy this flick or will they want their heads smashed into a wall after watching it? You’ll only … Continue reading Episode 31: The Wall →

  • Episode 30: Santa’s Slay


    Mercer County New Jersey’s own celebrity bicycle enthusiast David Ullman joins Craig and Sean this week to watch the Bill Goldberg helmed classic, Santa’s Slay! Join the round table this week as they discuss David’s history with professional wrestling, memories of watching this film together back in their roommate days, and also what their favorite … Continue reading Episode 30: Santa’s Slay →

  • Episode 29: Santa’s Little Helper


    Here we are again with another WWE Studios Christmas movie starring The Miz! We really loved Christmas Bounty last year but will Santa’s Little Helper match it in terms of quality? Will adding Paige to the mix bring it over the top? There is just so much Christmas joy in this episode that you’ll be … Continue reading Episode 29: Santa’s Little Helper →

  • Episode 28: Jingle All the Way 2


    Craig and Sean begin their Holiday Season of WWE movies with the obscure sequel you probably didn’t even know existed, Jingle All the Way 2! This film stars former WWE Superstar Santino and Larry the Cable Guy. This was a bizarre experience and the guys sure loved dissecting this one! So get in the holiday … Continue reading Episode 28: Jingle All the Way 2 →

  • Episode 27: The Marine 5


    The day has finally arrived, Craig & Sean have seen The Marine 5! After months of getting caught up on each entry in the franchise, the boys sat down to finally see the latest entry featuring the largest ensemble of WWE Superstars in any WWE Studios film. So hope on your motorcycle and head to … Continue reading Episode 27: The Marine 5 →

  • Episode 26: Scooby-Doo! and WWE – Curse of the Speed Demon


    The time has come for another Scooby-Doo and WWE crossover animated film! Craig and Sean jump aboard the Mystery Machine with Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby to see their old friends from WWE City and find out who is sabotaging the Moto X race. Is it Vince McMahon? Is it Dusty Rhodes? Or is … Continue reading Episode 26: Scooby-Doo! and WWE – Curse of the Speed Demon →

  • Episode 25: See No Evil 2


    Our Halloween Kane Celebration is coming to a close! In our final episode of the Halloween season we tackle the latest in the Jacob Goodnight franchise, See No Evil 2! Join Craig and Sean as they discuss the merits of this second film and how it compares to the original. They boys also discuss their … Continue reading Episode 25: See No Evil 2 →

  • Episode 24: See No Evil


    Samhain is upon us! Let us celebrate by dancing in the moonlight for the next 22 days…OR we can just watch See No Evil 1 and 2 instead? “Let’s watch the movies!” screamed Craig and Sean. Join the boys as they dive into the first of the two Kane fronted horror films. Will they survive … Continue reading Episode 24: See No Evil →

  • Episode 23: The Kane Episode


    Before anyone can watch See No Evil 1 and 2 they have to know who Kane is and why he is the most special wrestler to ever exist. Craig and Sean have dedicated this entire episode to dissecting Kane’s early story arc via the novelization of it that was written in 2005. It was probably … Continue reading Episode 23: The Kane Episode →

  • Episode 22: The Marine 4


    Craig and Sean finally get to another Miz fronted Marine movie. This week they run through the woods that is The Marine 4: Moving Target. It is a special episode that you are sure not going to want to miss!

  • Episode 21: The Reunion


    Craig and Sean reunite to watch a movie about a family reuniting for the first time in years. This John Cena film is called The Reunion and there isn’t much going on in it. Join the boys as they put together their ideas for movies that would have been way more entertaining then this one … Continue reading Episode 21: The Reunion →

  • Episode 20: No Holds Barred


    Happy Summerslam week everyone! In honor of WWE’s Summer “Wrestlemania” Craig and Sean are watching the 1989 Hulk Hogan classic NO HOLDS BARRED. Join them this week as they put each other in camel clutches trying to get the other one to dookie in their pants. It is going to be a gas!

  • Episode 19: Eliminators


    Craig and Sean take a bull hammer to the face from Wade Barrett this week! The boys watch 2016’s Eliminators and have a blast watching Barrett play the villain assassin trying to track down and kill Scott Adkins. There is also a big Game of Thrones connection in this film which they discuss as well.

  • Episode 18: Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery


    Imagine a world where Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, and the rest of the Mystery Inc. exist side by side with animated WWE Superstars. Also imagine that in this world that Sin Cara is a big deal. Something tells me you’re having a harder time believing the bit about Sin Cara but trust me, this will be the … Continue reading Episode 18: Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery →

  • Episode 17: The Marine 3


    The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived, Craig and Sean have finally caught up in The Marine franchise to witness the greatness that is The Miz! Will Craig hate it? Will the boys love it more then Christmas Bounty?? Find out this week in an all new episode of Slamdango!

  • Episode 16: 12 Rounds 3 – Lockdown


    Everyone loves Dean Ambrose the wrestler, but does everyone love Dean Ambrose the actor? Craig and Sean get admitted into the Ambrose Asylum for a full mental evaluation as they join Dean in his first film, the police corruption blockbuster, 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown!

  • Episode 15: Interrogation


    Do you have difficulty remembering things? You may want to watch this week’s film Interrogation to learn about it’s MEMORY HOUSE technique. It seems to help main character Lucas Nolan remember important facts while on the job and it might work for you! Join Craig and Sean from Sean’s garage this week as they try … Continue reading Episode 15: Interrogation →

  • Episode 14: Knucklehead


    WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL IT’S CRAIG AND SEAN’S SHOW AND IT’S GOT A BIG BAD MOVIE TONIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Hopefully you get that joke because tonight we watch The Big Show’s first WWE Studios film, Knucklehead and boy do we feel like knuckleheads for watching this one. Come join us as we go on a road trip through the worlds … Continue reading Episode 14: Knucklehead →

  • Episode 13: The Marine 2


    Did you not enjoy John Cena in The Marine? That is OK because the Marine 2 is completely Cenaless, so you CANNOT SEE HIM in the sequel! Instead we get, blink and you will have missed his entire wrestling career, Ted DiBiase Jr. along with Michael Rooker and Temuera Morrison. So get your plane tickets … Continue reading Episode 13: The Marine 2 →

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