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  • RSA 08/08/2022


    I'm quite literally sheltering inside today because the Canadian equivalent to the European heatwave is hitting Toronto right now. Not loving days at 40c, and it isn't cooling off much at all at night. So I'm one of the lucky ones who can sit indoors in relative comfort (I really don't have enough AC for this weather) and do indoor things. Its crazy, but not unexpected when I look at the entire east coast of the US and see that the heat is with us from San Antonio to Quebec City. Lights Of Euphoria - Puppeteer (Popcorny)Matt Hart - Absolute Zero (Rotersand)Ego Bliss - Victims Of Deceit (Electrovot)Chainreactor - Cannon FodderPsy'Aviah - The Wildness In Me (Cyborgdrive)Voicecoil - If/WhenCubic - Argon (Club)Nano Infect - Evil Supreme (Detroit Deisel)

  • RSA 08/01/2022


    I'm taking a little vacation this week to make what would normally be a 4 day weekend into 7 days of rest and recuperation. Especially recuperation as I had my 4th vaccination and it didn't floor me, but definitely made me feel extra blah for a few days. But I had some great company this weekend, and that helped my get back on my feet faster than I would have normally. Lights Of Euphoria - Collapsed (Techno Dub)Superikone - Den Letzen Loscht Das Licht (Radio)Suicide Commando - Kill All Humanity (Tactical Sekt)Solitary Experiments - WonderlandAmnistia - Truth Hurts Lie (Mildreda)X Marks The Pedwalk - YesterdaysVanguard - UnreachableEvo-Lution - Dark Soldier

  • RSA 07/25/2022


    We too here in Toronto are in the middle of a crazy heat wave. I feel really bad for our European friends who are going through the same thing, but without air conditioning as this weather is so out of the normal. I hope everyone is well, stays hydrated, and take lots of lukewarm showers for releif! Fused - Axiom (Extended)Chainreactor - Who Is It?Psy'Aviah - The Book Of Life (Karl Roque Club)T_Error Machinez - Sins Of Eden (Avarice In Audio)Nordstaat - Wiring PartyZynic - Let Us InLifelong Corporation - Circus (xq28 Circa)Vyrtual Zociety - Point Of No Return

  • RSA 07/18/2022


    The new kitten is sleeping peacefully in the other room, so he's not quite ready for his first "radio" appearance yet. But we've still got tonnes of great new music for everyone! This time of year new discs tend to get released just in time for the summer/fall festival circuit. So enjoy the new stuff and enjoy yourself some live music this summer! Schwarszchild - Damon (Extended)Mondtraume - Something (Ruined Conflict)Xenturion Prime - Shades of LightMenschdefekt - Flames (Revamped)Solitary Experiments - WonderlandAesthetic Perfection - Betrayer Junksista - Fuck Your Pretty Face (Psy'Aviah)Matt Hart - The Last Rave

  • RSA 07/11/2022


    I hope everyone who had holidays last weekend had a nice relaxing time with friends and family. I got a little silly and adopted a new kitten on Monday. "Pickles" has settled into his new home and is buddies with Riki after only a few days. He hasn't shown interest in RSA yet beyond wanting to sleep on my desk. Time will tell if he interjects into the show like Gandalf used to all those years ago... Suicide Commando - Bang Bang Bang (C-Lekktor)Entrzelle - Everyday Criminal (Reichsfeind)Encephalon - Calling On The ApocalypseMari Kattman - Is It Really That Bad (Rotersand)X Marks The Pedwalk - Into The LightPsy'Aviah - The Wildness In Me (Restriction 9 12")Panic Lift - Every Broken Piece (Tragic Impulse)Reichsfeind - Moth

  • RSA 06/27/2022


    Stress levels have gone down to the usual levels of crazy, and I can take some time to work on some personal projects as well as get RSA out to everyone! This week we go through a few discs ready to be archived, as well as some brand new synthpop and EBM. Still, I didn't get to add any samples to this weks show, so I feel unfulfilled! I obviously should play more Bratri. Beyond Border - Simplify (ES23)Dark-O-Matic - No EdenBlakLight - ComaRobots In Love - Good Cocaine (Remix)808 Dot Pop - As The Stars Go The Sun Is Just RightChamaeleon - VibeMindscape - Phrenetic (Club)Urban Matrix - Humanoide

  • RSA 06/20/2022


    Its been an incredibly stressful week for me in my so-called career. The realization that you've wasted a year for nothing, and then to have the icing on the cake, an agreement has been made to sell the company I work for. So it was somewhat cathartic to lose myself in getting some great new music out for everyone to enjoy! Mondtraume - LossEgo Bliss - Strange Belief (FCH Club)Menschdefekt - Secular Days (Rob Dust)Terrence Fixmer - CaptivateNNHMN - Fusion OpulenceVal Solo - When Reagan Ruled The WorldXenturion Prime - RenegadeEntrzelle - All In My Head

  • RSA 06/13/2022


    Its been a great weekend, but I managed to eat something that disagreed with me, so while I had some extra time to work on RSA, I didn't really feel much like doing anything with it until I'd slept most of Sunday away. But I'm vertical and moving again, so lets make sure that we get everyone their dose of adrenaline powered electronic for the week! NNHMN - OmenMondtraume - Something (Aiboforcen)Bratri - SilverEAS - VendettaReichsfeind - Red PillsJ:Dead - Hold Tight (The Saint Paul)Outsized - Burned Out SunSeelennacht - Cursed

  • RSA 06/06/2022


    Its always a great show for me when I get to play music made by people I consider friends. Its especially great when you can get two different people in there! Don't doubt that the best thing I've gotten out of doing this show for 24 years is all of the awesome people I've met online and in person. But this just means we've got a great show with some real new music, and the last few "2021" releases to go through! Entrzelle - Everyday CriminalSchwarzes Fragment - Sehnsucht (Herzparasit)Seelennacht - Cursed (Any Second)Doble Nucleo - Mecanico OrganicoPsy'Aviah - Monoculture (People Theatre)Ex-Hyena - Fractured (BlakLight)Full Contact69 - Face To FaceAll The Ashes - Stahl Bricht Stein

  • RSA 05/30/2022


    Oh lord. The fun of the end of your week off and the dread of returning to work tomorrow. Calgon, take me away! But I had a great time this week cleaning out a few more 2021 releases and mixing them up with some brand new stuff. I also wound up pruning more releases than usual. I'll generally listen to a disc 3 or so times when I don't find anything I like. Just in case I wasn't "in the mood" for whatever it was that week. FabrikC - Widerstand (Trilogy)TeknoVore - Make Us WholeTechnolorgy - Deadgirl (Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1)ES23 - Now (The Saint Paul)Cryo - Valium (Nuclear Sludge)Desastroes - K-S-T-M-MSupreme Court - We Are Dumb (ES23)Beyond Border - Aching

  • RSA 05/23/2022


    This week we went with exclusively new stuff released fairly recently. I can't be doing back catalogue shows every week! In both the US and Canada it s a long weekend, so I took a little time for myself this weekend and decided it was AOK to post the show a little later than usual. No more long weekends until Canada Day in July so I'd better enjoy this one! Solitary Experiments - Every Now And Then (Imperative Reaction)Fusspils 11 - Dei Drei Säulen Des WahnsinnsCubic - Impact 2023 (Nevel)Supercraft - A ForestPsy'Aviah - Can We Make It Rhyme feat. Mari Kattman (Omniks Club)Rhys Fulber - Glory To LabourBratři - BlocksTragic Impulse - Killswitch

  • RSA 05/16/2022


    Interestingly we're experiencing a sudden burst of July weather at the moment, so while I did get outside today, I'm quite happy to be back in my dark cave away from the day star and the heat it produces! But this affords me more time to spend on RSA and getting a great new show out to you on time! This week we clear out some overlooked stuff and give it the attention it deserves, plus some brand new tracks from a few personal favourites. Technolorgy - She Dies TomorrowExcubitors - I Don't CareSiva Six - Fight The MachineAesthetische - East Bound JerksFractal Age - Der Windtba - Love vs. HateVH x RR - Heaveny Outline (Parallels)ES23 - Now (Grendel)

  • RSA 05/09/2022


    A wonderful spring day leaves me plenty of time to get outside and feel some vitamin D on my skin, and then return to the cave to get this weeks show posted! Besides, I have to limit my initial exposure to the sun lest I burst into flames. Simon Carter - Hex Hex (Teknovore)Beyond Border - You (N-Frequency)Faderhead - Dark WaterEncephalon - EchoesMassive Ego - Dead Eyes BlackSupreme Court - Voice Of HateChrom - MemoriesSynriser - Nietsche Talk

  • RSA 05/02/2022


    The usual Canadian spring weather of gorgeous days interspersed with wet rainy days are upon us. So yesterday was nice and I got "adulting" taken care of. Now on Sunday its windy and its going to rain most of the day. A perfect day to put the finishing touches on this weeks show and get it out to everyone! Plus do some surgery on whats rapidly turning into my home datacentre... BlakLight - Skin (Black Light Odyssey)Implant - In SilenceSynthAttack - Circle Of Pain (Accessory)Solitary Experiments - Every Now And Then (Mental Exile)Obsession Of Time - Until The End (Nature Of Wires)TeknoVore - AnachronistMassive Ego - Not Without ConsequenceAesthetische - Requiem

  • RSA 04/25/2022


    Much better this week, and I'm even posting the show after having had a nice bike ride. The weather is still pretty all over the place, so I'll still be posting the shows on Sundays for now. But they're always worth waiting for! This week we've got a nice blend of Synthpop, Club remixes, and the more aggressively minimalist EBM/Techno that I've been enjoying a lot recently. Soman - KallistoFractal Age - Another Way (Intent Outtake)J:Dead - AfraidSeadrake - The Fever (Club)Rector Scanner - Epsilon Tucanae (Epsilon)Telekon - Feel Lonely (Pleasure Time)Second Complex - Drowned (Reliant)Simon Carter - Beautiful Destruction

  • RSA 04/18/2022


    We've got a great show for everyone this week chock full of great new music, including a classic we first played here in its original form back in 1999. My stomach issues are acting up a bit again, so in the meantime I'm a little more brief than usual. Wasn't sure if I'd get a show out this week, but I powered through. Just for you! Simon Carter - Nanobots (Are You My Mummy?)Alessandro Nero - Black - Poison Fruits (I Need To Pray)evo-lution - Dunkle ZeitenLights Of Euphoria - Saviour - The Second Coming (Club)Outsized - Coming Home (Klinghaus)Psy'Aviah - Cold Summer NightsLandscape Body Machine - No Cable (25th Anniversary Remaster)

  • RSA 04/11/2022


    This week I managed to get slightly ahead of myself and to start preparing for the "summer schedule" as RSA gets posted slightly later than usual when the cycling season starts. But its not here yet, so while the bike has been cleaned I'm still sitting inside on a Sunday morning cursing the marginal weather. But thats great for everyone else, because I have no excuse not to post a great show for everyone! Soman - Now ListenPromenade Cinema - Memoirs On Glass (Llumen)IC-434 - Anger ManagementCode 64 - Soundwave (Scummbar)SCALA - AlibiBlakLight - World (Piston Damp)Obsession Of Time - Until The End (Francesca e Luigi)Neurowulf - The Void Below

  • RSA 04/04/2022


    Ah, the feeling when you know your subconscious is working for you, and not against you. This weeks show was peiced together from recently released stuff, and every once and a while I'm surprised by how well it meshes together. I guess my ear is good for something, and not completly ravaged by hearing loss from far too many live shows and gigs. Seriously folks, always protect your hearing! It doesn't come back! SynthAttack - Circle Of Pain (Distoxia)TeknoVore - ApotheosisSupreme Court - Face Reality (PreEmptive Strike 0.1)Aesthetische - Back To Life (Club)Maduro - Falls DownJ:Dead - I'll WaitTechnomancer - Ecstasy (Piston Damp)Echo Image - Mono No Aware

  • RSA 03/28/2022


    Last little batch of prizes are going to mailed out in a day or two for the last few overseas supporters. Thank you all very much for your great support in 2022. We're going to have some sort of real special blowout Membership month next year as RSA turns 25! But until then we've got a great mix for everyone this week with Dancy EBM, Instrumental-ish Dark Techno, and yes, a little bit of Synthpop! So sit back and enjoy this weeks RSA! Leaetherstrip - MasterhitEisfabrik - Life Below ZeroLifelong Corporation - The DreamerTelekon - Feel Lonely (Teckni-ka)Nordstaat - Cleave Departed Cower It ImaginaryCellmod - Desecrate (Moris Blak)Soman - The JunePromenade Cinema - Cassette Conversations (Cyferdyne)

  • RSA 03/21/2022


    Another week, another big trip to the post office sending more prizes, and DVDs your way! Next year I can guarantee that there's going to be a big batch of newly designed RSA merch for our 25th anniversary. I'm going to cover you all in stickers, pins, and a smaller patch suitable for a jacket or bag or what have you. This week we've got a great show for everyone leaning slightly towards synthpop this week, but there's always a little something for everyone each week! Nature of Wires - Golden GirlDreams Of Passion - Angelic Snow (Club) Eisfabrik - Wake Up!Raindancer - Bring The Machine To LifeCubic - S (Cherry Mix)Limbitrol - Heart Shaped (Extended) Dead Lights - RunEsoterik - Tria Prima (Grendel)

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