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  • What an unforgettable day!


    Yesterday was my first full day in Bangkok. I work at 8:30 feeling jet lagged bleary eyed and somewhat disheveled in the hair department but looking forward to the day ahead. Hunting my breakfast voucher I took full advantage of what was on offer including French toast ___ looking pork sausages, crispy bacon and potato chunks and ketchup. Cracking. Fully fortified on that Navin ___ on the hotel lobby. ___ the offices where I will be delivering my training for the next 4 days. ___ walk away within the 30 degree heat I was starting to sweat by the time we arrived. The ___ suite we're using belong to Professional Training Services or PTS and was located on the 20th floor of the huge Q House Building overlooking the main road. I checked everything was set up properly microphone headsets completely work with Windows XP Audacity(?) the website we'd be visiting etc as Navin laid up the first copy of the book that I've sent through earlier for each delegate. The 2 mid line was coping ok.