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    After 5 yrs of delaying and procrastinating, I decided to venture to do shows on my own.  SO thanks to everyone who supported and was patient with me all these years!!  The 1st of MANY Burnworthy Shows!   WWW.USRRADIO.COM        Twitter: DjSkeme & USRRADIO    Thanks for listening!    The next few shows will be a wrap up of what USR thought were the stand out tracks of '09.   Tracklisting..  Welcome: Tony Ozier - Futuristis Soul (instrumental)   Mike Jagerr - Rainy Days Bambu - The Queen is Dead The Astronotes - Space Water Babies (ft. Kissey Asplund & Replife) Olivier Day Soul - Breathe PPP - Ain't No Ifs Or Maybes (ft. Coultrain) Diamond District - Something For Ya'll   Break: Cy Young - Whatever You Like (instrumental)   Dj Spinna - Melody (ft. Shabam Sadeeq & Erik Rico) Shafiq Husayn - 3 Cheeba (rmx) Miguel ft. Tiron - Go Slakah the Beatchild - Enjoy Ya Self (ft. Drake) Q-Tip - We Figt We Love (rmx

  • Broad Spectrum # 1 ~ Enhanced


    Here is the enhanced version of the show with artwork, tracklisting, and individually tracked for playback like a mixtape!  Enjoy..

  • Dj Skeme + Lenny D = Broad Spectrum


     URBAN SYNTHESIS RADIO + INNATESOUNDS     PRESENTS....                                                                                                                      DJ SKEME & LEONARD DSTROY The first of a series of transcendent mixes from the newly founded collab effort of USR Radio and Innatesounds. Leonard Dstroy + Dj Skeme.. 1 take no edits.. real DJ ish.. [TRACKLISTING IS BUILT INTO THE SHOW FILE]  - A combination of funk, soul, hip hop, and electro are the elements that com