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Formerly on CKXU for years, Canada Post-Rock now resides on the west coast but is still committed to the best in post-rock, drone, ambient, experimental, noise and basically anything your host Pbone can put the word "post" in front of. Stay up, tune in, zone out. I mean if you had a radio show pbone would probably listen to your show.


  • April 1 Show

    02/04/2022 Duração: 01h30min

    Maylee Todd "Grab Your Guts" - MalooCate Le Bon "Moderation" - PompeiiAnadol "Ablamın Gözleri" - FelicitaWillie Thrasher "We Believe In Native Music" - Indian​/​Inuit CountryApollo Ghosts "Dirty Spoons" - Pink TigerSunglaciers "Avoidance" - SubterraneaNOBRO "Julia" - Live Your Truth Shred Some GnarPleasure Leftists "For A Family" - The EPs of PLHimiko "Help Me Now" - LossRuby Singh "Nakshatra" - Vox​.​InfoldNamasenda "Demonic" - Unlimited AmmoLaibach "Der Vater" - WIR SIND DAS VOLKFIUME "Augury" - IIASSID "Connaissance des Lois Cosmiques" - Connaissance des Lois CosmiquesNahi Mitti "Vision(s) Of Sabheda" - Aisaund SingsFUMU "FOUND PHASED SPACE" - Enter The Anima96 Back "Hopertrope" - The Neon Pack (Original Soundtrack)VAxBY "I did make fades" - Dual

  • March 11 Show

    12/03/2022 Duração: 01h28min

    March 11 Show

  • March 11 Show

    12/03/2022 Duração: 01h28min

    Comus "Diana" - First UtteranceCarola Baer "Golden Boy" - The Story of ValerieJenny Hval "Classic Objects" - Classic ObjectsGodspeed You! Black Emperor "Sleep (excerpt)" - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To HeavenBoris "Beyond Good and Evil" - WKitty Prozac "Vacation Song" - None Shall Be AfraidPitted "Like That" - So PittedThe Garrys "Sintaluta" - Get Thee to a NunnerySham Family "This Blue Mob" - Sham FamilyChoke "Perfect, Plastic" - ForewardDJ Sniff "Parallel Traces of the Jewel Voice" - Parallel Traces of the Jewel VoiceHajj "Reverse Catharsis" - Drag Me Into The VoidGábor Lázár "Boundary Object III" - Boundary ObjectThe Threshold HouseBoys Choir "A Time Of Happening" - Form Grows Rampant

  • March 4 Show

    05/03/2022 Duração: 01h29min

    Apples "In Dreams" - About the FutureKee Avil "Devil's Sweet Tooth" - CreaseStefan Christensen "Pardon Time" - RubyPink Reason "Motherfucker" - Cleaning The MirrorRaum "Lullaby" - DaughterNate Scheible "Thrilled to Death" - FairfaxDali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm "Danube Dwellers" - Dali Muru & The Polyphonic SwarmFine Place "Impressions Of Me" - This New HeavenOMBIIGIZI "Spirit in Me" - Sewn Back TogetherElle Barbara's Black Space "Peach Purée (de Pêches)" - Délice Créole / Peach PuréeMinimal Violence "Cold (sex)" - Phase ThreeSilent Servant "Raw Optics" - Optimistic Decay9-10-Boy "Robocop" - No Photos On The DancefloorWanton Witch "Scapegoat" - Golden Child Syndrome

  • Feb 25 Show

    26/02/2022 Duração: 01h30min

    Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell "Deus Ibi Est" - Ballad of the Broken SeasElizabeth Anka Vajagic "Around Here" - Stand With The Stillness Of DayPJ Harvey "White Chalk" - White Chalk DemosLael Neale "For No One For Now" - Acquainted with NightCindy "My Mother" - I'm CindyTanya Tagaq "Do Not Fear Love" - TonguesJean-Michel Blais "passepied" - aubadesHologramme "Nymphs" - CIELLes Louanges "Bolero" - CrashAnna Oxygen "Fake Pyjamas" - This Is An ExerciseChoke "Every Word" - There's A Story MoralThe Dead Space "Chlorine Sleep" - Chlorine SleepHot Cross "Solanka" - Fair Trades and FarewellsRefedex "Backburner" - The top of offMauvey "Centrefold" - The FloristSinzere "Dumb" - DumbD Double E "Tell Me A Ting" - Double Or NothingAlan Vega "Invasion" - Invasion b/w Murder One

  • Feb. 18 Show

    19/02/2022 Duração: 01h31min

    Eric Chenaux "Your New Rhythm" - Say LauraPan•American "Just a Story" - The Patience FaderEarthen Sea "Rough Air" - Ghost PoemsGhostly Kisses "Carry Me" - Heaven, WaitHeavenly "The Ocean" - Tragic Tiger's Sad MeltdownSham Family "Lasso" - Sham FamilySpectres "Northern Town" - HindsightSonic Youth "Unmade Bed" - Sonic NurseSpiral Beach "Way Way Out" - The Only Really ThingBe Your Own Pet "Girls On TV" - Be Your Own PetSinzere "Buy Back The Block" - BLACKOUTCelly Cel "It's Goin Down" - Killa CaliDebit "2nd Day" - The Long CountDJ N. Fox "Sanzaleiro feat. DJ Firmeza" - Música da TerraPT MUSIK "No Fim da Noite" - El Mundo OscuroDJ Travella "Crazy Beat Music Umeme 2" - Mr MixondoSHANGAAN ELECTRO "Ngozi" - New Wave Dance Music From South Africa

  • Feb 11 Show

    12/02/2022 Duração: 01h30min

    Charlotte Cornfield "Destroy Me" - Highs in the MinusesUltra Mega "Garbage Hill" - Panis AngelicusGeoffroy "Strangers on a Train" - Live Slow Die WiseEkkstacy "It Only Gets Worse I Promise" - NEGATIVESUGARFUNGUS "Ghosts" - Letting Go, Moving StillChoke "Breathing Won't Come Easy" - Slow FadeStar Party "Push You Aside" - Meadow FlowerAbsent in Body "The Acres/The Ache" - Plague GodJerusalem In My Heart "Qalaq 7 (w/Tim Hecker)" - QalaqLegendary Pink Dots "Maniac" - Come Out From The Shadows 4​-​Live at Lounge Ax 1993Resina "Failed Myth Simulation" - SpeechlessMadalyn Merkey "Escape Wheel" - Puzzle MusicToxic Frequency "Antique Beatbox" - Recorded At Frequency Farm 1993-1994Authentically Plastic x Emma DJ x Toma Kami "Strakka" - Y16THFraxinus "Disruptor" - Powerplant Green

  • Feb 4 Fundrive Show

    05/02/2022 Duração: 01h27min

    Catseye "Days Gone By" - CatseyeWake Up "Define Myself" - tigers can't be choosersYou'll Never Get To Heaven "Pink and Gold and Blue" - Wave Your Moonlight Hat for the Snowfall TrainTortoise "Glass Museum" - Millions Now Living Will Never DieAnn Eysermans "For Trainspotters Only" - For Trainspotters OnlyYeule "Fragments" - Glitch PrincessWojciech Rusin "Speculum Veritatis" - SyphonEyvind Kang "Aquilas" - AthlantisA Pact Between Strangers "Ausrotten" - There Are Dead Things Pretending To Be LivingStephen Carl O'Shea "March 31, 2021" - DECADEGayance "Kinda Strange" - No Toning DownJunglepussy "FOREIGN EXCHANGE" - JP5000Blastah "Raining" - ForeverNiagara "SEE" - Parva Naturalia

  • Jan 28 Show

    29/01/2022 Duração: 01h27min

    Teresa Winter "Drowning By Numbers Pt ii" - Drowning By NumbersCasiotone for the Painfully Alone "Young Shields" - EtiquetteBill Callahan & Bonnie "Prince" Billy "I've Been The One" - Blind Date PartyPick a Piper "How It Was Before" - Sea StepsElena Setién "Situation" - Unfamiliar MindsMaya Shenfeld "Body, Electric" - In Free FallDemon's Claws "At The Disco" - The Defrosting Of...Deadly Snakes "High Prices Going Down" - PorcellaL00PING "Sometimes (Beck Song)" - Zero- Point EnergyDavid Goren "Side B (excerpt)" - Brooklyn Pirates: Neighbourhoods in the Sky, 2014​-​2021Vegyn "Cute Chords" - Don't Follow Me Because I'm Lost Too!!Iceboy Violet "Atone//Blankface" - The Vanity ProjectSoviets "Rasputin Gems" - Cold WaevElle Barbara's Black Space "Délice Créole" - Délice Créole / Peach PuréeKee Avil "See, My Shadow" - CreaseDominowe "Rah (Core Gqom)" - UmthakathiVTSS "Live laugh leave" - Projections

  • Jan. 21 Show

    22/01/2022 Duração: 01h28min

    Eric Cheneaux "Say Laura [abridged]" - Say LauraThe Cyrillic Typewriter "Jumping Off A Wall" - BuzzTorngat "La petite Nicole" - Afternoon Moon PieThe Winks "Slumber Party Let's Go" - Birthday PartyLaura Reznek "You Are Bad" - AgrimonyNina Nastasia "Handmade Card" - SingleMogwai "Dry Fantasy" - As The Love ContinuesBiosphere "Interval Signal" - Shortwave MemoriesTim Hecker "Arctic Lover's Rock Pt. 1" - Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It AgainDJ Python "DMDD" - Club Sentimientos Vol. 2Lina Filipovich "Song of Simeon" - MagnificatMeat Beat Manifesto "Re-animator pt. 4" - Storm The StudioFetter "A Different Body" - V​.​A. - Donne Che Corrono Coi LupiBarnt "Fan" - Prometal Fan Decor Only Product

  • Jan 14 Show

    15/01/2022 Duração: 01h29min

    House Wind "Afternoon Butterfly" - Great Art Is Our Weapon Of Choice: Melodies for Prepared Guitar, Vol. 4Big Blood "1000 Times" - Quarantunes Series No​.​027Current 93 "Sadness Song" - Thunder Perfect MindAndre Ethier "Are You Going" - Further Up IslandQuasi "When The Going Gets Dark" - When The Going Gets DarkDiamondtown "Dream All Day" - DiamondtownGoodbye Honolulu "Over and Over" - Goodbye HonoluluUyemi "Moving Quietly" - Butterfly EffectTouch & Moves "2wo Minutes Hate (feat. Tachichi)" - 1984Cage "Grand Ole Party Crash" - Hell's WinterKEMETRIX "Ktrix Machine" - Here and NowPrettybwoy "Brontides" - TayutauDJ Lycox "Eu Mbora Dou Bue Show" - LYCOXERAJulianna & Matias Aguayo "Micelio" - Que Si El MundoSarah Davachi & Sean McCann "Keep Outside the Night" - Mother of PearlGeo Rip "Tooni" - Geo Rip EP

  • January 7 Show

    08/01/2022 Duração: 01h30min

    Doug Hoyer "Origami" - Getting OlderShannon Wright "Captain of Quarantine" - FlightsafetyCharlotte Cornfield "Headlines" - Highs in the MinusesSimon Joyner "When Will The Sun Rise Again" - Songs For The New YearSteven Lambke "" - dub​.​tapeGuided By Voices "High In The Rain" - It's Not Them. It Couldn't Be Them. It Is Them!Munya "Cocoa" - Voyage To MarsTarik Robinson "Everday" - Rotationsfiyahdred "Flutey Loopz" - Anyway EPBurial "New Love" - ANTIDAWN EPUwalmassa "Majuh" - MalarMønic "H-NET 6" - Trawler Tapes LP Vol: 1Urwelt "Ancestral Gaze" - Distant Galaxies CollideAnn Margaret Hogan "Scattered Carelessly ft Jarboe" - Without The MoonAnna van Hauswolff "Dolore Di Orsini" - All Thoughts Fly

  • Dec. 31 Show - Top 10 of 2021!

    01/01/2022 Duração: 01h31min

    Myriam Gendron "Waly Waly" - Ma délire - Songs of love, lost & foundAzita "Shooting Birds Out Of The Sky" - Glen EchoSatomimagae "Uchu" - HanazonoGrouper "Kelso (Blue sky)" - ShadeMicrocorps "ABII" - XMITDJ Black Low "Jaiva Low" - UwamiAmyl and the Sniffers "No More Tears" - Comfort To MeRudimentary Peni "Asleep" - Great WarGrave Miasma "Ancestral Waters" - Abyss of Wrathful DeitiesThe Body "They Are Coming" - I've Seen All I Need To SeeAda Lea "backyard" - one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a gardenJessica Moss "Memorizing And Forgetting" - PhosphenesFly Pan Am "Scanner" - FronteraJulie Doiron "Cancel The Party" - I Thought Of You

  • Dec 17 Show

    18/12/2021 Duração: 01h28min

    Land of Talk "Calming Night Partner" - Calming Night PartnerCentral Heat Exchange "Drumless" - Central Heat ExchangeField Guide "Thinking Too Much" - Make Peace With ThatOuri "Ouri, Antony Carle - Felicity" - Frame of a FaunaL'rain "Blame Me" - FatigueYL Hooi "When Yr Up There" - UntitledParris "Movements" - Soaked In Indigo MoonlightFacta "C Sequence" - In BloomASC "Space Echo (Remix)" - Defiance: PreludeGene Hunt "Acid 808" - After SchoolZomby "Soundbwoy R.I.P" - Chaos Reigns IVCoco Bryce "DLP" - Wuthering HeightsElkka "Harmonic Frequencies" - Harmonic FrequenciesObuxum "Own Your Truth (Feat. Furozh)" - Re​-​BirthOff World "Decamp (Silver Mix)" - 2 (Alternates)Regis "The Blind Departing" - Let the Night Return EP

  • Dec. 12 Show

    11/12/2021 Duração: 01h31min

    Myriam Gendron "Ballade of a Great Weariness" - Not So Deep as a WellJulie Doiron "They Wanted Me To Say" - I Thought Of YouLe Ren "Friends Are Miracles" - LeftoversJason Sharp "Blossoming Rest" - The Turning Centre Of A Still WorldSaltland "To Allow Us All to Breathe" - A Common TruthHot Garbage "Rinsed" - RIDEDucks LTD "'Twere Ever Thus" - Modern FictionSky H1 "Elysian Heights" - AzureAUCO "PLAYTIME" - AUCO EPK-Lone "Zissou" - ZissouRuth Mascelli "Sauna" - A Night At The BathsHolsten "Breath Of Life" - OdlumJOGMODE "trackNINE jm" - jog modeMerzbow "White Blues Part I" - Flare Blues

  • Dec. 3 Show

    04/12/2021 Duração: 01h28min

    CK Mann & His Carousel 7 "Yeaba" - Essiebons Special 1973 - 1984 // Ghana Music Power HouseJulie Doiron "How Can We?" - I Thought of Youshn shn "Strange States" - e​.​strange​.​dJasper Sloan Yip "Every night, beside you, I lie awake" - Strange Calm / Blushing AutumnField Guide "Make Peace With That" - Make Peace With ThatCIVIC TV "Local Talent" - BLACK MOONMan-eaters "Charged T.C.B." - Twelve More Observations on Healthy LivingWhy Bother? "Weird World" - A Year Of MutationsDes Demonas "Cure For Love" - Cure For LoveAsylum "Death Or Glory" - Is This The Price?Kama Sutra "Intelligent Life" - Be Cruel With Your Past And All Who Seek To Keep You ThereScowl "Dead To Me" - How Flowers GrowCelestial "Lonely Weekend" - I Had Too Much To Dream Last NightHilary Woods "IV" - Feral HymnsJessica Moss "Contemplation I" - PhosphenesMarco Shuttle "Il Serpente Cosmico" - Cobalt Desert OasisTom Carruthers "Can You Feel It?" - Non Stop RhythmsADMX-71 "Catch Me If You Can" - The Aging ProcessBackxwash "ROSEMARY'S REVENGE" -

  • Nov. 26 Show

    27/11/2021 Duração: 01h28min

    Myriam Gendron "Farewell" - Ma délire - Songs of love, lost & foundNailah Hunter "Come Wander" - Quietude EPAda Lea "writer in ny" - one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a gardenThe Garrys "In the Dawn" - Get Thee to a NunneryCompetition "grow(n)" - Repetititive MusicItchy Bugger "Wanker From Mataranka" - Double BuggerAbsolutely Free "Remaining Light" - AftertouchNimkish "Fades (feat. Biawanna)" - Damage ControlJASSS "Camelo" - A World Of ServiceTunic "Will Know" - ExhalingShellac "Doris" - UranusPrincess Diana of Wales "Exhaust" - Princess Diana of WalesÈlg "Karl est en dedans" - Dans Le Salon Du NousSkyshaker "Gabber Modus Operandi - Padang Galaxxx (Skyshaker Dusk Novox)" - Novox 10Sherelle "NewKiller - U92 (FFF Remix)" - music merch video community fabric presents SHERELLEExterminador "Goth Murder Madness" - Age Of ConsentSofa "Stress" - Source Crossfire

  • Nov. 19 Show

    20/11/2021 Duração: 01h28min

    shn shn "Divine" - e​.​strange​.​dJessica Moss "Memorizing And Forgetting" - PhosphenesJeen "Your War" - Dog BiteLand Of Talk "Moment Feed" - Calming Night PartnerSweeping Promises "Pain Without a Touch" - Pain Without a TouchPleasure Leftists "Suits" - Pleasure LeftistsBad Waitress "Standards" - No TasteJoyfultalk "Part I • I've got that trans-dimensional feeling again" - A Separation Of BeingGayance "All My Friends Are Triggered" - No Toning DownKMRU "Well" - PeelTroth "The Slowest Dawn" - Oak CorridorBlawan "Gosk" - Woke Up Right HandedJay Glass Dubs × Laura Agnusdei "Jungle Shuffle (JGD Rework)" - Jungle ShuffleBlackhaine "Saddleworth" - And Salford Falls ApartCooly G "We Can Find Love Too" - Save MeDonato Dozzy "synthi chase" - 124

  • Nov 12 Show

    13/11/2021 Duração: 01h29min

    Benitez y Valencia "Amor En Tus Ojos" - A Heart In SplintersLe Ren "May Hard Times Pass Us By" - LeftoversLia Ices "Medicine Wheel" - NecimaAda Lea "Can't Stop Me From Dying" - one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a gardenOuri "High & Choking, Pt. 1" - Frame of a FaunaVHVL "treee" - hem/sewChief Mountain "Devils' followin me" - The distro albumThe Garrys "Fallen Woman" - Get Thee to a NunneryVisbily Choked "A Snake Called Ean" - Visbily ChokedStephen "Don't Know Why" - Radar of Small DogsBig Dipper "She's Fetching" - SuperclusterKaada & Patton "Dispossession" - Bacteria CultBADBADNOTGOOD "City Of Mirrors" - Talk MemoryBeneath "Tough One" - Numbers TalkBatu "High Five" - I Own Your EnergyDJ Lycox "Rapaz Sinistro" - LYCOXERAParadox "Soviet" - Soviet/7Arc

  • Nov. 5 Show

    06/11/2021 Duração: 01h30min

    Low "Don't Walk Away" - HEY WHATAshley Shadow "I Will Remember" - Only The EndSarah Davachi "Rushes Recede" - AntiphonalsDucks LTD "18 Cigarettes" - Modern FictionGood Looking Sun "The Neighbor Girl" - Fantasy WeekendACTORS "Like Suicide" - Acts of WorshipCold Cave "Night Light" - Fate In Seven LessonsAnthony OKS "Easy Now" - In The GardenEmma DJ "king$ize" - godrimeLa Union Metalurgica "Control de Calidad" - untitled lpCUB "Dream Logic" - The Dynamic UnconsciousGantz "Pusher Acid" - Pusher AcidNONEXISTANT "UNTITLED 9. (COLD WALLS)" - NONEXISTANTMira Calix "a mark of resistance" - absent originDear Laika "Inward Life (We Exist)" - Pluperfect MindRebecca Foon "New World Reprise" - Waxing Moon

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