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  • Guest Mix: MAYMIND


    theme(s) noun \ˈthēm\ 1: a subject or topic of discourse or of artistic representation 2: stem 4 3: a written exercise : composition 4: a melodic subject of a musical composition or movement for a new adjective \ˈnü, chiefly British ˈnyü, in place names usually (ˌ)nu̇ or nə or (ˌ)ni\ 1: having recently come into existence : recent, modern 2: being other than the former or old 3: having been in a relationship or condition but a short time 4: beginning as the resumption or repetition of a previous act or thing 5: different from one of the same category that has existed previously 6: of dissimilar origin and usually of superior quality dystopia noun dys·to·pia \(ˌ)dis-ˈtō-pē-ə\ 1: an imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives 2: anti-utopia 2 Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

  • Guest Mix: Foodman


    For someone who creates the mutant amalgamations of genres and styles that Foodman is notorious for, boy was I fucking surprised when he sent over this mix to our quaint TMT headquarters. Loungy, peaceful, and smoother than Engelbert Humperdinck's freshly-peeled breakfast of hardboiled eggs, "TMT_foodman_mix" was not at all what I was expecting. But, that isn't a bad thing. Predictability is for the weak, and as my Aunt Ant always said, "KILL THE WEAK AND SHOWER THE LAND WITH THEIR PICKED CLEANED BONES, YOU WORTHLESS NEPHEW OF MINE!!!" Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here. 01. Hiren onkyo kougyou - love letter wo morau yume wo mitanda (0:00 - 1:52) 02. tuji ayano - kazeni naru (1:53 - 5:50) 03. kuuki koudan - toori ha yoru darake (5:51 - 10:05) 04. biva sherry - harukaze rettshiya (10:06 - 14 :25) 05. go oosaki - jimon jitou (14:26 - 18:14) 06. oohashi trio - Trans of Light (18:15 - 22:28) 07. masayoshi yamazaki - ashita no kaze (22:40 - 27:18) 08, hiromi oota - crystal moon (27:19 - 30:

  • Guest Mix: Cube


    My Cube, the new album by Cube (a.k.a. Oakland resident Adam Keith), begins with "First," somehow a lethal subconscious variation on "Undercover of the Night" that's built on shaky ever-shifting soil, on tape jams and spool tangles. The potential for electronic collapse is as real as the possibility of total alignment. Screws are loosened just to see if they'll stay and for how long. It's a rowdy entrance, tipping its cap for turbulence and saying, "Howdy, you can relax now, you're in it already." Cube's guest mix is not a giveaway as to why any of this happens. The tracks selected do not disclose inspiration. However, they do reveal personality. Jellied interjections and mutations occur, leisurely... sipping a mint julep with the radio at foot. One nudge and the radio with the tall antenna tips into the muck for a shock or two. No dead giveaway; it's mostly mint juleps, a little strong, with tall and thick stems. Suppose alchemy can happen when muddling mint, stomping grapes, or nudging radios into t